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  • Top 10 local search insights of 2016

    As 2016 comes to a close and we begin planning for next year’s goals and budgets in earnest, it is prudent to remember to take time for reflection. Learning from successes experienced and mistakes made helps you set goals that will move you forward and plan for ways to get there. To help remind you of some of the most important lessons learned this past year, below are my To ...

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  • Eat Local: Our Top 10 Local Search Columns of 2016

    At the beginning of the year, BrightLocal conducted its annual Local SEO Industry Survey, which seeks to gauge the general mood and outlook of professionals in the local search space. At the time, 78 percent of respondents believed that 2016 would be a “good” or “great” year for business. Now, as the year comes to a close, one can only wonder: Were they right? Local SEO cont ...

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  • Compare 16 leading digital analytics platform providers

    Digital analytics play a crucial role in nearly every enterprise’s digital marketing strategy, not only for tracking and measuring website traffic, but for tracking and measuring other digital channels as well. Marketing Land’s “Enterprise Digital Analytics Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for digital analytics platforms and the considerations involved in implementation.

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  • Wanted: Session ideas for SMX London

    We want your input to help us plan our upcoming SMX London conference, which will be taking place on May 23-24, 2017. Specifically, we’d love to hear from you if you have an great idea for a session that you think should be on the agenda. And if you’re interested in speaking at the show, the absolute best way to improve your chances of being chosen is to get involved at this ...

    Chris Sherman/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 25 readers -
  • Want to speak at SMX West? Here’s how

    The agenda for our upcoming SMX West 2017 show is live and we’ve opened up our “speaking pitch” form for select sessions for the show, taking place on March 21-23, 2017 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. To increase the odds of being selected, be sure to read the agenda. Understand what the sessions are about. Ensure that your pitch is on target to the show’s audience and the session.

    Chris Sherman/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 19 readers -
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  • SEM’s legit: Our top paid search columns of 2016

    This was an eventful year for those in the paid search community as Google introduced some significant updates to the way ads are displayed in SERPs. Thankfully, as search marketers scrambled to keep up with the seemingly endless barrage of changes, our insightful paid search columnists were there to help them make sense of it all.

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  • What we’ve learned about SEO in 2016

    Since the inception of the search engine, SEO has been an important, yet often misunderstood industry. For some, these three little letters bring massive pain and frustration. For others, SEO has saved their business. One thing is for sure: having a clear and strategic search strategy is what often separates those who succeed from those who don’t.

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  • Google’s New Year’s eve day logo for 2016

    New Year’s is just around the corner and Google has already posted their Doodle, a special Google logo, for New Year’s eve. The 2016 Doodle has balloons mounted to a ceiling via a net. The balloons are jumping around, watching the clock, in anticipation for it to strike midnight and become 2017. ...

    Barry Schwartz/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 14 readers -
  • Search Engine Land’s most engaging stories of 2016: A whole lotta Google

    I wasn’t exaggerating with that title. Sure, we cover a lot of Google-related news here on Search Engine Land, but now it can be definitively stated that it’s (in part) because that’s what you, our readers, crave. We tallied all of the likes, favorites, shares, clicks, retweets and so on for every single social post across the Search Engine Land Facebook and Twitter communit ...

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  • SEO in 2017: Mobile optimization as a competitive advantage

    In 2016, the inevitable happened, and mobile overtook desktop as the primary device used to access websites. This didn’t come as a huge surprise because, as far back as 2015, Google reported that more searches were conducted on mobile than on any other device category. In many industries, this may be conservative and, at the agency I head up in the UK, Bowler Hat, our B2C cl ...

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  • Video Marketing 2017: What You Need to Know

    Video is the new darling of digital marketing. With more than 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, consumers have grown increasingly comfortable with video. Smart marketers are responding by generating compelling, shareable content that delivers relevant brand messaging across multiple devices.

    Search Engine Landin SEO How To's- 21 readers -
  • Can SEOs make local search great again in 2017?

    It was bad enough that Prince, Leonard Cohen and Mrs. Brady checked out in 2016, but then I had to go and read David Mihm’s excellent 2017 Local Marketing Predictions, and I couldn’t find a cocktail fast enough to drown my misery. Mihm’s piece is a sober look at how Google has been leading us all down the path to a single result and how SEO is going to get even tougher over ...

    Andrew Shotland/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 26 readers -
  • 4 steps to make your organic listings more effective

    You’re a savvy digital marketer. You follow Google best practices and read “all the SEO blogs.” You sound like a zookeeper with your extensive knowledge of Pandas, Penguins, Possums and Pigeons. You’re always looking for ways to improve organic search rankings. Instead of investing your time researching some of those gray (or even black) hat tactics that are oh so tempting, I ...

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 18 readers -
  • More content, less traffic: part I

    “Content is king” is the familiar SEO refrain that has spawned umpteen pages of thin, vapid website content. The push toward more and more content was mitigated somewhat by the next refrain, “quality content,” following Google’s numerous Panda updates. But a widespread misconception perpetuated by the SEO industry persists: you need to continue to feed the content beast — ot ...

    Conrad Saam/ Search Engine Landin SEO Content- 14 readers -
  • Why good SEO is strategic

    From its inception as a marketing discipline nearly a decade ago, SEO has generally had a tactical focus. And that’s fine. After all, the specific tactics used to gain links, mentions, rankings, traffic and other KPIs are amazingly interesting subjects in their own right. (I’ve long been fascinated by the exact position of the demarcation line between White Hat and Black Hat SEO).

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 20 readers -
  • As a local business, you have to own your own back yard

    As you know from my past articles, I typically write about real-world encounters with clients or other SEOs — and this one’s no different. The interesting point about today’s post is that the issue I’m discussing might partially be my own fault! Last summer, I wrote a post here about local content silos, a strategy for creating silos of localized content relating to nearby cities.

    Greg Gifford/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 21 readers -
  • 5 reasons advertisers should NOT ignore Bing Ads

    Gone are the days when Bing took years to catch up to the new and innovative applications Google had launched within AdWords. In recent months, Bing Ads has been able to quickly implement comparable tools and features — indeed, they even have some unique features that AdWords does not offer. Unfortunately, Bing is still often seen as the secondary choice when launching a paid search campaign.

    Search Engine Landin Paid Search SEO- 25 readers -
  • Consumer citations are the future of local SEO

    In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), a citation is a direct mention of a specific brand within an online platform. Some of the more common examples of online citations are comments published within a community blog about a favorite local coffee shop or an unpleasant experience working with a franchise outlet.

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 23 readers -
  • Canonical chaos: doubling down on duplicate content

    Search engines are getting smarter. There is little doubt about that. However, in a CMS-driven web where content can often exist on several URLs, it is not always clear what is the authoritative URL for a given piece of content. Also, having content on several URLs can lead to problems with link and ranking signals being split across several variations of a piece of content.

    Search Engine Landin SEO Content- 15 readers -
  • Ad extensions for the entire decision journey

    Not only do ad extensions work to encourage immediate sales, but they can also be used to move consumers along the decision journey/buy cycle. In our work, we’ve effectively used ad extensions in many stages of the buy cycle, for instance: When searchers research products online (research stage) When searchers home in on a specific product When searchers want to see products ...

    Mona Elesseily/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 16 readers -
  • New features may be coming to AdWords Responsive Ads

    It seems Google may be getting ready to test some new features for responsive ads in AdWords. Spotted by Jonah Pessin at HeBS Digital, Google is requiring two image sizes in some accounts. In addition to the landscape (1.91:1), Google also asks for a square 1:1) image. Screenshot provided by Jonah Pessin, HeBS digital The requirement is only active in some accounts, thoug ...

    Ginny Marvin/ Search Engine Landin Paid Search SEO Google- 22 readers -
  • Optimizing Google Home search responses

    Google’s new “Google Home” device may be one of the most popular holiday gifts this year, but some marketers are not going to be celebrating in 2017. For instance, if you ask Google Home, “What is Bing?” its response is, “Indicating a sudden event or action.” If you ask, “What is Yahoo?” its response is, “A rude, noisy, or violent person.

    Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 12 readers -
  • Bing homepage gets 31 holiday-themed surprises for each day of December

    Bing has kicked off its holiday celebrations, adding 31 holiday-themed surprises to its homepage. Each day in December is marked with a small box that includes either a new holiday-themed decoration or music to customize the Bing homepage, a feature or image that can be shared via social feeds, a winter-themed game, or information about one of the following six nonprofits Mi ...

    Amy Gesenhues/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 12 readers -
  • Prices increase next week. Save big at SMX West now.

    Super early bird rates expire next week for Search Engine Land’s SMX West, the world’s premier search marketing conference. Register for 3 days of cutting-edge tactics presented by search marketing experts that will leave your competition in the dust. Here’s what to expect March 21-23 in San Jose: Actionable content: The agenda consists of 50+ innovative sessions covering th ...

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  • Should you create device-specific PPC campaigns?

    Should you split your device campaigns apart? On February 6, 2013, Google announced Enhanced Campaigns, coupling devices together to encourage (nod nod wink wink) the development of mobile-first campaigns. Bing, of course, followed suit soon after. The PPC world at large was not pleased. I think I speak for many of my peers when I say we’re a group that relishes precise control.

    Search Engine Landin Paid Search SEO Google- 21 readers -
  • The year in review: Top 5 MarTech insights and showstoppers

    As we turn our eyes towards the new year and the next MarTech conference we have much to reflect on. The pace of change and adoption of marketing technologies continues to accelerate. And more than ever, marketing technology is playing a critical role in this time of massive upheaval and digital disruption. “Technology changes exponentially, but organizations change logarithmically.

    Scott Brinker/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 11 readers -
  • Monetizing your SEO expertise

    I have a theory: the best SEO practitioners in the world are not consultants helping their clients get rich. Rather, they are their own clients. Or, if they do have clients, they’ve figured out a way to have them on a performance pricing model in order to share in the client’s upside. How are these rock-star SEOs their own clients, you ask? It could be a range of things — th ...

    Stephan Spencer/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 17 readers -
  • How and why the SEO tools industry should develop technical standards

    The SEO technology space could benefit tremendously from the establishment of technical standards. Implementation of Google’s own specifications is inconsistent within our tools and can lead less-experienced SEOs to believe their sites are in better shape than they are. In the same way that the W3C rallied around the definition of protocol standards in 1994 and the Web Stand ...

    Search Engine Landin SEO How To's- 12 readers -
  • Get answers to your marketing automation questions

    Got questions about marketing automation? Marketing Land’s B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide has you covered. The 49-page report reviews the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the market for marketing automation tools. Included in the report are profiles of 13 leading vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and recommended step ...

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 15 readers -
  • Why Google shutting down Map Maker should terrify SMBs

    Google’s Map Maker has often received bad press due to the amount of spam that originates from users of the product. In May of 2015, Map Maker was actually shut down to help prevent disasters like this one. So Google’s announcement that they’re shutting down Map Maker entirely in March of 2017 made a lot of people really happy.

    Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 20 readers -
  • New wave of referrer spam wrecking Google Analytics data

    A new surge of referrer spam is damaging Google Analytics data sets. These attacks have rendered the Traffic Referrals report useless for many Google Analytics properties. The problem can even be so significant for small business sites that it seriously distorts the number of sessions and page views. In the following example, lines 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are all spam.

    Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 18 readers -
  • Yahoo introduces ‘Answers Now’ app but will users respond?

    There was a time that “answer engines” or “social search” appeared poised to be a viable alternative to traditional Google search. That never happened. Some sites faded and a few have soldiered on, offering occasional value (and entertainment) to users with esoteric or specific questions. Somewhat ironically, discovery of that answers content typically comes through search results and SEO.

    Greg Sterling/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 12 readers -
  • Bing Ads is building a bot to help you manage campaigns better

    There are now third-party bots available in Slack, Facebook Messenger, Google Sheets and elsewhere that marketers can use to get information about campaign performance and, in some cases, take action. At the Bing Ads Next event at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA a few weeks ago, executives spoke extensively about Microsoft’s work in machine learning, artificial intelligence and bots.

    Ginny Marvin/ Search Engine Landin Paid Search SEO- 17 readers -
  • Small business owners: 3 steps to creating accurate Google Analytics reports

    “Our traffic is going down,” said a client in a recent email. Attached to the email was a chart showing this year’s traffic compared to last year’s traffic. Yep, traffic had indeed gone down. The reason for the downward trend was easy to diagnose: we had created a Filtered View in Google Analytics, which excluded traffic coming from the people within the client’s company who ...

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  • Act now: Save $300 on SMX West until this Saturday!

    Your search for SEM and SEO tactics stops here. Join thousands of marketers at the premier search marketing conference on the West Coast – Search Engine Land’s SMX West: March 21-23, 2017 in San Jose, CA. Register today for an All Access Pass and pay the “super early bird” rate of $1,695 — that’s a whopping $300 off on-site rates! You’ll get the total SMX experience: industr ...

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  • Uncovering the white spaces of opportunity for local search

    The time has come for businesses to frame their search marketing in the context of a broader media landscape that includes all the ways people discover brands. One of the implications of this is a new focus on location. Because “near me” mobile moments are experiencing a dramatic rise, brands must use the context of location across all their search marketing efforts — paid, earned and owned.

    Jon Schepke/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 26 readers -
  • Moz Local offers new capabilities in partnership with Yelp

    This morning Moz is announcing a significant partnership with Yelp. While there are several elements to the deal, the standout feature is the ability to claim and manage Yelp listings entirely from within Moz Local. Verification also happens from within Moz as well. Listings management can be for a single location or hundreds of locations.

    Greg Sterling/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 16 readers -
  • Link campaigns: Strategy development and review

    Link campaigns need strategy. Link building is a difficult, time-consuming process that doesn’t produce results overnight. However, strategic link acquisition is necessary to achieve long-term improvements in organic search. It’s possible to grab “quick win” links here and there (and I’d encourage pursuing these opportunities), but you will need an ongoing campaign to achie ...

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 20 readers -
  • Move over Amazon Echo & Google Home: here comes Microsoft Cortana

    Can’t decide which voice-activated home assistant you want, Amazon Echo or Google Home? Next year, you’ll have a third choice — Microsoft’s Cortana. Unlike Amazon and Google, Microsoft isn’t making it a Cortana device itself. Rather, today it announced a way for anyone to integrate its Cortana agent into devices, through the Cortana Devices SDK. That’s appar ...

    Danny Sullivan/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 27 readers -
  • Microsoft’s debuts brilliant Cortana SDK strategy

    Since the advent of Amazon Echo/Alexa and, especially, Google Home, I had been wondering what Microsoft’s response would be and whether it would develop a stand-alone digital assistant device. Now it has, but not in the way I expected: the company has embraced a third-party SDK approach. What this means is that other device makers can embed Cortana functionality into any pie ...

    Greg Sterling/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 25 readers -

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