Search Engine Land - Posts from April 2017

  • Evaluating PPC talent, part 1: Where to begin

    The simple truth is that anyone working in any paid media field (like search or social) is incredibly hard to evaluate from the outside. Apart from looking at their current employment status, where do you even start? Finding strong PPC talent is challenging, especially if your business is new to paid advertising and has nobody in-house with the technical expertise to validate ...

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  • SEO and social: 1 + 1 = 3

    The recent SMX West conference had many awesome sessions, and today I’m going to provide some compelling insights from “SEO and Social: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven.” One of the great things about this session is that all four speakers took a step back and provided fresh ideas on how to think about the integration of these two disciplines.

    Eric Enge/ Search Engine Landin Social SEO- 37 readers -
  • 1,000 ways to redirect

    If there’s one issue that strikes dread into the hearts of SEO practitioners more than any other, it’s redirects. It’s no surprise, really. After all, there are so many ways to do redirects — and the rules change depending on where they are put in and the different systems in place. What is a redirect? A redirect uses one of many methods to forward from one URL to another an ...

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  • The 8 time- & money-saving SEO tools I pay for (& 17 more I use for free)

    In a recent interview with SEO and Credo founder John Doherty on Dan Shure’s excellent Experts on the Wire podcast, he mentioned the positive response he’d gotten to a post he’d done this summer on the SEO Tools he uses. He mentioned that it seemed like a pretty simple post idea, but it made sense to me that it would get traction, because John is a smart writer and marketer.

    Tom Demers/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 41 readers -
  • Part 2 of 2: How Google learns to guide purchasing decisions

    In my last article, I explored a patent which focused on how Google learns to influence and control users. This patent described a system to adjust and correct users when their system determines that said user is making a mistake. In this system, we saw Google influence users and suggest alternatives when it deemed a user was acting in a way that would prevent then from perfo ...

    Dave Davies/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google How To's- 28 readers -
  • 2017 SEM growth hacks: Monster growth from brand protection

    Today’s article presents one of the more powerful search growth attack strategies for 2017: PPC (pay per click) brand protection. This article is the first in my eight-part series presenting SEM marketers with the most effective growth hacks for 2017. As CEO of the ad monitoring company, The Search Monitor, I see the ads, campaign strategies and performance results from age ...

    Search Engine Landin Affiliate Paid Search SEO- 22 readers -
  • 5 must-dos for SEO beginners

    You might disagree, but I see Search Engine Optimization as both an art and a science. You need to be creative in your approaches to please search engines and outsmart competitors while also applying solid research and analytics-based strategies. To do this, you need to employ a variety of techniques and tools. Unfortunately, however, most people tend to stick to what they know.

    Jordan Kasteler/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 28 readers -
  • Images: Your easiest page speed win

    Over the past few years, page speed has become very important in terms of your site’s traffic and rankings. People want fast sites — and because users want fast sites, Google does, too. Sites that are fast do better than slow sites in Google’s search engine rankings, all else being equal. Now, there are areas related to page speed where you need technical developers who can ...

    Kristine Schachinger/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 24 readers -
  • The complete guide to optimizing content for SEO (with checklist)

    Effective content marketing is a vehicle for modern SEO. Just as wheels without an engine leaves you pedaling, content without an SEO strategy can’t keep up in a digital marketplace. And just like an engine with no wheels, SEO without content is a shiny machine that goes nowhere. Content needs SEO to stand out in the din of mediocre blog posts clogging up the internet these ...

    Nate Dame/ Search Engine Landin SEO Content- 37 readers -
  • Taking the brand/agency partnership to the next level

    Brands and agencies: a dynamic duo since the beginning of marketing time. We’ve all had good relationships, bad relationships and good relationships gone bad. What makes some brand/agency partnerships so successful, while others fail? This SMX West session explored the payoff of successful partnerships and how to take those partnerships to the next level.

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 21 readers -
  • SMX West: Solving SEO Issues in Google’s Post-Update World

    How do we deal with huge and sudden changes in organic search traffic now that Google no longer posts major updates to its algorithms? Since many updates that formerly would have been assigned a name (like Penguin or Panda), or even a name and an incremental number (Panda 3.0) are now part of Google’s core algorithm, how can we know when an update is responsible for a traffic ...

    Mark Traphagen/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 19 readers -
  • The problem with obsessive rank tracking

    Keyword ranking is one of the most overrated and misused metrics in SEO. Yes, tracking your positions is important, but placing too much emphasis on this metric is problematic. When it comes to SEO, what you measure gets managed. That means that focusing on the right metrics will help you generate results that have a business impact, rather than an ego boost.

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 28 readers -
  • Contributor, beware of PageRank-hoarding publishers

    So you’ve written an amazing piece and scored the placement of your dreams. It took hours of blood, sweat and tears to brainstorm the topic, develop a clever hook, write the copy and source compelling imagery — not to mention the research and the outreach required to score the perfect publisher. And now you eagerly await the payoff: that hard-earned “link love” to drive up your Google rankings.

    Stephan Spencer/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 29 readers -
  • What the data tells us about the death of exact match and its impact

    On March 17, Google announced an adjustment to the functionality of our beloved match types, effectively changing exact match into semantic match. For example, [new york flights] could potentially show for flights to new york, since the presumed intent is the same. The change affects two major parts of what we advertisers have historically loved about exact match: preserving ...

    Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 16 readers -
  • Strategies for capturing ‘made in the USA’ searches

    In a 2013 survey of 1,000 Americans, conducted by market research firm YouGov, 47 percent of respondents indicated they would most likely purchase an item if it had “made in the USA” branding on it. And in 2015, Consumer Reports found that eight out of 10 American consumers said they would rather buy a product made in America than an imported one, while 60 percent said they w ...

    Search Engine Landin Paid Search SEO- 17 readers -
  • Join us for SMX Advanced! Register now & save $500.

    The most sophisticated search marketers in the world are registering for SMX Advanced June 12-14 for: 30+ paid search, SEO, analytics, mobile and social media sessions and keynotes featuring proven, actionable tactics; Panel discussions and interactive Q&A sessions that solve the complex search marketing hurdles you’re facing and inspire you with new ideas; Demos from more than 40 leading .

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  • In the age of RankBrain, these foundational SEO issues still matter

    There are at least 200 ranking factors in Google’s algorithm (not to mention RankBrain), which means a thorough SEO audit could lead to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of SEO tasks. Few companies have the budget or resources to complete every potential SEO to-do item — and doing so would be an incredible waste of time and resources anyway.

    Nate Dame/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 38 readers -
  • How to add schema markup to your site using Google Tag Manager

    The importance of has significantly grown in the SEO world since its introduction in 2011. is a collection of schemas for structured data markup (sometimes called “schema markup”) that helps search engines better understand content on websites. Implementing this markup on a site can also improve how that site’s listings appear in SERPs.

    Search Engine Landin SEO Google How To's- 28 readers -
  • Siri is Google’s nearest mobile search competitor [Report]

    A new study from Fivesight Research, “US Consumer Search Preferences Smartphone & Desktop: Q1 2017,” finds that Siri is the mobile “search engine” of choice after Google. The study was based on a survey of 800 US adults split roughly evenly between iOS and Android users. Google was by far the dominant mobile search engine, with an 84 percent aggregate share among respondents.

    Greg Sterling/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 27 readers -
  • Link building: Preliminary research and analysis

    SMX — Search Marketing Expo is the world’s largest search marketing conference series, with multiple events in the USA and Europe. Visit the Search Marketing Expo site to learn more: Pick your favorite event and attend! http ...

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 15 readers -
  • 5 ways your merchandising strategy is affecting SEO performance

    When optimizing an e-commerce website for SEO performance, you’ll often notice that the product being sold (i.e., the bread and butter of the business) is generally not a focal point in the SEO discussion. After all, SEO recommendations aren’t necessarily based on a brand’s product mix, but rather a strategy is developed based on the holistic needs of the website.

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 21 readers -
  • SEO & website design: Everything you need to know

    Your website is the center of your digital marketing world — the place that all digital rivers run toward. And of course, the largest of its traffic sources is generally organic search. Yet all too often, businesses don’t think about SEO until after having a website designed (or redesigned), and these sites are often sadly lacking on the SEO and digital marketing front.

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 41 readers -
  • Is Google really keeping fake listings off Google Maps?

    Google announced last week that they had recently conducted a study to research the actors behind fake listings on Google Maps. The study points out that “geographic proximity is the coin of the emerging localized-search realm,” which matches what I observed with the Possum update in 2016. This major algorithm update was responsible for making proximity to the searcher the # ...

    Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 22 readers -
  • 4 tips to maximize content marketing performance

    Links have always commanded significant focus when it comes to increasing organic search performance. Over the years, SEOs have built them by any means possible — legitimate and otherwise. Recently, the market has adapted to significant algorithmic shifts and adopted a content marketing approach to link building.

    Search Engine Landin SEO Content- 35 readers -
  • [Reminder] Webinar — National Brands & Local Search: Use Insights to Drive Actions

    With nearly one third of all mobile searches now related to location, the competition for visibility at the local level has heated up. Once a brand has submitted its data to data aggregators, then what? How can brands leverage performance metrics and data to measure their local search performance and take action on it? Join our SEO and local marketing experts for an in-depth ...

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 16 readers -
  • Be a mad scientist to be more successful in local SEO

    With my recaps of the Local SEO sessions at SMX West last month, we had a bit of a break from Greg’s Soapbox. Never fear, it’s back in full force this month! I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend several large conferences over the last few months, and I have been a part of many discussions about what really works for local SEO.

    Greg Gifford/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 23 readers -
  • See who attends MarTech… and why you should too!

    One of the questions we get frequently is “who goes to MarTech?” Makes sense. You want to know if there will be others like you to meet, share ideas and make valuable professional connections when deciding to invest in attending. The overwhelming majority of attendees are managers with marketing-decision responsibilities.

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 18 readers -
  • Content and links: It really does take a village

    I’m one of those people who thinks I can usually handle things by myself — I don’t need or want anyone’s help. It’s been tough for me to let go of that attitude when it comes to link building, but I’ve been doing much better lately after realizing that it really is beneficial to have more involvement from various people. Sometimes that extra involvement has been kind of forced on me.

    Julie Joyce/ Search Engine Landin SEO Content- 21 readers -
  • Google Maps Timeline finally comes to iOS

    Google Maps users on iOS are getting a feature that’s new to them, but not to users on Android or desktop computers. It’s called Timeline, and Google first rolled it out during the summer of 2015. Timeline is sort of like a life log tool — it tracks all the places you’ve visited over a specific period of time.

    Matt Mcgee/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 28 readers -
  • The Secret to Driving Facebook and Display Ad ROI

    Digital ad spend is now being evaluated and optimized on the basis of online-to-offline impact. And in today’s smartphone world, that means phone calls. Join digital advertising and call conversion experts from Brandmuscle and DialogTech to learn proven strategies that will improve ROI and help you acquire more customers from Facebook and display.

    Search Engine Landin Social SEO Display- 15 readers -

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