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  • 10 Game-Changing Quick Fixes to Improve your Interview Process

    The battle for top talent in the US is becoming increasingly competitive, costly, and time-consuming. Today, the average job opening takes 52 days to fill and costs the company $4K. Clearly, companies are willing to invest both time and money into Recruiting the best-of-the-best for their organization.

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  • 10 Ways to Use PPC, SEO and Analytics Together

    One of the most common questions we get from Clients is, “how do we integrate PPC, SEO and Analytics?” The word is out that SEO and PPC work better when they work together. With Analytics at the core, marketers enjoy improved outcomes and de-risk their investments. We’ve compiled 10 recent examples of ways we’re integrating SEO, PPC and Analytics and driving success for our Clients.

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  • Get to the Point: How to Turn Analytics Reports into Billboards

    As mentioned in my previous blog post, Data Storytelling is becoming a necessary skill in an analyst’s repertoire. As companies invest more time and money into data, they want to see the return on their investment. In other words, they want useful insights! But, more importantly, insights they understand and can use to enhance their business.

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  • Where to Add Campaign Tags: A Comprehensive Checklist

    Hopefully by now, if you work in marketing, you know that you need to be using campaign tags on all your marketing urls. They help us reduce dark traffic and provide insight into the value of all those wonderful marketing efforts. But even companies who are completely on the campaign tagging train, miss spots to put links.

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  • How PPC Landing Pages Could Be Hurting Your Campaign

    If you work in Paid Search, it’s safe to assume that you’ve heard about the importance of creating PPC landing pages for your campaigns. Some of the top reasons might include: Relevancy Landing page content and ad copy should be relevant to each other to positively impact Quality Score. Advertiser Control By reducing options, like removing the navigation header, you are helpi ...

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