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  • Our Thoughts on Your Media Business Will Not Survive

    Joshua Topolsky, the co-founder of Vox Media and until recently Digital Editor at Bloomberg, published a damning assessment of the publishing industry late last month – I’d encourage you to give it a read here. The main thrust of the piece is that what traditional media does (or did) so well – build relationships with readers – is being lost in the race for more pageviews, whic ...

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  • Why Your Content Strategy Needs to Focus on Micro-Moments

    Just when you thought the marketing world was overflowing with jargon, another phrase is thrown into the mix. This time: micro-moments. Google’s way of referring to the need to appeal to mobile customers regularly on the hunt for new information, this isn’t, however, a buzzword to add to your avoid-list.

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  • Title Tags Now 20% Longer on Desktop Google Search Results

    Have you been longing for a longer space to compose your page titles? Well, you are in luck! With minimal fuss and fanfare, Google has increased the width of desktop search results to 600 pixels. This means about 20% more horizontal real estate than before. How does this affect your website’s SEO title tags and meta descriptions? Read on to find out.

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  • Cross Device Remarketing: The Future of Paid Search?

    Smartphones are everywhere, and current trends show that mobile devices have now taken over desktops as the primary device for searching the web. As a result, it is now essential that advertisers are present at all stages of the buying cycle, which often initiates on a mobile device and converts on a desktop.

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  • Similar Audiences for Search & Shopping

    The notion of “similar audiences” isn’t a new one in the marketing world. Facebook have been offering lookalike audience targeting for a while. However, if this is a term you haven’t come across before, let me fill you in on exactly what it means. A lookalike or similar audience is an audience that is based on a pool of people who exhibit the same search behavioural patterns a ...

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  • Essential research techniques to help you craft great content

    Creating great content isn’t always easy. Like most disciplines, it requires a substantial amount of research to get the most effective output. Due to the multi-dimensional nature of content marketing, it can become confusing as to who to target, and where to start. To ensure your digital content is worthwhile from a commercial perspective, then considerations into how to make ...

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  • Link Building in 2016: A Practical Guide for Bloggers and Brands

    What do bloggers and the England football team have in common? They are both afraid of penalties. Last month, Ben Gallizzi reacted to Google’s clampdown on paid links from blogger reviews. Now, the hammer has fallen. Bloggers are trying to understand what has culled their traffic. Meanwhile, brands are deciphering how – and maybe if – blog outreach should form part of their di ...

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  • How to Optimise your Instagram Presence

    Boasting over 400 million users worldwide, Instagram is a highly influential social media platform. With a range of active users who engage with images and videos, Instagram provides an opportunity for your brand to reach new audiences. But how can you utilise this platform to the best of your ability to build an audience and make sure they are engaged? And why should you do i ...

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  • How Data Mining and Machine Learning can boost revenue

    Humans have always relied on using as much information as possible before making a decision. However, in the past couple of decades the internet has dramatically changed the volume of information available; dealing with 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced every day is an overwhelming workload for the human brain. Gaining useful insights from complex datasets is a far from trivial task.

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  • How and why you should run a user journey workshop

    Users are the key to any service. It is users who purchase products, interact with brands and return to use the service again. By considering how users interact with and experience a journey, we can identify gaps in our services and find opportunities to add value to a user’s experience. User journey maps are a fast and interactive way to get teams on-board and understanding h ...

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  • How to optimise your content for RSS feeds

    Apple recently announced that its News app, which replaced its Newsstand service and up to now has only been open to large publishers and titles like The Guardian or Vanity Fair, is to increase access to smaller publishers and even individual bloggers. It is thought that this is a bid to rival Google and Facebook’s equivalent news publishing services, though Apple estimates tha ...

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  • Why Optimising Your Images is More Important than Ever

    A picture paints a thousand words. This classic cliché perhaps understates the importance and power of images on the web. Other than video – and in the future, virtual reality – there is no better way to represent the real world within cyberspace. Google has recognised this with a new image management tool called Google Save.

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  • Giving Products Away for Reviews: A Guide

    Companies of all kinds have long given independent bloggers free samples of their products so they can be reviewed (hopefully positively) and increase their audience and ultimately their customer base. As a marketing investment, it’s relatively low-risk for a company confident in its product – the cost of a single unit is nothing when you compare it to the potential impact a po ...

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