• SEO Checks: Your 17 Point Pre-Publish Content Checklist

      So, you’re about to hit ‘Publish’ on your latest piece of content. Stop! With an increasing pressure to create lengthy, viral, highly-shared content, it’s all too easy to forget a crucial piece of the content puzzle along the way. So before you publish that next piece of content, run it by our helpful 17 point pre-publish checklist.

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    • What Happened to Dublin Core as an SEO Factor?

      There was a time when Dublin Core was the craze of on-site optimization. And then, it just faded away. As if it never existed. There were no write-ups on what happened to it or if it still works. This is what’s left of Dublin Core as I rummaged through the cracks. What is Dublin Core? Long story short, Dublin Core is like the earlier version of ...

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    • 8 Important Features of a Rank Tracking Tool

      I never thought I’d see the day when you would be able to pull up rankings accurately whenever, wherever. I’ve used desktop based and web based rank tracking tools and none of them ever came close with AccuRanker’s speed in pulling data. We all Need Rankings That’s why we’re doing SEO, right? Indexing and Retrieval – the first two major functions ...

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  • WordPress is Requiring Websites to Have HTTPS by 2017

    2017 is shaping up to be a good year because WordPress is going to start implementing features that make HTTPS necessary to people’s websites. This was something that WordPress announced recently. WordPress acknowledges that these changes are going to be a “…hurdle” that users and webmasters alike are going to have to go through similar to when JavaScript was adopted by people ...

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  • Feature-Phone Search Crawler Officially Retired by Google

    Smartphones are now quickly becoming the primary means of browsing the internet for many people. They’re convenient and they’re portable so it’s no surprise that a lot more people are accessing the internet through their mobile phones on their downtime. However, in an era forgotten (or never experienced, for that matter), mobile browsing was never really good.

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  • Google’s Featured Snippets are Now Made by Artificial Intelligence

    Now I know what you’re thinking: Do you seriously expect me to believe that Google now has an Artificial Intelligence writing up their featured snippets for desktop? Yes, it’s really true and it’s happening NOW. Google’s featured Snippets for desktop will now be presented and rendered fully by a complex artificial intelligence program whose functions they refer to as “Senten ...

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  • Picture Perfect: 9 Ways to Make Your Blog Look Better

    Blogs are the best way to create content, in my opinion. You can write whatever you can think of and chances are there’s going to be a market for your thoughts. Some people have made a living out of writing about video games, others at writing guides for SEO and the like. The thing is, not everyone enjoys reading so how do you up the ante and make your blog more visually appea ...

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  • Get the Most Out of Your ORM With this Tool

    Just getting it out there – this isn’t a product review. It’s an article on understanding how to take advantage of Net Promoter Score or NPS using Qeryz – a free customer feedback survey tool. Basically speaking, ORM or Online Reputation Management is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Depending on how you handle your ORM, it can either make or break your SEO so it is r ...

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  • The Definitive Guide to Guest Posting Like a Pro

    Guest blogging has been an integral part of the SEO Process from the get-go. It’s a great way to utilize the limitless potential of the internet and all you have to do is use it properly. Sure, advertisements and the other more intricate SEO techniques are out there but guest blogging is one of the simpler techniques; it’s simple but it’s also extremely effective.

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  • Improve Your SEO Indirectly With Progressive Web Apps

    Progressive web apps are one of the more interesting technology concepts to surface in late 2015. Developed by Google, the idea is to create an enhanced website that features app-like qualities. What are progressive web apps? There’s a whole host of advantages to implementing a progressive web app on existing website solutions, ranging from improved performance and better c ...

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  • The Must-Have Gmail Optimization Tool – Hiver

    If you’re a heavy, everyday user of Gmail (like I am), you know for a fact that there are some things lacking when it comes to following up on emails with clients or with people in your team, or turning emails into tasks. Because let’s face it: Emails are as good as tasks and follow-ups are a pain. Hiver fixed that for me and my team. Here’s how. I got an email from Niraj of Hiver.

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  • How to Embed Forms in AMP pages and Why it’s Important

    The official AMP Project page announced earlier this month that it successfully launched support for forms created in the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) HTML. The forms that you can create vary between interactive polls, e-mail caps (capture) form to even the more intricate forms like selecting colours on an online marketing product webpage.

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  • 7 Easy, Call to Action Hacks that You may Be Missing Out On

    One of the most troubling things about content creation is knowing that people see your stuff but they’re not just receiving the clicks that you think they deserve. You think that you’ve done everything in your power to boost or optimize your post by emphasizing your content’s title by strategically using fonts, “forcing” people to see them by placing them where people can see ...

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  • How to Adapt and Embrace Changes to Google’s Algorithim

    SEO is one of the most progressive fields in the world. Everything about it is centered on change and if something refuses to improve, it is then deemed obsolete and dropped. That’s how the world of SEO goes and that’s why everything about it is bordering on the cutting edge. Just recently, Google updated its algorithm with Penguin which we talked about in a previous post.

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  • Google Search Index Changes Things Up by Going Mobile-First

    Google is now making changes to its search index by splitting its search results into different forms for their mobile and desktop iterations; these changes are expected to come into fruition in the following months. What this means is that search index is going to be prioritizing its mobile version by having it constantly updated while the desktop version will be considered a ...

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