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  • The fraught world of privacy and targeting marketing

    For years marketing, both online and offline, has been directed towards ever more sophisticated targeting and segmentation to the point of personalisation. Greater relevancy of the content to the customer means that they are more likely to convert and/or engage. There is a conundrum, though, in terms of gathering the data in the first place to shape and inform the content, ad o ...

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  • How to Optimise for Instant Answers on Search Engines

    When the Google search engine launched in 1998, its biggest rivals were human beings. At a time when web search was primitive, directories determined our dial-up downloads. Today, advanced algorithms know what we want to see before we’ve even finished typing it. For many search terms, the answer is on the results page, or even in the search bar. Search engines have become answer engines.

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  • Facebook’s Instant Articles Are Fast but Are They Right for Every Marketer?

    Facebook is the latest platform to address the mobile user experience with its Instant Articles product. As with the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project by Google, the aim is to speed up the experience for audiences who consume content on their mobile devices. Available to all from 12th April Facebook’s mission is give publishers a “new way to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook”.

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  • Camp Digital and Digital for Good

    Camp Digital is a conference that focuses on design and user experience. It considers how technology is changing, its impact on the digital world and how we can utilise it. Team RocketMill attended this year’s conference, which had a strong moral message running through it: “Digital for good.” Out of this theme there are a few key takeaways that we can all use in our day-to-day work. 1.

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  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Hands of the Many

    Being told VR and AR are ‘the next big things’ that we should getting on board with isn’t the most helpful advice you’ll ever hear. Where should you start? What about the cost of the technology? What about the technical capabilities and coding needed to make it a worthwhile exercise? However, this has just changed and actually now is the time. And here’s why.

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  • From Oscars to Oreos: The Huge Potential of Real Time Ads

    As a marketer I understand the importance of capturing as many “micro moments” as possible – however, it isn’t always easy capturing your audience throughout every journey they have online. With the beta release of Google’s real-time ads, this might get a whole lot easier. The idea behind real-time ads is to plug your adverts into live events and capitalise on the ripple effect ...

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  • Optimising for Google: When Is It the Wrong Thing to Do?

    Google is synonymous with “search”, but a forthcoming product closure highlights a rare weakness. Google Compare, the search giant’s price comparison service, will close later this month. Certainly, when I’ve shopped around for financial products, Google Compare hasn’t come to mind. It seems there is a type of search where Google is not the answer.

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  • Google’s Cloud Vision API Can Help Your Applications See!

    Last month Google announced the beta release of Google Cloud Vision API. This allows anyone to submit images and access a number of features that provide information regarding the content on those images. The following API features can be applied to an image in any combination: Label/Entity Detection – This highlights the main entity within in an image.

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  • Facebook Audience Optimisation Explained

    Facebook have released a new organic tool to help publishers improve the reach and engagement of their ads. Available on all English language pages, the new Audience Optimisation tool uses three features to improve the organic reach of Facebook advertising: Preferred Audiences, Audience Restrictions, and Audience Insights.

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  • 7 Ways Google Removing Right Side Ads Could Impact You

    As you may have noticed there has been a pretty significant update in the world of Google AdWords this week – blogs are being posted in their hundreds, everyone’s worrying about their CPCs and no-one quite knows how it will all pan out. What is going on? In a nutshell Google has removed the paid search ads from the right-hand side of the search results for desktop users.

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  • Google and the rise of Personal Assistants

    Using varying & strikingly divergent approaches, the world’s most innovative technology companies are trying to achieve one thing: the development of intelligent personal assistants that can perform tasks for you. This is the next battlefield, and we think Google is going to come out on top. Currently there are some semi-intelligent personal assistants that are designed to ...

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  • Digital Brand Publishers: Can The Independent Make It?

    For many, The Independent’s decision to move towards becoming a pure digital publisher wasn’t necessarily a surprise. Print circulation has been in a declining trend for years and I doubt costs have decreased at the same rate. The biggest surprise was that they were the first to do it. As Evgeny Lebedev’s letter to his employees said: “We will be the first of many leading new ...

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  • Google Indexing HTTPS Pages by Default

    Making the web a safer place is a goal Google has been pursuing for a while now. In 2014, they announced that HTTPS was a ranking signal as a way to motivate webmasters to make the move. In their announcement in December 2015, Google said they will be indexing HTTPS pages by default. This means that from now on, when two URLs from the same domain have identical content but ar ...

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  • A Marketing Manager’s Guide to Better Results with Six Sigma Principles

    As you’ll know, Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for improving a process. It was formally introduced to the world of manufacturing in the 1980s, as a way to ensure products are made defect-free. What set it apart from other quality-improvement initiatives at the time was its clear focus on achieving measureable financial returns by making data-driven decisions.

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