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  • “Good on Social”: What It Means and How to Do It

    25601440 10 Social Marketing Lessons from Forbes Most Valuable Brands Download “That brand is good on social” is a phrase I hear a lot when I speak with social marketers. Every marketer has a brand or two they admire for their presence on social, but what makes those brands “good on social?” I set out to answer this question, and frankly, it was harder than I expected.

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  • Planning for 2018: Which Insights Are Lurking in Your Content?

    1024512 2017 End of Year Social Audit Download If you wanted to retire in 10 years, would you invest your money in a couple of stocks, sit back and just hope for the best? Of course not! You would consider your investment options, examine past performance, make informed choices and carefully track your progress so you could adjust. Although everyone wants a quick win, we know they’re rare.

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  • 5 New Instagram Metrics to Track Now

    25601440 Instagram seems to roll out a new feature daily. This is exciting, and there’s so much we can do with Instagram’s ever-evolving features like Instagram Stories. But these rapid-fire feature rollouts also mean that we marketers are often experimenting without access to all the data, i.e., the full view of how Instagram activities and campaigns are performing.

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  • 5 Killer Instagram Contest Tips for Brand Exposure

    1024512 In case you haven’t noticed, Instagram is one of the highest returning social media platforms this year. Research from L2 found that 65% of top-performing Instagram posts feature products, meaning if you are hoping to showcase your product to a large audience (and of course selling more product), Instagram is sure to deliver great results.

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  • What Content Optimization Means for Social Marketers

    25601440 We wanted to create a space where social marketers could dig deeper into trending topics and learn a little each week, so we decided to host a weekly Twitter chat. Last week at #SimplyChat, we discussed: How social marketers define “content optimization” How each person in the content creation process optimizes differently How each social channel affects cont ...

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  • How One Niche Brand Engages and Grows Its Instagram Audience

    25601280 When B&H Photo opened over 40 years ago in New York, social networks didn’t exist. There was no online shopping in 1973. But shopping has changed over the last decade. Content Benchmarks: Using Social and Web Data to Set Performance Goals Download In 2016, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 1.86 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.

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  • How to Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    1024512 The digital landscape is constantly changing. Think of new technologies that influence our digital experiences and communication tools that are enabling us to extend our messages to an expanding global audience. Digital channels connect our businesses with a more extensive customer base, enable us to nurture relationships with existing customers, and help us provide ou ...

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  • The 3 Most Critical Social Marketing Concepts (And How to Use Them)

    25601280 We’ve officially entered the era where being comfortable with being uncomfortable is a necessary trait for successful social marketers. The social and content landscape continues to progress quickly and increase in complexity, making it critical to hang onto the fundamentals of social media that have made it so successful, while adopting the newest tools and technologies along the way.

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  • 5 Ways That Agencies Can Use Social Listening

    25601440 Listening 101: A Beginner’s Guide Download There are more than five ways that agencies can use social listening to grow their book of business. But these are the biggies: the game-changing value props we’ve heard about from agencies who actually use listening today. 1. Expand Current Partnerships Social listening helps you do what you’re already doing better, by ...

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  • What Social Marketers Need to Know about User-Generated Content

    25601440 We wanted to create a space where social marketers can dig deeper into trending topics and learn a little more each week, so we decided to host a weekly Twitter chat. Last week at #SimplyChat, we discussed the pros and cons of user-generated content, tactics to encourage it, brands we can learn from, and how to maintain branding while incorporating it.

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  • What KPIs Mean to Social Marketers

    1022509 We wanted to create a space where social marketers can dig deeper into trending topics and learn a little more each week, so we decided to host #SimplyChat on Twitter. A few weeks ago we took to Twitter with a poll to ask what our audience wanted to chat about. Let us know which topic you'd like to discuss at the next #SimplyChat! — Simply Measured (@simplymeasure ...

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  • 5 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Payment Page

    1024512 When it comes to down to what really counts on an eCommerce site, it doesn’t matter how many clicks you’re getting – it matters what the conversion rates on your payment page looks like. You may very well be getting far more visitors than your competitors, but if you aren’t sealing the deal with a sale, you’re no further ahead.

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