• STEP BY STEP: Running A Bot Test on any Campaign And More from This Week on STM

    Bots! Damn them. This week we've got a step by step solution for finding the worst bot offenders in your placements. Plus we've got a tutorial on Facebook, landers for solar, and more... STEP BY STEP: Running A Bot Test On Any Campaign 'Almost all display traffic is plagued with bots, computer programs designed to click on your ads, pretend to be human, and get publishers m ...

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  • This Week on STM: The Big AM FAQ Thread! And Much More...

    STM this week has ALL the answers! We've got a mammoth, must-bookmark guide to all of STM's frequently asked questions about AM. Plus a new STM cheat sheet, answers on everything from million dollar verticals to pest control, and more! The Big AM FAQ Thread! Vortex unveils an epic guide - ALL the STM common answer threads you're ever likely to need, in one place.

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  • INFOGRAPHIC: Native Ads Cheat Sheet For Affiliates 2016

    "Native" is the hottest buzzword in the industry right now! It's easy to see why. The volume is mega, the CTRs are mighty and the ROIs match those of the early days of Facebook Ads. Here is a beautiful infographic from STM to help you get onboard the Native Ads express! Text Version Keep refreshing images. Most Native networks give a lot of weight to fresh content.

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  • "CHEATSHEAT: DO's and DON'Ts of Pop Traffic" And More From This Week on STM

    CHEATSHEET: DO's and DON'Ts of Pop Traffic 'Pop is a popular traffic type for newbies and pros alike. Below are some do's and don'ts that, when used appropriately, can help you maximize profits and minimize losses.' Read More » CHEATSHEET: Do's and Don'ts for Adult Traffic 'To add to our collection of handy cheat-sheets, here is one I made for adult traffic.

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  • This Week ON STM: STM's $1,000,000+ Thread Treasure Chest and more!

    Index STM's $1,000,000+ Thread Treasure Chest. 'I've compiled some serious money stacking, aka some of the mega million dollar threads on STM. I'll keep adding more as I find them.' Read More » My success story 'So 1 earned my 1st million rubles ($35000) when I was 16 y.o.' Read More » Official STM Native Follow Along Contest 2016 'This contest is for all levels of aff ...

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  • "Mini-Interviews From AWA 2015" And More From This Week On STM...

    Mini Video Interviews From AWA 2015 "People who were at AWA15 will have seen me running around frantically for some of the time with a camera. And you may have wondered what that was all for." Read More » Reverse Engineering Traffic Source Sites? "And here you go, a bunch of publishers using Propeller Ads sorted by website traffic/popularity.

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