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  • Social Cinema: What It Is and Who’s Doing It

    Social cinema is exactly what it sounds like: film events that debut and play out, either little by little or all at once, on social media. And the genre is developing fast, with original stories being produced for entertainment and advertisement purposes on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and beyond.

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  • How to Create a Conversion-Based Facebook Campaign

    It’s no secret that, when it comes to growing a community and engaging with a fan base, social media is the undisputed champion. Unfortunately, Page Likes don’t pay the bills. It’s also no secret that businesses are seeing an average organic reach of just 1-2%, down from 16% in 2012. As the value of a Page Like continues to diminish, knowing how to execute a paid conversion-bas ...

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  • The 6 Traits That Differentiate the Best Digital Marketers from the Rest

    Imagine if, similar to the Matrix, you could simply plug a cord into the back of your head and learn a key skill for becoming a great digital marketer. Or even better: What if you could learn the traits of the best digital marketers within a few minutes? Clarifying the Role of Social Media Download You’d probably be pumped about the idea and ask where you could sign up.

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  • How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Using Analytics

    YouTube has quickly become the second largest search engine in the world. Companies across every vertical have taken advantage of the tool to build brand awareness, grow audiences, and communicate directly with prospects and customers. Social Video Cheat Sheets Download While almost every company has a YouTube channel (YouTube currently reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any ...

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  • Why Pinterest Matters Infographic

    Most ecommerce brands are still trying to figure out the magic recipe for web conversions and brand awareness on social media. Pinterest makes it easy, constantly innovating with features like visual search and helping brands big and small slim the gap between product awareness and purchase point with buyable pins. How ...

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  • What I Learned About Successful Organizational Social Media Strategy

    To maximize your social media efforts and truly be effective, a plan is a must. Social media strategy isn’t only applicable when an organization is launching channels, but can also be applied after a presence has already been established. 2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download Social media is such a new field that many organizations built a presence on channels befor ...

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  • Dangerous Social Marketing Habits and How to Break Them

    As social marketers, we’re developing some bad habits — habits that are preventing us from doing our best work, growing in our careers, and making a bigger impact on our brands. The Social Media Metrics Map Download In order to fix these habits, we need to ask some tough questions, but that’s where the biggest bad habit kicks in: in many cases, we don’t even know what we’re ...

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  • The Social Metric Map You Need to See

    Have you been looking for a concise-yet-thorough, clear-but-“wide lens” social marketing visual you can trust and reference — and serve up to your boss when he or she is asking you what your results mean for the larger organization? We were, too — so we made one! Enter the Metric Map, brainchild of our very own Senior Director of Marketing Uri Bar-Joseph. The Metric Map helps you: 1.

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  • How to Use Google Analytics for Social Media Measurement

    The importance social media marketing plays in long-term business growth is one of the most heavily debated topics among marketers and business owners. Answering Your Boss’s Questions about Your Social Campaigns Download Most social marketers would agree that tying social media marketing to actual business results is a very difficult task.

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  • Quality Control on Periscope: What You Can Do

    With the latest Periscope development — Twitter users can now watch Periscope streams directly within their feed, as opposed to clicking a link that redirects to the Periscope app — Periscope streams are now more accessible to more viewers than ever. Social Video Cheat Sheets Download In essence, this makes your Periscope streams immediately available not only to the over 1 ...

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  • Are You Measuring Brand Awareness Right?

    Brand awareness is one of those slightly mysterious, intangible elements of marketing. Everyone knows they should be working toward increasing it, but no one is quite sure how to measure the impact of their activities. How exactly do you quantify brand awareness success? How to Define Social Impact and Communicate Your Performance Download We spend a lot of time thinking ab ...

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  • How to Increase Social Reach with Micro Moments

    Last year, Google gave marketers access to insight around micro moments and consumer’s behavior in the multi-device landscape we work in. With information readily available, there’s no reason to put off getting questions answered, and marketers want to be there when consumers are looking. 10 Social Media Trends You’ve Been Ignoring Download “Mobile and social are disrupting ...

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