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  • Why You Should be Investing in Data Analysis (If You’re Not Already)

    If you’re not using data to influence your marketing (and general business) decisions, you should be. Analysing data can uncover all sorts of insights into your business and activities which can then be used to fuel new actions and strategies designed to improve performance. It’s the equivalent of choosing where to go on holiday by reading reviews and talking to people, rather ...

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  • Why Responsive Display Ads Should be the Jewels in Your Paid Search Crown

    Google has recently released responsive display ads (RDAs) for everyone to use, which has opened up a new world of possibilities as far as advertisers are concerned. Those who regularly have to create different ads for desktop and mobile devices will benefit the most here, as responsive ads are designed to resize automatically depending on the screen size they’re being viewed o ...

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  • Can established marketers afford to criticise influencers?

    Milan Fashion Week has just wrapped up. If you’ve missed it, that’s understandable – I’d be the first to admit I like my clothes, but one can become jaded when “Insert City Here” Fashion Week comes around practically every month. However, this specific Milan Fashion Week has caused a bit of a furore in the fashion and marketing worlds., and it’s worth writing about here.

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  • Are Voice Searches Changing the Nature of SEO?

    Over the past few years, the number of voice searches has more than doubled and makes up around 20% of mobile searches. Tools such as Apple’s ‘Siri’, Windows’ ‘Cortana’ and ‘Okay Google’ have made the medium of voice search more accessible to smartphone users worldwide and may have an influence on ad campaigns and even the SEO industry as a whole.

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  • Why it’s Now or Never for HTTPS

    If you’ve been paying attention to our blog (and frankly, if you haven’t been, you’ve missed out in a big way), you’ll know that in February we ran a couple of articles about the consequences of not upgrading your website to HTTPS, which secures visitors against communications monitoring and data theft. While it was recommended then, it looks like it will soon become essential.

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  • Is it time to AMP up your website yet?

    Back in November last year we brought you news about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, which was designed to strip down websites so they load much faster when viewed on mobile devices. While we cautioned against jumping straight in at the time, we did predict that AMP would ultimately have an effect on website rankings.

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  • Marketing lessons from a 19-year-old: You are doing everything wrong

    Laura Durrant is currently studying Creative and Professional Writing at the University of Winchester, and has spent the last six weeks as an intern on RocketMill’s Content team. As our resident Young Person, we asked her to take a look at how digital marketing agencies fail to connect with younger audiences. Digital marketing moves really fast, and the people who drive it are young.

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  • Nostalgia: The Marketing Phenomenon of Summer 2016…and Beyond?

    “Nostalgia – it’s delicate, but potent…in Greek, ‘nostalgia’ literally means ‘the pain from an old wound.’ It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone…it’s a time machine. It goes backwards and forwards. It takes us to a place where we ache to go again.” – Don Draper, Mad Men If there is one emotion that has encapsulated summer 2016 as it draws to a close, it is nostalgia.

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  • Google pulls up the keyword research ladder on low-spending AdWords account

    There’s been a large and not-particularly-helpful change to Google’s indispensable Keyword Planner in the last few weeks. Accounts that aren’t spending much are now seeing vague search volumes, whereas big spenders are still getting the full data. Here’s what the same report looks like in Keyword Planner with and without the new limits in place: As you can see you’re losing ...

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  • RocketMill Team get Stuck in with Brighton Digital Festival

    September is the month of Brighton Digital Festival and you can get involved by coming along to the Creative, Design & IT Open Studios, running from the 5th-9th September. All this week, companies will be opening their doors for people to find out what happens behind the scenes of some of the most innovative businesses in Brighton.

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  • Expanded Text Ads are here – this is what we’ve learned so far

    Expanded Text Ads, announced at Google’s Performance Summit back in May, have gone live within the last couple of weeks. We wanted to break down what they’re all about and see what impact they will have on ad campaigns. Higher Character Limit The whole point of the Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) update is that the character limit is much higher than before.

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  • Why Pagerank Dilution U-turn Shouldn’t Affect Attitudes to 30x Redirects

    You may have seen the recent article on Search Engine Land regarding 30x redirects and PageRank. If not, don’t worry – you can find it here. Essentially, the article summarises the confirmation by Google engineer Gary Illyes that a 30x redirect will no longer result in a dilution of PageRank. This is a source of contention as many in the SEO community have debated this for many years.

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  • The Principles of UX Choreography

    Principle 1: Feedback By demonstrating a result for a user’s input, users can instantly be told is progress is being made, if something has an error or even if it has been successfully selected. By incorporating movement, what used to appear at static elements come alive and seem to r ...

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  • Making the most of your A/B testing

    A/B testing plays a huge role in digital marketing when it comes to website and page design in ecommerce. When it comes to maximising conversation rates, the ability to compare two versions of a single variable to see which one performs better can be invaluable for marketing managers. How can you make the most of the A/B tests you run, though? Data “It is a capital mistake to t ...

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  • Codebar is Coming to RocketMill

    Now that we’re settled into the lovely seaside surroundings of our new office in Brighton, it’s time to dive head-first into the vibrant digital community that this city so effortlessly nurtures. We thought we’d begin our quest to meet fellow Brighton tech-heads by teaming up with the wonderful Codebar.

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