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  • SMX Advanced is almost sold out! Less than 100 tickets left.

    SMX Advanced is one week. This time next week, your peers (and competitors) will be in Seattle getting actionable SEO and SEM tactics and having conversations with the marketers making the biggest impact in the search world. We’ll be covering the SEO and SEM topics relevant today: from mobile SEO to Project Owl, protecting your brand keywords to the latest in search ads.

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  • Thinking about an SEO platform? We compare 13 leading vendors

    SEO software comes in many shapes and sizes, from rank-checking tools and keyword research toolsets to full-service solutions that manage keywords, links, competitive intelligence, international rankings, social signal integration, and workflow rights and roles. How do you decide which one is right for your organization? MarTech Today’s “Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer ...

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  • 2017 growth hacks: Optimizing organic market share

    Welcome back to my eight-part series providing growth hacks to search marketers. I began by sharing growth hacks for protecting your valuable branded keywords in PPC, including teaming up with affiliates and knocking out unwanted competitors with search engine complaints. Next, I discussed how to use competitive data to boost paid market share.

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  • 5 must-do technical SEO audit items in 2017

    In recent months, we’ve seen many important technically focused Google announcements, such as an update on JavaScript crawling support, the migration toward mobile-first indexing, the release and extended support of AMP in search results and the expansion of search results features, from rich snippets to cards to answers.

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  • Save the Date: SMX East is back in NYC Oct 24-26

    Mark your calendars for SMX East: October 24-26! Don’t miss your only chance this year to attend the largest search marketing conference on the East Coast. An agenda obsessed with SEO & SEM! SMX is the only conference series dedicated to search marketing. There are tactic-rich keynotes, sessions and clinics programmed just for you, whether you’re a performance marketer, c ...

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  • Google algorithm update may be rolling out since June 25

    Google seems to have been rolling out a large search algorithm update starting sometime around Sunday, June 25. Google’s John Mueller said, “We make updates all the time,” when asked specifically about the speculation around a Google update. In my opinion, there was an algorithm update to the Google search rankings over the past few days that is still rolling out.

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  • Beginners’ guide to Bing Ads management

    You’re in business to reach as many people in your target market as you can, right? That means you should explore a variety of marketing channels. One of those channels is Bing Ads. Bing often gets a bad rap because it’s viewed as “the other search engine.” That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any users, though.

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  • Why ‘good’ isn’t good enough in Google Shopping

    Growing revenue in Google Shopping by 80 percent YoY sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But what if I told you that, based on that growth percentage, you were actually losing ground to your competition? Well, that is exactly the situation retailers using Google Shopping find themselves in today. As an online retailer (especially if you operate in the US market), if clicks and ...

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  • Who should optimize content: SEOs or content writers?

    Content marketing and SEO are pretty closely related in the digital marketing sphere, but they can also be miles apart in execution. There are certainly some overlapping areas between the two, but is there enough to allow your SEO practitioner to also be your content marketer, or vice versa? In my (almost) 20 years of performing and overseeing successful digital marketing ca ...

    Stoney Degeyter/ Search Engine Landin SEO Content- 17 readers -
  • The role of traditional public relations in SEO

    If you’re doing search engine optimization (SEO) properly today, then a significant portion of your effort will overlap with traditional public relations (PR). This is because over the last few years, Google has minimized the effects of easily gameable ranking signals and refined their algorithm to better represent user experience.

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  • Beyond SEO: Managing the management

    As search marketers, we face many challenges as part of our job. We’re tasked with bringing in more traffic, more leads, higher rankings, better links and improved sales. Reaching these goals is challenging, but it’s the reason people pay us money in the first place. However, there is another challenge we face that is just as difficult to address, if not more: people.

    Casie Gillette/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 24 readers -
  • Three ways B2B manufacturers can capitalize on ‘Made in the USA’ searches

    For manufacturers marketing to other manufacturers, “Made in the USA” is often a key message seen in print ads, websites and trade show signage. Having recently attended EASTEC, the manufacturing trade show hosted by SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers), I was struck by how many companies had this message on their booth signage and on products themselves — such as this i ...

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  • What you need to know about Referrer Policy

    If you’re running WordPress, did you notice a recent change in your analytics where more traffic is being attributed to direct traffic or a no-referral bucket? When WordPress updated to 4.7.4, the text editor TinyMCE also updated, and this is where the problem actually lies. In November 2016, TinyMCE added a security update that added rel=”noopener noreferrer” on links with target=”_blank”.

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  • Voice search becomes voice action: A key talking point at SMX London

    From combining search and social to leveraging moments that matter, last week’s attendees at SMX London gained a deeper understanding of the numerous ways they can optimize their search strategies. Described as the “ultimate survival guide to the dynamic and tumultuous world of search marketing,” SMX — run by Search Engine Land’s parent, Third Door Media — is a conference se ...

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  • Business profile and review best practices from TripAdvisor and Yelp

    TripAdvisor and Yelp are two of the most powerful local search and review sites online. According to consumer survey data from Burke, review sites drive more immediate actions (i.e., phone call, store visit, website visit, email) than social media or search. This consumer behavior is because of review site content and because they’re often consulted lower in the funnel.

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  • Learn best practices for mobile search and in-store sales

    Today’s consumers research products on the go, using their smartphones to find and choose at which nearby business to make a purchase or eat a meal. Most visit the store they select on the same day. Yet most marketers can’t – or don’t – optimize their digital presence or measure the impact of their digital campaigns on in-store sales.

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  • Focus on these 5 areas to deliver big results in e-commerce SEO

    When it comes to e-commerce SEO at scale, many of the traditional tactics used for on-site optimization simply aren’t feasible. How are you going to write individually optimized titles/meta descriptions for hundreds of thousands of products? How are you going to perform keyword research for the millions of different keyword combinations your products might rank for? Because o ...

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  • Is AMP the answer to format fragmentation?

    SMX — Search Marketing Expo is the world’s largest search marketing conference series, with multiple events in the USA and Europe. Visit the Search Marketing Expo site to learn more: Pick your favorite event and attend! http ...

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  • 4 reasons your PPC programs can fail

    None of us set out to have our PPC programs fail. But sometimes they do, despite our best intentions. Why do these programs fail? There can be many reasons. But sometimes, behind those failures, is some inadvertent self-sabotage — sabotage that will virtually guarantee a failed PPC program. To help you avoid inadvertently setting your PPC programs up for failure, I’ll use t ...

    Pauline Jakober/ Search Engine Landin Paid Search SEO Google- 24 readers -
  • Dear Google: 4 suggestions for fixing your massive problem with fake reviews

    Hey Google, If you’re reading this, you already know that fake reviews on Google have been a hot topic lately — and it appears the problem is getting a lot worse, resulting in a huge headache for small business owners. Rather than outlining all the issues and turning this post into a huge rant, I wanted to offer some suggestions that I think would help solve some of the maj ...

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  • How to stop worrying about Google updates

    As SEOs, we tend to obsess over changes to the organic results. It usually works like this: You get to your computer in the morning. Ready to start work, you take a quick look at Facebook to check what you have missed. You run across someone asking if anyone saw changes last night. They’ll typically also note that there was “a lot of activity.

    Kristine Schachinger/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google How To's- 27 readers -
  • SEO and content convergence: Making the most of moments that matter

    It’s no secret that SEO and content marketing complement each other. SEO helps users connect with and discover information about your brand, while content marketing ensures that information is relevant, engaging and primed for conversion. Just as SEO alone is not enough to guarantee content quality and relevance, content marketing alone is not enough to guarantee performance and results.

    Jim Yu/ Search Engine Landin SEO Content- 16 readers -
  • SEO: The missing piece in brand protection

    Let’s face it — if you have worked in the industry for a while, you are aware that a stigma has existed around SEO for years. In addition to putting your site at risk for a manual penalty, questionable SEO practices can tarnish a brand’s reputation. Those of us who have properly applied SEO principles and committed to protecting our brands have gotten a bad rap due to others ...

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  • PPC strategy: Planning beyond the click

    Google AdWords, Bing Ads and other paid media platforms are attractive channels to reach a targeted audience, foster brand awareness and increase revenue. Far too often, however, we find that regardless of how successful a campaign is at the top of the funnel, what happens beyond the click is paramount to the success of any pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

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  • Google News spammed with drug spam, dating sites & more

    If you go to Google News and scroll down to the health section or click on the health section to load more health news, you may be presented with a ton of spam. It looks like Google News was injected with a ton of hacked content for pharmaceutical spam, as well as unrelated dating site spam. Here is a screen shot of some of the articles showing up for me in the Google News h ...

    Barry Schwartz/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 17 readers -
  • SMX Advanced Live Blog: AMA with Google Search

    Good morning! Day one of our SMX Advanced conference is here, and it begins with a change of pace: Our traditional Google keynote conversation kicks things off today, rather than being the final session of day one. Our founding editor, Danny Sullivan, will be chatting for the next hour or so with Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google.

    Matt Mcgee/ Search Engine Landin Paid Search SEO Google- 16 readers -
  • What link builders really want you to know

    Our job is rough. I have done many things in SEO, and none have even come close to being as mind-numbing and frustrating as link building. It’s been even rougher than usual lately, and that notion is one shared by many of my link-building peers. After doing this for so many years, I can tell you that the summer months can be really, really difficult.

    Julie Joyce/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 26 readers -
  • Featured snippets: Optimization tips & how to ID candidate snippets

    Featured snippets are quickly becoming the only search results for many queries. If a user goes to and types [what is the tallest tree], Google returns a featured snippet, followed by thousands of organic search results. However, when a user conducts the same query via Google voice search, Google responds with an audible version of the text in the featured snippet ...

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  • Advanced testing: What 4,000 A/B tests can teach you

    SMX Advanced has always featured the industry’s top talent discussing what they’re passionate about: search marketing. Last week’s conference in Seattle was no different. Ayat Shukairy, co-founder and vice president of client solutions at Invesp, shared nine lessons from 11 years of A/B testing experience.

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  • What advanced SEOs need to know about algorithm updates

    Times have changed. Gone are the days of yearly algorithm updates that would upend the search results and leave us scrambling. These days, it’s common to see ranking and traffic changes on a daily or weekly basis — and when it comes to algorithms, Google rarely even confirms updates. In fact, according to Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush, of the 28 updates ...

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  • Google My Business website builder SEO review

    Google officially launched its Website Builder within Google My Business in an effort to help small businesses easily and affordably create websites. This is a great initiative, as there are many small businesses that do not have a website. Google’s Marissa Nordahl made the announcement it in a Google My Business Help thread on Tuesday, June 13.

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  • Searching for a call analytics platform?

    Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide from Martech Today is your source for the latest call analytics information as seen by industry leaders, vendors and their customers. Included in this 39-page report are profiles of 12 leading call analytics vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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