• Meet the New Facebook Campaign Planner: Same Data, Now Convenient!

    Meet Facebook’s latest business darling: the Campaign Planner. This is a new user-friendly interface update that makes life much easier for media planners who want to get a feel for how many impressions they can get for a particular audience and budget. Gone are the days of jumping through the hoops by building out a full paid ad campaign without reach data.

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  • Silverback’s Louis Belpaire set to speak at ADWKDC 2016

    The Washington D.C. chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) is hosting its annual ADWKDC advertising week from Saturday, Oct. 15 through Friday, Oct. 21. The event is open to marketing and communication professionals in and around the Washington D.C metro area. AdWeek DC will span a total of six days, offering attendees the chance to experience an abundance of net ...

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  • Understanding how to use the powerful new Facebook Pixel

    For the past several months, Facebook has discussed the rollout of its new, integrated Facebook Pixel, which combines its old solutions for remarketing and conversion tracking with a few added bonuses. As they plan to phase out their older methods in favor of this updated Facebook Pixel, the success of your Facebook campaigns will soon depend on your ability to transition prope ...

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  • What local SEO changes do you need to know?

    Imagine yourself traveling to a place you’ve never been. Maybe you’re moving to a new city. After spending a full day traveling and unpacking, you want something quick and easy for dinner. Pizza wins. How do you find the nearest pizza place that delivers? If you’re like most people, you pull out your smartphone and conduct a search - something like “pizza near me” or “pizza de ...

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  • Seize the day: Kurt Lambert’s SEO tips for small & medium-sized brands

    Most small- to medium-sized local businesses understand the importance of having an SEO strategy. At the same time, SEO jargon and the required technical know-how can be a challenge to learn on your own, especially when, you know, you're trying to run the business. So what do you do? You head to an old industrial bakery and you start to get answers.

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  • How will the new, free Angie’s List impact your SEO program?

    You've probably heard the news by now: Angie's List, the home services marketplace and review site that famously guarded its results behind a subscriber-only paywall, is now free. The initial announcement, made early this spring, noted that Angie's List would move to a freemium model - listings and reviews would be free to all, but certain site services would require an upcharge.

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  • Marketers: ad blockers are everywhere. It’s time to know your enemy.

    For many PPC and SEO pros, striving to rank high on the SERP and receive qualified clicks and conversions takes priority. But how is reaching that goal possible when qualified leads are downloading ad blockers? Ad blockers - "Internet browser extensions that block and prevent advertisements from showing up on websites" - are becoming more popular and pose some serious threats ...

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