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  • How We Used Mental Health Awareness Week to Make Our Culture Even Better

    Working in dynamic sectors can be challenging. All industries have different pressure points – deadlines, workloads and targets can lead to stress, burnout and in some cases – various mental health issues. A study, commissioned by Mental Health Foundation, found that only 13% of people report living with high levels of mental health.

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  • RocketMill Supports Mental Health Awareness Week

    May 8th-14th marks Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. 1 in 4 people in the UK will suffer from a mental health-related problem each year, from anxiety to depression to post-traumatic stress disorder. That means that all of us knows somebody who is struggling with their mental health, whether or not they freely admit it to themselves or their friends and family.

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  • Why We’re Excited About Price Extensions

    As a platform AdWords is always developing, most visibly through the launch of different types of ad extensions. From long-time stalwarts like sitelinks to alphas and betas that may never see the light of day, there’s plenty on offer. This post looks at one newer extension available to advertisers: Price Extensions.

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  • Advertising funding ISIS and agencies side stepping responsibility

    Advertisers have been funding terror groups such as ISIS and this has led to a furious debate in which Google’s YouTube has taken the majority of the blame. Publishers, such as The Times and theguardian, have been quick to pounce on Google. This is fair in part, however publishers have also chosen to specifically attack Google because it suits public opinion (think of the rece ...

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  • Long Live Expanded Text Ads: How to Embrace Long-Form Ad Copy

    The sun has set on Standard Text Ads (STAs), and we’re waving goodbye to the days of 25/35/35 length ads. Advertisers are now only able to create longer Expanded Text Ads (ETAs, or now just “text ads”). As it stands any existing STAs will still show, but any advertisers who have yet to embrace ETAs should be on top of it ASAP. The writing is on the wall and longer ads are the new standard.

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  • The key challenge for digital marketing in 2017

    Back in Don Draper’s day agencies were primarily full service. They made a lot of revenue carrying out media planning and buying activities, and in some cases they even threw the creative in as added value. Remember, this was the day of the macho Marlboro man on horseback – simple creative that made its way to billboards and press to build brands.

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  • How Should You Promote An App On Search?

    Mobile is a key part of any modern marketing strategy – search advertisers have witnessed explosive growth in mobile queries over the last few years, even though 90% of time on mobile is spent in an app, compared to just 10% in a browser. Thinking about how you approach mobile, specifically apps, is key, even if the answer is “We don’t need an app”.

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  • What to expect in digital in 2017

    Desktop in decline, blurred lines, Facebook Messenger to be critical, voice search means the winner takes all, and a flight towards attributability. Before speculating on the future it would be wise to take a look back, in the hope that it shines a light on the direction we are heading in. The recent UK digital ad forecast from Enders Analysis was my primary reference point w ...

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  • RocketMill’s 10 Top Tips for Christmas Paid Search Campaigns

    Christmas can be a very exciting period for internet retailers. Online sales are growing and for some businesses the festive season can make or break their entire financial year. Even if you don’t sell Christmas trees online, we have 10 tips for your PPC strategy to take advantage of the end-of-year shopping madness. 1.

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  • Why You Should be Investing in Data Analysis (If You’re Not Already)

    If you’re not using data to influence your marketing (and general business) decisions, you should be. Analysing data can uncover all sorts of insights into your business and activities which can then be used to fuel new actions and strategies designed to improve performance. It’s the equivalent of choosing where to go on holiday by reading reviews and talking to people, rather ...

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