Simply Measured - Posts from June 2016

  • How the Portland Trail Blazers Became the NBA’s #1 Ranked Twitter Account

    Three thousand, two hundred and eighty-six days ago, the Portland Trail Blazers sent their first (and likely most infamous) Tweet. Being excited after getting the #1 draft pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. — Trail Blazers (@trailblazers) May 28, 2007 At that time, Twitter was a shiny new digital toy that most publishers, brands and influencers had yet to sink their claws int ...

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  • Introducing the 2016 State of Social Marketing Report

    I’m excited to share with you our 2016 State of Social Marketing Report. This report incorporates a survey of social marketers, industry reports, and original research about the top brands in the world and how they’re using each social network. The survey uncovered trends about a wide range of topics, but perhaps the most interesting was the disconnect between what social mark ...

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  • 4 Brand-Changing Lessons from the 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

    Social Media Examiner‘s 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report is always a highlight of the savvy social marketer’s year. This year, the 8th annual version of the report surveyed 5,000 marketers to find out what they care about and how they’re solving problems right now. You should really download the whole thing for maximum value (it’s free!), but I’ve put together some ...

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  • 3 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Polls

    All marketers know that Twitter is a great platform for audience engagement. However, one of Twitter’s most interactive features is also one of its most underused. Coming soon! We’re rolling out the ability for everyone to create polls on Twitter: — Twitter (@twitter) October 21, 2015 When Twitter introduced Polls in l ...

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  • 3 Unbelievable Lessons and Sessions from Social Media Strategies Summit NYC

    Last week, social marketers from all over the world came together to be a part of Social Media Strategies Summit in New York City. I brought some serious lessons back with me, but I don’t want to keep them to myself! I want to share them with you. 1. Selling Your Brand Live: In-The-Moment Marketing With Live Streaming Our Employees have a Heart for futbol and pride for their ...

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  • 4 Key Insights from Our Dark Social Webinar

    Today we had our Dark Social webinar. Brewster Stanislaw, Director of Product at Simply Measured, covered: The growing impact Dark Social has on social marketers How you can measure Dark Social Predictions for the future of social attribution I personally thought that the Q&A session was just as powerful as Brewster’s deck, and I encourage you to fast forward to t ...

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  • 4 Ways to Use Slack to Boost Your Social Presence

    Whether you’re a socially savvy freelancer juggling multiple accounts or working with a whole marketing team to deliver a clear, consistent message across all platforms, if you’re not using Slack to enhance your social media efforts, you’re lagging behind. The mega popular tool for work communication, daily reminders, and oh-so many GIF’s is also a great tool for staying orga ...

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  • 5 Tips for Cracking the Social Marketing Code

    A solid social marketing strategy is invaluable for any brand, big or small. As social networks continue to evolve, brands are seeing their potential sky-rocket. Social is getting more attention and budget dollars than ever before, but we often forget about the ways that social can help other parts of your marketing organization. Here are five game-changing tips for doing just this. 1.

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  • Social Marketing’s Biggest Moments in the Last 5 Years

    Over the past five years, social marketing has evolved. Social networks are adapting to the meet the needs of both consumers and advertisers, which means trying to balance user experience with revenue opportunities. With so much happening in just five years’ time, it can be hard to pinpoint the changes which were actually industry-changing — so I did it for you.

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  • 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Increase Social Engagement

    When you look at the numbers, the extent to which social media has become an integral part of our lives is shocking. The average user spends 28% of their time online on social media, a figure that amounts to 1.72 hours per day. Keep in mind that this figure isn’t skewed by a small group of teenagers practically living on social media. It is the average of 2.22 billion social network users.

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  • 5 Ways to Become a Better Social Marketer Today

    You have long-term goals and strategies to make yourself and your brand better on social, but if you’re looking for ways to become a better social marketer right now, check out these five resources for social marketing self-improvement. 1 – Run a Quickie Audit First, run a quick audit of your social properties. DO IT NOW. GET TO THE CHOPPER.

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  • Microsoft and LinkedIn: A Primer for Social Marketers

    When I heard the news that Microsoft is set to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion dollars by EOY, my first reaction was…This just feels right. It was like watching two of your friends from different life stages hit it off, start dating, and live happily ever after. Okay, one step at a time, but you know what I mean. This is the perfect match for both the Microsoft brand and the LinkedIn brand.

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  • How Book of the Month Club Is Building a Vibrant Community on Instagram

    Remember those Book of the Month Club advertisements you used to see as you flipped through your magazine? Well, Book of the Month Club has gone digital for the Instagram age, transforming into a subscription-based e-commerce book club offering a limited number of new books each month to members. Book of the Month Club is on an engagement growth rocket ship in 2016.

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  • REPORT: As Facebook’s Algorithm Changes, How Brands Use the Network

    This week, Facebook announced plans to make a series of changes to its news feed algorithm so that it will more favorably promote content posted by friends and family. The 2016 State of Social Marketing Download This change will mean less prominent exposure for brands and publishers sharing content on the network, and will require an increased focus on optimizing tactics, l ...

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  • =LIFT Keynote Announcement: You Don’t Want to Miss This!

    As a marketer, I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce our first two keynote speakers for =LIFT(Social, 2016). Robert Safian: Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company Kipp Bodnar: CMO of HubSpot If you’re looking for pioneers in the digital space, you’ll never find better examples. Safian and Bodnar exemplify what it means to be experts in the two main facets of marketing: 1.

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  • Why Data Should Be at the Core of Your PR Efforts

    Many public relations professionals gravitate to the field for its focus on verbal and written skills. However, like most professions, industry leaders are strong in both language and math skill sets. As a PR professional and social media marketer at PR tech company AirPR, I’m here to explain why data should inform your PR efforts. This cannot be stressed enough.

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  • Our Weekly Onboarding Webinars Will Get You Up to Speed

    We’re excited to announce even more opportunities for you and your colleagues to get on-boarded with Simply Measured (or brush up on your knowledge so you can get the most out of our product NOW). Each week, we’ll host our Basic Training webinar at a variety of times to suit your availability. What Will Be Covered? We’ll cover the basics of getting started with Simply Measured.

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  • Dark Social: What Social Marketers Need to Know

    Did you know that 70% of social shares are considered dark? So, what is Dark Social? Dark Social is any website traffic that originates from a shared link, but does not pass a referrer and thus appears as “direct traffic” in web analytics. It sounds complicated, but on June 15, 2016 at 10:00 AM PST, Brewster Stanislaw, Director of Product Management, will give you the “Tell M ...

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  • How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to =LIFT

    It’s a tale as old as time. You discover a conference that you really want to go to. The agenda looks great, with sessions on everything from content optimization to dark social. The speakers are impressive — two of the keynotes are from Hubspot and FastCompany. It’s in an awesome location in the best season (#SeattleSummer) ...

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