• This Week in Digital

    The viewers weren't 'Lovin' it'! This week, McDonald’s became the latest brand to cause upset after their new TV campaign was criticised for exploiting childhood bereavement. The advert f ...

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  • This Week in Digital

    Dove's "Real Beauty" Blunder Dove’s new limited edition range of body-shaped bottles have been ridiculed online this week. They were released as part of the brand's latest advertising campaign, “Rea ...

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  • This Week in Digital

    Google Docs Phishing Scam Many were caught out this week after a sophisticated phishing scam targeted Gmail users. The email posed as someone users knew and invited them ...

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  • Six Crucial Time Management Tips

    Time waits for no man. Once the day is gone it’s gone, and we share exactly the same time constraints as Einstein and Mozart once did. It’s what we do with our time, ...

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  • This Week in Digital

    IKEA's Genius Advert Luxury brand Balenciaga has launched a new, oversized blue bag, which has striking similarities to an IKEA shopping bag. Taking the copycat behaviour in good humour, ...

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  • This Week in Digital

    “You’re joking, not another one!" It is safe to say we were all a little shocked on Tuesday after a surprise news conference was called by Theresa May, announcing a general elec ...

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  • This Week in Digital

    Pepsi and Nivea in Advertising Hot Water It hasn’t been a great week for Pepsi and Nivea with both brands facing a backlash on social media over their latest advertising campaigns. Pe ...

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  • This Week in Digital

    Is That Really Ronaldo? This week, a bronze bust of Cristiano Ronaldo became an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons! The footballer already has a hotel and museum named after hi ...

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  • (Brand) Safety First

    Programmatic advertising performs at its best when we target audiences, regardless of the sites they are visiting. However, with that comes a few challenges. Context does need to ...

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