• Founder Rand Fishkin of MOZ to be forced out of his own company

      Founder Rand Fishkin of MOZ to be forced out of his own company Jeremy Schoemaker April 13, 2017 Post Views Today: 0 I just talked to a very reliable source that Rand Fishkin, founder of SEOMOZ / MOZ, is being forced out of his company by the board of directors. Thats the double edge sword of raising $29.1M. Expect a statement from them shortly from them with a nice spin to it on his exit.

      Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoneyin SEO- 104 readers -
    • How The Affiliate Summit made me millions in a couple weeks.

      10 years ago I attended affiliate summit east in Miami. At the time I was not familiar with the conference. My friend Kris Jones told me it was a really great and emerging conference owned by 2 people that have worked in the affiliate industry for years. I had only attended SEO (SES, Pubcon, etc…) conferences prior and while I made great friends, it was worthless for affiliates.

      Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoneyin Affiliate How To's- 18 readers -
    • Why Copyblogger Makes over $1 Million per Month

      Nobody can agree on why Copyblogger makes so much money. If you read all the blogs on Brian Clark’s success, everyone tries to simplify his “formula,” but everyone’s answer is different. The truth is, he built Coppyblogger with very little capital an ...

      ShoeMoney- 10 readers -
  • What ‘Silicon Valley’ Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurs

    You would think that after some thirty odd years, the tech industry would have accrued more parodies. But with only one movie and a handful of geeky shows available to watch we’re not even close to getting started. One show rises above the rest in its wit, charm, an ...

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