• HTTPS Now Mandatory for Secure Data in Chrome

      If your website is one that stores sensitive personal information such as personal data or passwords then please bear in mind that at the end of January, websites without HTTPS will be marked by Google as “non-secure”. I bet that got your attention – and rightly so because this is something that concerns a whole lot of people which includes me.

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    • Bad SEO: Never Do This with Your Internal Link Structure

      SEO is all about understanding your website, your branding as well as your audience. Before you can get through all of those steps, you have to understand first what you can do with your website. It is important to note that your SEO is the sum of everything that you are doing, from your blog posts to your link building to your social media outreach.

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  • 3 Tricks to Rank for Multiple Keywords Easily

    Normal SEO practitioners will start their projects with keyword research which is basically them looking for targeted keywords that fit their niche. Afterward, they will try to get ranked for their target keyword. Sound familiar right? Because this is what EVERYONE is already doing. Let me tell you a little-known secret: I bet you didn’t know that you can also rank for multiple ...

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  • The Idiot’s Guide to Link Metrics

    There was a time when Webmasters can claim whatever they wanted about their website and they would still rank if not rank even higher because of their claims. Google has put a stop to that with their ever-changing algorithms and SEO has never been better. Let’s take a breather first: Why is this post called “The Idiot’s Guide to Link Metrics”? The reason for this is because I ...

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  • REVEALED: How Google Unexpectedly Uses Your Meta Descriptions

    Google is the number one authority when it comes to everything Search Engine Optimization – which makes sense because they make the rules. Because of their role in the community, it is a rare occurrence for Google to straight-up talk about how their search engine works – and that’s exactly what they did recently.

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  • It’s Time to Stop Saying “Oh S***” When Your Rankings Fluctuate

    Rankings fluctuate for everyone so keep this knowledge in mind as you go through your website’s SEO. It doesn’t matter what you did ‘wrong’ because the only thing that matters is what you do next – and I’m going to tell you exactly what to do when your rankings fluctuate. The important thing to remember is that you should always remain calm.

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  • SEO Summit 2017: The Journey Goes On

    It is undeniable that search engine optimization, or widely known as SEO, is a vital ingredient in today’s business world since it can ultimately unlock your company’s latent potential with regards to visibility, reach, and influence. However, there are still some enterprises that are unaware of the utility and significance of SEO, and the most common reason for this is becaus ...

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  • How to Use Pop Ups Without Negatively Affecting Your SEO

    Google’s devaluation of intrusive pop-ups and other invasive interstitials to heighten mobile user experience has affected the overall use of the traditional pop-up. SEO experts have constantly questioned if they should still use the pop-feature or not. At any rate, advertising through pop-ups really do work.

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  • Your Rankings Won’t Improve Until You Try These Techniques

    This happens more often than a seasoned SEO practitioner would think: They exert all their efforts into making sure that their strategy is top-notch, white hat, and is used by many; only to garner little, to no results. Why does this happen though? Many businesses that dabble on SEO are mystified when they do everything correctly, but their search rankings just would not improve.

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  • Advanced SEO Techniques to Improve Your Site Traffic

    Understanding and meeting your target audience’s needs can considerably increase your site’s traffic and your overall conversion rate. Evidently, there are thousands – or even millions – looking for your website, even if you do not know it. It is your job to help them look for your site in an easier and more efficient manner, and the only way that you could help them is to learn SEO.

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  • Use Your Link Building Campaign to Improve Your SEO

    Ever since the inception of a humble search engine named Google, the optimization of a business or a brand’s website is as critical as never before. This all due to the fact that the online presence of such businesses aspire to be at the top of the search results, and want to dominate the online industry.

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  • Finding These Problems in Your Google Analytics Data and How to Fix Them

    Ever since the creation and distribution of Google Analytics, several people have used it to track and report on their website’s traffic. Tracking through the use of Google analytics can help you learn some valuable information on who is visiting your website, the rate of visitors on your website, what the visitors do, and whether the website does its intended objective.

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  • Combining SEO and PPC as a Strategy and their Pros and Cons

    Search Engine Optimization has been in existence for a number of years, and with it came other alternatives that practitioners can use. There is no doubt that SEO is at the top of the list when ranking a website is the topic at hand. Using SEO as a marketing strategy, however, also has its setbacks and problems that numerous people have often encountered.

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  • Getting Better at Creating Effective SEO Strategies

    The landscape of SEO has constantly evolved to keep up with the algorithm updates that the search engine powerhouse, Google, comes up with. The main component of SEO that changes every time an algorithm update comes up are the strategies that SEO practitioners use to rank up their web pages. The fact that human beings are creatures of habit makes some of the outdated SEO stra ...

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  • Tips and Tricks on Crafting an Actionable Title Tag

    In the current SEO scene, a variety of components make up a great SEO strategy. There are things like meta description, guest posting; one can also include quality and unique content, site speed and performance, social media publishing, and easy site navigation. All of these components lead to higher search engine results pages (SERPs).

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  • Do Traffic Numbers Really Matter?

    The first thing you’ll hear from any savvy online marketer is that you need a lot of traffic to make your site work. Indeed, most SEO experts pitch exactly that on their websites: How they increased their site or page traffic, and how they can help you with yours. You will find thousands of pages on how to effectively use SEO, make outreach strategies, bring in new audience, ...

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