• How to Build Your Social Marketing Personas

    833468 Senior Social Strategy Consultant Brooke Andersen and I recently appeared on a webinar about targeting your audience effectively on Instagram. A huge portion of the webinar focused on setting a strong foundation by building out social marketing personas for your brand. If you missed it, here’s the step-by-step process—along with the webinar recording at the bottom.

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  • How to Use Social Media Listening to Identify Likely Buyers

    833468 As social marketers, we’re always looking for new approaches to identify and reach likely buyers. Which social networks do our likely buyers use most? Which kind of messaging and CTA’s will resonate with them? What do they care about, and how does your brand’s offerings fit into that equation? Here’s how using a social media listening solution can help.

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  • 7 Ways to Engage Your Social Media Audience

    25601440 One of the most challenging parts of being a social media marketer is creating effective content that resonates with your audience each and every time. With 81% (and climbing) of small and medium businesses using social media for marketing, it’s hard to stand out and capture your audience’s attention enough to keep them coming back, especially when Facebook’s algorith ...

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  • 4 Fresh Ways to Think About Targeting on Social

    25601440 On February 15th, we hosted our Data & Drinks event, starring a panel of social media experts from a wide variety of industries. In Seattle? Love Social? Join us today for #DataAndDrinks. https://t.co/F1M4eZNFO0 pic.twitter.com/HghgcXlnZQ — Simply Measured (@simplymeasured) February 15, 2018 The theme of the night was finding and engaging your audience on social.

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