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  • 10 Tactics to Guide Customers Through Your Sales Funnel

    Conversion is one of the main goals of every online entrepreneur. However, getting your online visitors to engage with your sales pages is not as easy as it sounds. There are many things to overcome; from their objections to preferences and ease of navigation, your site needs to be more than just any other typical website.

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  • 6 Reasons Why Chat Bots Will Improve Customer Experience In 2018 And Beyond

    Consumer experience involves careful planning and prompt responses to consumer interactions in order to satisfy or stay on top of consumer anticipations, thereby, snowballing consumer fulfillment, devotion, and support. Why is Consumer Experience Important? Ensuring a superior consumer experience is critical for companies today because consumers are savvier than ever and enj ...

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  • Interview with Alexander Bachmann @admitad

    Hello there folks! I was a huge fan of affiliate marketing and spent a lot of time and money creating sites with the aim of making money online. Many of you might be dedicated to the same plans. In today’s interview, I had a chance to speak with Alexander Bachmann from admitad, the founder, and CEO of the global affiliate network admitad.

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  • It’s True, You Really Can Generate Leads Online And Here’s How

    Most businesses struggle with the same overarching issues, the most common of which is the constant need to generate new customers while continuing to service the existing client base. Generations of marketers have worked tirelessly to achieve this seemingly simple goal of “lead generation” for businesses of all sizes.

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  • Should Your Business Hold a Contest?

    Contests are an excellent way for businesses to build their fan base, engage their audience and gather relevant data for marketing. Assuming you properly organize and promote the contest, your business can recoup the costs of whatever you invested in the prizes several times over by increasing audience engagement and brand awareness.

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