• How The Affiliate Summit made me millions in a couple weeks.

      10 years ago I attended affiliate summit east in Miami. At the time I was not familiar with the conference. My friend Kris Jones told me it was a really great and emerging conference owned by 2 people that have worked in the affiliate industry for years. I had only attended SEO (SES, Pubcon, etc…) conferences prior and while I made great friends, it was worthless for affiliates.

      Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoneyin Affiliate How To's- 13 readers -
    • Founder Rand Fishkin of MOZ to be forced out of his own company

      Founder Rand Fishkin of MOZ to be forced out of his own company Jeremy Schoemaker April 13, 2017 Post Views Today: 0 I just talked to a very reliable source that Rand Fishkin, founder of SEOMOZ / MOZ, is being forced out of his company by the board of directors. Thats the double edge sword of raising $29.1M. Expect a statement from them shortly from them with a nice spin to it on his exit.

      Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoneyin SEO- 95 readers -
    • How to Save Money on Your Email Marketing

      Recently I decided to re-activate one of my email lists (that is, to start sending emails to the subscribers again). The list has around 50,000 subscribers, so I started comparing the prices of email marketing providers for a list of that size. I went to Aweber, MailChimp and GetResponse. They prices were pretty similar, gravitating around $300/month for a list 50,000 subscr ...

      ShoeMoneyin EMail How To's- 27 readers -
  • Interview with Affiliate Ball Creator Darren Blatt

    I have been wanting to do this interview for a while but the Affiliate Summit events always come up so fast… But here it is… The interview with the man that has IMO added a big incentive to goto the Affiliate Summit. The Affiliate Ball! So here is my interview with Affiliate Ball founder Darren Blatt. Tells us about your background. First off, thanks for taking an interest in my story.

    Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoneyin Affiliate- 6 readers -
  • Lawyers Should Stick to the Law and Not Try SEO

    As a lawyer, if you heard a potential client say: “Meh, I’ve been through enough court cases, I could represent myself,” would you: A). encourage the client in the doomed path they’ve chosen? or B). begin to list the number of qualifications you have and enumerate the many years of schooling you’ve experienced to get there? While SEO isn’t nearly as complicated as a lawyer ...

    ShoeMoneyin SEO- 9 readers -
  • They Can Run But They Can’t Hide: Win Sales With Facebook Messenger

    There was a time when you could disappear off the face of the earth. Nobody could track you down without a private investigator under their hire. Today is quite different. Everyone has a miniature communicator in their pocket replete with discrete recording devices and a GPS tracker. Anyone can contact you anywhere at any time.

    ShoeMoneyin Social- 8 readers -
  • 5 Epic YouTube Marketing Fails (And How to Avoid Them!)

    YouTube: it’s the second largest search engine on the planet. Why wouldn’t you want to leverage that kind of audience? But it’s also one of the most competitive ad markets on the planet. And if you fail on YouTube, you fail miserably. I’ve got your back, however. I’m here to present the five worst YouTube marketing failures in the history of advertising.

    ShoeMoneyin Social How To's- 17 readers -
  • Case Study: Inside the ChaCha Startup Failure

    A few years ago, it seemed like startups were crawling out of every nook and cranny of the Internet. Of course, they had plenty of inspiration. We still see some of the more successful ones operating today. Facebook, Skype, Digg. But there were hundreds, if not thousands, that started up and then went out of business a few short years later.

    ShoeMoney- 14 readers -
  • 13 Key Benefits of Digital Marketing (Infograph)

    13 Key Benefits of Digital Marketing (Infograph) Jeremy Schoemaker July 10, 2017 Every year the business market is getting more and more competitive. Therefore, business owners should remember that the best way to attract customers is to go online. In the modern era, most people like to access the information via internet.

    Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoney- 12 readers -
  • What Internet Marketers Can Learn From The Lannisters

    The Lannisters are a lovable lot. They live high above the sea in a highly defensible castle and they are the wealthiest Great House in all of Westeros. Everybody wants to be a Lannister. But not everybody is willing to do what Lannisters are willing to do. That’s your first lesson in marketing. Do what others are unwilling to do. That’s the only way to get ahead.

    ShoeMoney- 10 readers -
  • 5 Ways to Start Earning Money from Home in 2017

    At one point or another, you probably thought about the many different ways you could potentially make money from home. Before the internet, your options were quite limited. You had the choice of stuffing envelopes, being a telemarketer or holding Tupperware parties on the weekend. They all sound very fun and entertaining, but if you can’t figure out a way to start making mon ...

    ShoeMoney- 17 readers -
  • The Wise Advice From a Very Successful Internet Marketer

    The Wise Advice From a Very Successful Internet Marketer The Wise Advice From a Very Successful Internet Marketer Justin Goff June 16, 2017 Post Views Today: 0 This is an amazingly awesome and wise post that my friend Justin Goff of Gym Junkies put on FaceBook. I have posted it with his permission.

    ShoeMoney- 25 readers -
  • Embracing Failure

    Post Views Today: 0 When I meet a lot of people at conferences or correspond via email / Facebook / whatever people always tell me about their big idea and what I think of it. My first question is always, “so where are you at with it ?” Generally: 60% have done absolutely nothing but think they have the next big thing.. I call this the “excited about thinking about it” phase.

    Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoneyin EMail- 16 readers -
  • The book that made me 200k in one month

    The book that made me 200k in one month The book that made me 200k in one month Jeremy Schoemaker May 8, 2017 Post Views Today: 0 About this time last year I created the ShoeMoney Network… which soon became Blogninja. I *thought* I was doing pretty well about 1k a day. Then I bought Russell Brunsons dot com secrets book and within 72 hours, without changing any traffic ...

    Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoney- 16 readers -
  • TSYS BS Merchant Credit Card Processing SUCKS

    TSYS BS Merchant Credit Card Processing SUCKS TSYS BS Merchant Credit Card Processing SUCKS Jeremy Schoemaker April 21, 2017 Post Views Today: 0 First off before you contact me you know a guy that knows a guy to get me a merchant account I am good. I have always had great merchanting. I don’t even know why my had an account with TSYS. We already have processing coming out of our asses.

    Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoney- 23 readers -
  • 3 Myths About Why Offline Businesses Shouldn’t Be Online

    Post Views Today: 0 Imagine how many brands and businesses there are in the world today. Now think about your local neighborhood and how many of them are or aren’t online. It’s actually quite amazing when you think about it… some businesses and brands still haven’t made the transition to the internet! How is that even possible? More often than not, the reason for a business ...

    ShoeMoney- 17 readers -
  • The Trump FTC Agenda: Could it be Welcome News for Marketers?

    Post Views Today: 54 This post is by William Rothbard from ftcadlaw.com reposted here with permission. I highly recommend getting on Williams email list to stay on top of the lastest FTC news. Elections do matter. On January 25, President Trump named Republican Federal Trade Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen as acting chair of the agency, bringing to an end eight years of hype ...

    ShoeMoneyin EMail- 21 readers -
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