• Audience-First SEO: Increase ROI by Focusing On What Really Matters

      In Google’s New York City office is a wall that lists some of the company’s most important mottos. Among these phrases, one sticks out: “Focus on the user and all else will follow.” Why is this saying so important for digital marketers to remember? In short, search engines are getting smarter. Platforms like Google and Bing are transitioning away from misguided keywords and ...

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    • How to Optimize Your Content for Google Answer Boxes

      Oh, answer boxes. Position 0 for the majority of its existence has been mystifying as Google seems to reserve this spot for websites that just happen to get lucky. However, as more answer boxes are appearing in SERPs, we as marketers have the opportunity to obtain these highly coveted positions. In this post, I’ll share how answer boxes first came about, why formatting is cr ...

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  • Small Batch Testing: A Small Change to Your Process, A Big Change for Results

    A project strategy that is set in stone is destined to crumble. You need fluidity and flexibility because it’s inevitable that you will work on a strategy that doesn’t live up to expectations. And when you find yourself in that situation, you need to be able to pivot before you get too far down the wrong path and spend way too much money.

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  • OK, Google: Should I Focus on Voice Search in 2017?

    Answer: No. Not if you want to hit your 2017 goals. Welcome to Seer Round Table – content driven by Seer employees talking through the latest trends in marketing. This is the product of seasoned marketers challenging the trends and each other to simply get to the best solutions. We walk away with action plans, testing strategies, and new perspectives. In this edition, we tackle VOICE SEARCH.

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  • What Google’s Suggested Clip Feature Means for You

    A few weeks ago, Google rolled out a new SERP feature that highlights a “suggested clip” within an embedded video. As visible below, the video itself dominates the SERP, automatically highlighting the section of the video that Google has determined best answers your search query. With little data available about this feature and SERPs appearing to change on an almost daily b ...

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  • Cross Device Remarketing for Google Analytics Audiences

    As of today, May 15, 2017, audiences created in Google Analytics can take advantage of cross-device remarketing for Google Display (AdWords GDN and DoubleClick Bid Manager) and Search Ads (RLSA). The ability to reach customers through Google Analytics audiences in more places. Before this update, targeting users through Google Analytics audiences in AdWords and DBM was limi ...

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  • Using Primary & Secondary Dimensions in Google Analytics

    Premade reports in Google Analytics show you a ton of information about who comes to your website. But what if you’re trying to answer a more specific question, such as “In this specific region of the country, what specific areas are driving the most users to my website?” What should you do when Google Analytics doesn’t have a premade report for that? You’re in luck, because ...

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  • How to Setup Cross-Domain Tracking between Universal & Legacy GA

    What do you do when you’re stuck with Legacy GA tracking on a third-party platform? When a website is running an old version of Google Analytics (GA) code, our first step is to upgrade them to the current code set, Universal. But, on occasion, part of the user journey may happen on another domain on some third-party platform where updating code is not feasible.

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  • Utilize Page Value in GA to Improve Your SEO Strategy

    It’s human nature to seek out instant gratification, but as search marketers we are trained to deploy data driven strategies to hit long term goals. Unfortunately, our bosses aren’t always content with our long term strategies. Fortunately, there is a metric in Google Analytics called page value.

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  • Bulk GMB Insights Reporting: What It Means For You & Your Business

    Enterprise users of Google My Business, rejoice! Late last week, Google rolled out the ability to download Insights data, in bulk, straight from your dashboard. With no access to the API required, this new feature enables a whole new set of users to measure and report on the performance of their listings within Google Search and Google Maps.

    Cori Shirk/ SEER Interactivein SEO- 15 readers -
  • Direct Traffic is Dark Traffic, and That’s OK

    “Martin, it’s all psychological. You yell, ‘Barracuda,’ everybody says, ‘huh, what?’ You yell ‘Shark,’… we’ve got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.” – Mayor Larry Vaughn, Jaws (1975) Hi random person! Thanks for asking! We’ve all seen “Direct Traffic” in our Google Analytics reports. (direct) / (none) or just “Direct” traffic.

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  • Video Content: The Future of Social Media Marketing

    In the digital marketing world, trends are constantly emerging. To stay competitive, brands need to stand out and adapt to evolving trends or else they risk falling behind and loosing the interest of their target audiences. My recommendation? Expand your marketing beyond image ads by incorporating video content.

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  • Google Analytics: Filter Order Matters!

    When you set up new views and add your regular filters, chances are, things usually work exactly as expected. But occasionally, you’ve triple and quadruple checked each individual filter, yet the data is not coming in as expected (or isn’t coming in at all). Maybe it’s a typo? (Always get a second pair of eyes!) another frequent culprit is filter order.

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  • Why Google is Eating Healthcare Marketers’ Lunch

    It’s no secret that Google has spent billions of dollars improving its’ search algorithm to quickly answer users’ questions. In this quest, they’ve begun to remove actual websites from the end result by listing answers right in the SERPs – and with “off-line” products that respond back to questions immediately, like Google Home and Google Now.

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