• 12 Best B2B Mobile Apps for Managing Your Business on the Go

      Running a B2B business is difficult for even the most experienced CEO. From attracting new business, to finances and hiring, there are a lot of things that can be problematic over the course of a day. Particularly if you’re running from meeting to meeting, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of everything that is going on with your business in a structured and efficient manner.

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    • The Role of A Digital Agency While Growing Your Business

      The digital world and the customers in it are changing, and no one knows this more than a company’s marketing department. Marketers now require solidified skills and understanding of the digital world more than ever before, and senior managers in growing companies need to surround themselves with advanced digital expertise.

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  • The Future of Customer Engagement: Key Tips & Takeaways

    On October 19, 2016, Blue Fountain Media hosted a seminar on “The Future of Customer Engagement & Digital Technology.” With brought together a diverse panel of industry though-leaders and discussed how evolving technologies are shaping the different ways in which brands engage with their customers online, and what the future could hold due to these advancements.

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  • Website Content: What We Can Learn From Retail Shopping

    Have you ever walked into a retail store and longed for the simplicity of an online shopping experience? You’re not alone. According to a study performed on multi-channel retailers, most shoppers are not only searching for products they need online exclusively, but of those that do, 42 percent end up making the purchase there as well.

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  • User Interface: Adding the Human Component to Website Design

    An interface will always be something between us as humans, and our final goal. We are not free of the "man in the middle." Depending on how the interface of a website is built, it can considerably delay the completion of the desired task, and ultimately frustrate the person using it. The good news is that this negative aspect of interfaces can be reduced, even eliminated if w ...

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  • Branding Strategy: So You Want to Hire a Digital Agency?

    You’ve decided the time has come to bring on a team to make your digital dreams a reality. Here are 10 things to think about before you seal the deal. 1. What Kind of Business Do You Have? Different kinds of business models and industries have disparate digital needs. Have you identified your business model, your industry, and the opportunity? If not, there’s no reason to panic.

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  • Split A/B Testing: How to Improve Your Email Newsletters

    Big Gains From Small Edits As the world of digital marketing continues to grow, we are constantly learning of new ways to improve upon techniques, even for certain channels that we have been working with for a long time. When it comes to Email marketing specifically, there is always room for improvement. As we have often found, some of the biggest improvements can come from the smallest of edits.

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  • SEO Tactics: The Guide to Today’s On-Page Quality Content

    In the ever-evolving industry that is digital marketing, this era has ushered in a stricter set of guidelines at the hands of Google, which forces webmasters and digital marketers to stay on their nimble toes. As best practices are updated, Google’s aim is to create a level playing field for all parties involved.

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  • Blog Strategy: Driving Website Traffic & Business Revenue

    A blog gives a website a free space to engage with its visitors. Often used to introduce readers to the specific field that the business is involved in, a blog allows potential clients to familiarize themselves with the idea of a company in relation to their industry. Furthermore, blogs can reveal your standing within your line of business.

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  • Instagram Stories V Snapchat Stories: What’s Best For Your Brand?

    There is no doubt that Instagram has taken a lot of heat since the debut of their overly familiar “stories” feature. The update – that had 90% of our office scratching their heads wondering “isn’t this why we have plagiarism laws” - lets users share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Over a month has passed and thus far, brands seem to have caught onto the feature ...

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  • Mobile App Designs: Integrating Smartphone Hardware Part 2

    When looking to design and develop a mobile app for your brand, it can be beneficial to look beyond the standard functionality options. You want your mobile app to serve a purpose for your audience, and provide them with a tool that they can't find anywhere else offline. That requires building a unique mobile experience that is actually enjoyable to use, without deviating too m ...

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  • Lean UX: Capturing User Behavioral Needs and Pain Points

    When we discuss the creation of an optimal online user experience (UX), there are a number of ways to approach the process. The Lean UX method transforms traditional user experience design to a more efficient process by reducing unnecessary steps to a lightweight process, while focusing on an agile process of building → measuring → learning rapid cycle.

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  • Local SEO Strategy: Tips for Large and Enterprise Companies

    One of the biggest challenges that SEO teams face is to sustainably and safely maximize a brand’s visibility in as many ways as possible. For that, large and enterprise businesses not only have to rely on highly trained and competent professionals defining the strategy, but also make use of several tools and techniques that help drive companies closer to their goals.

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  • Email Marketing: How To Build an Effective Content Strategy

    When your audience signs up to receive your emails, they expect to be rewarded for it. They expect you to add value to their inbox, not to clutter it. So, the challenge of email marketing is to prove you deserve the space you take up in their inbox. That being said, with email marketing, you already know your audience is relatively interested.

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  • Website Redesigns: Questions to Ask Before Getting Started

    As businesses continue to grow, it’s important for their website and online presence to evolve along with them. Trends change over time, and in order for your company to remain ahead of the curve, your website design requires regular updates to maintain that modernity. However, often websites require full redesigns.

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  • Increase Brand Value Through Positive Marketing

    Can you name five brands you would not be able to live without? Positive marketing aims to impact a consumer in a meaningful way. Inspiring feelings such as self-confidence and hope, positive marketing has the power to cause personal and societal change, while also cultivating brand loyalty. As a digital marketer, I could not help but relate this concept to the online space.

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