• Four most interesting search marketing news stories of the week

    We’re back with our weekly round-up of the most interesting search marketing news stories from around the web. I hope you all enjoyed last Friday’s Easter search trivia quiz, and if you haven’t had a chance to test your knowledge yet, be sure to have a go and share your score with us on social media! This week: a look at the newly-relaunched Google Earth and what it could mea ...

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  • How to use Google’s new demographic targeting for search ads

    Through AdWords, Google has given advertisers a lot of control over when their ads are shown, by means of the different match types and using remarketing lists for search ads. Until recently, however, you were unable to target users based on demographic – a function that has been available for a while now on both Facebook and Bing.

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  • What’s new with Earth? First impressions of the relaunched Google Earth

    Google has just re-designed, revamped and re-launched its Earth product, and it has certainly been worth the two-year wait. Earth is now built into Chrome, so there is no longer a need to download a cumbersome desktop app to access this global repository of images, videos, and knowledge cards. The Android app has been updated too, with support to follow soon for mobile browsers and iOS.

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  • The State of Schema.org: What are the biggest challenges surrounding Schema markup?

    Using Schema.org markup, a form of structured data which helps search engines to interpret your webpages, is widely agreed to be beneficial from an SEO standpoint. While it may not correlate directly to an increase in ranking, using Schema.org markup allows search engines to pull through rich snippets and rich data like images, reviews and opening hours, making your site appea ...

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  • How to use Search Console for quick SEO wins

    SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how a closer look at Google Search Console can lead to quick SEO wins. There’s no need to have a lot of technical knowledge to achieve quick SEO wins. Google’s Search Console, for example, can lead to great insights, provided that you’re eager to explore them.

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  • Test your knowledge! The Search Engine Watch Easter trivia quiz

    Happy Easter, Search Engine Watch readers! In honour of the season – and a bit of spring-like weather finally starting to creep into the air (well, at least here in the UK…) – we have put together a light-hearted search trivia quiz to test your knowledge. What was the name of the project launched by Sergey Brin and Larry King at Stanford, ...

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  • Interview: Why marketers shouldn’t waste their time with Google Posts

    The search engine results page recently saw the return of Google Posts, the part-social, part-publishing feature that was launched by Google a little over a year ago during the US Presidential Election. Billed as “an experimental new podium on Google”, Google Posts has attracted a lot of attention from marketers, search specialists and Google enthusiasts thanks to its prominen ...

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  • 4 things to note when optimizing for local SEO in 2017

    SEO for businesses in 2017 will be revolutionary. Within the space of 3 years, it has become significantly easier to find businesses, stores or items nearby, creating a shift in user’s intent and search behavior. Users no longer have to include their location in search queries, such as inputting “coffee shops in Queens” into Google.

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  • Mobile-First Indexing: Everything we know, and how it could affect you

    For the past five to six months the search industry has been buzzing with talk around the biggest change to Google search results for quite some time – the mobile-first index. In the midst of this noise, it is very easy to get lost with what you actually need to know about the update. This post will give you a quick overview of what the update entails, as well as the main thi ...

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  • Google launches Fact Check in search results worldwide

    After a tentative launch in October 2016, Google has released its Fact Check feature in search results worldwide. Google provided the following examples of Fact Check in action: We can see clearly the format taken: What the claim is, who made the claim, and whether the claim is verified by a reputable source.

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  • Five most interesting search marketing news stories of the week

    Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from the world of search marketing and beyond. This week, we are exploring the future of voice search, while Google is determined to get rid of fake listings. Moreover, ecommerce brands explore the importance of site speed, with Google launching an A/B testing tool to make our lives easier.

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