• Why I Turned Down a Potentially Huge Sponsor for Cardiff SEO Meet

      Sponsorship for Cardiff SEO Meet isn’t really that big a thing. For the first three events, there weren’t any sponsors – I paid for it myself (well, Morgan Online Marketing paid for it, technically). But then our first venue was a bar, where people could buy their own food and drink if they wanted to.

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    • Working Tue to Sat: Pros & Cons of an Alternative 9-to-5

      “What a way to make a livin’…” A few months ago, I changed up the days that I worked in order to try and achieve a better work-life balance. Instead of the traditional Monday to Friday, I dropped the Monday in favour of working on a Saturday. So still five days a week, but different days. I wasn’t going to bother blogging about it (honestly because I didn’t think anyone wou ...

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    • Moving SEOno to HTTPS: How Using Cloudflare Caused a Duplicate Content Issue

      A few days ago, I moved this blog to fully (and only) HTTPS. I’d been on Cloudflare for a few months but I didn’t realise that it was inadventently causing a site-wide duplicate content issue (between HTTP & HTTPS URLs). In this post I document the discovery of the issue, the process I took to fix it, and the potential knock-on effects of the change, such as needing to se ...

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  • Google Reviews are Broken (and Google Local Guides Aren’t Helping)

    Google has a review problem. When I help clients with SEO, if they already have – or could benefit from having – a Google Map listing (a.k.a. a Google My Business listing), I help them with the presentation and optimisation of that, too. One element of that is the ability for customers to be able to leave reviews.

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  • Really F**king Simple Solutions to Spotify’s Explicit Tagging Problem

    The solution(s) for this are so simple that it’s f@!#ing painful. I blogged a few years ago about how Spotify’s tagging of explicit tracks is hit-and-miss – with some tracks that are explicit not tagged as such, and vice versa – and the situation hasn’t improved much since then. As a parent with young kids who wants to play music around the house but wants to avoid subjecting ...

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  • Cardiff SEO Meet is Looking for a New Venue for 2018!

    New year, new venue. After three events in 2017 at Tramshed Tech, it’s time for a change… Cardiff SEO Meet is looking for a new venue for its events in 2018 and beyond. I have somewhere in mind, but I’d like to keep options open and get a ton of suggestions to consider. Can you help? Do you know of anywhere suitable? Are you a venue owner who can provide a venue? Here’s our cr ...

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  • 4 Quick Twitter Tips for Award Ceremonies

    I’m not a social media consultant, nor someone who’s ever run social media for an event such as an award ceremony. However I’m a heavy Twitter user and I’ve seen a ton of award ceremonies – new or old, big or small, hardly known or well-established – making what I’d consider to be major mistakes when tweeting about their award ceremony during the event itself.

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  • Getting the Most from Yoast – My Cardiff WordPress Talk

    Yesterday I did a talk at Cardiff WordPress, my first speaking gig in close to a year (you can see a list of all my past speaking gigs here). Held at the fabulous Tramshed Tech (where Cardiff SEO Meet is also held!), I presented in front of 20+ WordPress designers & developers as well as fellow digital marketers.

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  • Q&A with James Crawford about Starting a Coworking Space within an Agency Office

    It’s been a while since I did an interview on SEOno – the last one was with Emma Barnes about selling her blog (you can see all past interviews here). However I recently discovered that James Crawford (@jamescrawford) of PR Agency One had started his own coworking space within his agency’s office and – given that I’m a bit fanatical about coworking(!) – I thought it’d make for a good interview.

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  • The Share Button on Facebook is Broken on Mobile

    This post is 50% rant, 50% a heads-up to the Facebook devs, and 50% mathematical enigma… For a while now I’ve shared other people’s Facebook posts on my personal profile and noticed that some of them would show up as expected, while others would show up… differently. And by “differently” I mean incorrectly and therefore badly.

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  • Blow Your Goddamn Trumpet

    A few weeks ago I received an interesting enquiry from a local designer, who does a lot of design work for musicians. Given that I’m a proper music fanatic, I was really excited at the opportunity to potentially work with him and his clients. He asked me for my hourly/day rate, and although I stressed to him that I quote on a per-project basis depending on what I think is req ...

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  • 4 (Unusual) Alternative Image Ideas for Blog Posts

    Ahh, the age-old question: what image should I use to accompany a blog post? A stock image? A screenshot? Any old thing you find from Google Image Search…? (No, definitely don’t do that last one.) When people ask me, I usually send them down the Flickr Creative Commons route, as I hate stock imagery and Flickr images often feel more genuine.

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  • Community: The Key to Happiness?

    This post was originally intended as a guest blog post on behalf of Welsh ICE. However, given that it’s quite personal in nature, we agreed that it’d be a best fit on SEOno instead. People who know me personally or via Twitter might see me as a (mostly!) cheery, friendly, positive guy. However I’ll be the first to admit that when I was growing up, I wasn’t happy for a lot of ...

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  • The 30-Day Website Interstitial Sign-up Experiment

    At the beginning of March 2017, I decided to run an experiment: I would sign up to every single interstital that I encountered for a month. In this post I document this (quite frankly rather bonkers) experiment, and give insights into what I discovered along the way… What is an interstitial (and do they affect SEO)? Interstitials are those annoying same-page pop-ups that someti ...

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  • 24 Hours of Selfies: My Challenge for Red Nose Day 2017

    It’s a bit short notice (given that it’s only two days away!), but I’ve decided to set myself a challenge for Red Nose Day 2017: On Friday 24th March 2017, I’ll take a selfie with everyone that I speak to face-to-face (regardless of whether I know them or not!)* and tweet the pics via my Twitter (@steviephil) using the hashtag #steviephilselfie.

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  • The 3 Biggest Takeaways from Kelvin Newman’s Reddit AMA

    Yesterday, the mighty Kelvin Newman (@kelvinnewman) of brightonSEO fame did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. I’m a big fan of Kelvin, not only because he runs an incredible conference and has been crazy enough to let me speak at it (not just once, but twice), but because he’s a great guy as well. And as an SEO event organiser myself, I’m always curious to know the thinking behi ...

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  • The Final Fantasy Marketing Strategy: Nostalgia & Back Catalogue Introduction

    Note: I’ve tried to keep this spolier-free, but if you’ve yet to start playing Final Fantasy XV and you want to be kept 100% surprised at what’s in store, then it might be best to hold off from reading this post. You have been warned, dear reader. I recently bought and started playing Final Fantasy XV (FFXV for short), having been a life-long fan of the Final Fantasy series (m ...

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  • It’s 2017 & I’m Still Seeing “SEO is Crap” Discussions…

    “The world is on fire,” the mighty Ed Harcourt recently sung. 2017 has begun, swirling from 2016’s turbulent aftermath of Trumps and Brexits – and yet here I am, publishing my first post of the year nitpicking about what someone said about SEO. “In the name of SEO” I regularly check and contribute to the Cardiff Start Facebook group, and got a little excited when I saw someone ...

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