• Stop Making Crap Websites

      2 May 2016 BY Barry Adams Estimated reading time: 8 minutes, 31 seconds Today I’m going to talk about a topic that’s been a persistent bugbear of mine for years. It’s about websites – specifically, about new websites that lack even the most basic digital marketing features. I still see way too many newly built websites that don’t even have the most elementary features in ...

      Barry Adams/ State of Digitalin Social EMail- 38 readers -
    • The Future of Analytics – Ask the Experts

      Estimated reading time: 12 minutes, 4 seconds If we look back over the past five years, we have seen some huge changes across the digital marketing landscape and one of the areas that we have seen significant changes is in the world of analytics. From call tracking and tag management to attribution and DMPs, we have seen them all make their way into our day to days lives as marketers.

      Samantha Noble/ State of Digital- 24 readers -
    • What is Analytics User Explorer, and how useful is the data?

      16 June 2016 BY Jack Cooper Along with many other impressive announcements recently, Google has been busy providing users some interesting new features to enhance its already invaluable analytics platform. I must admit, my favourite change that has been introduced recently (not for analytics) is the ability to aggregate and group search console data using property sets.

      State of Digitalin How To's- 13 readers -
  • How to train your staff on the job and get real results

    In a fast changing industry, it is key to make sure your staff has the latest knowledge. You make sure they read (sites like State of Digital). You make sure your staff attends events. And you get your staff trained. The problem with all of these methods, but training especially, is universal. How to get the knowledge that is being picked up, put in place.

    Bas Van Den Beld/ State of Digitalin How To's- 14 readers -
  • Optimising Videos for YouTube and Google Search

    YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google and the second most visited website on the planet as of December 2016. YouTube’s reach is further expanded by its direct inclusion in Google search. This search volume and traffic presents a huge opportunity for brands looking to increase their visibility by ranking videos on both YouTube and Google.

    State of Digitalin Social SEO Google- 12 readers -
  • How to get yourself ready for your first ever speaking gig

    No matter how long you’ve been working in the digital marketing industry, you can always find something to push you that bit harder. For some, this may mean a new role or specialism, but for others, the lure of speaking at a conference can be an attractive one. Or at least one to debate as you mull over the following thoughts: “Do I know enough?” “Is it too scary to get up on ...

    State of Digitalin How To's- 11 readers -
  • What is SEO in 2017 and How Does SEO Tie in with Content?

    I have been working in SEO since 2008 and in agencies since 2009 before moving freelance and working for a content marketing software. I am still surprised by the lack of understanding of SEO in 2017, what people think it does and how some people do not place its importance to websites. When I first starting working in SEO, we optimised keywords within the page, in the meta da ...

    Jo Turnbull/ State of Digitalin SEO Content How To's- 14 readers -
  • Tracking Success for Small Businesses (Part Two)

    In part one of my Tracking Success for Small Businesses we looked across a broad spectrum, from setting up Google Analytics correctly, the basics of campaign tracking and how you can take this tracking process into offline marketing too. To finish off, this post will look into how a small business could track calls, footfall data and a final thought on keeping tabs on your le ...

    Chris Green/ State of Digitalin Paid Search- 13 readers -
  • MWC 2017: Connecting with Consumers on Mobile

    Last week in Barcelona over 100,000 people attended the 12th annual Mobile World Congress, otherwise known as MWC. From February 27th to March 2nd, attendees heard from a range of keynote speakers, interacted with several exhibits, and heard multiple presentations on, as MWC puts it, “latest technological developments, next generation services and growth strategies.

    State of Digitalin Mobile- 11 readers -
  • Does YouTube TV present an opportunity for video advertisers?

    As announced last week, YouTube is plunging further into video-on-demand (VOD) and more specifically, TV subscription services. The aptly named YouTube TV service will cost $35 a month and will launch stateside in the not-too-distant future. Whether you are creating and sharing unique content on your own channel or making use of the already available advertising options, YouT ...

    State of Digitalin Social YouTube- 10 readers -
  • 5 things programmatic display still needs to prove to marketers

    Whilst programmatic trading is now an established norm in the world of display advertising, many advertisers are still coming to terms with what it means for their strategies and how they should be planning and executing campaigns. And although brand safety and fraud may grab the headlines as potential drawbacks of programmatic media buying, they are far from the only challe ...

    State of Digitalin Display- 16 readers -
  • Tracking Success for Small Businesses (Part One)

    I spend more and more of my time working with people to help them understand what “success looks like” with regards to marketing performance – and so should you. Where the most resistance to building a robust method of tracking success is often within smaller businesses, which can be for one of the following reasons: Budget – Can’t afford the expertise Knowledge – Aren’t awa ...

    Chris Green/ State of Digital- 12 readers -
  • A Quick Recap of the International Session of PPC Masters in Berlin

    On Thursday 2/16 I was in Berlin attending to PPC Masters, the largest vertical conference about Pay Per Click in Germany (www.ppcmasters.de). This 4th edition has been animated by around 270 participants and 16 speakers coming mainly from Germany, but also from Check Republic, India, Italy, Norway (or USA, depending if you consider birthplace or professional choices), Poland and UK.

    State of Digitalin Paid Search Display- 11 readers -
  • 7 Things Google PageSpeed Insights Doesn’t Tell You

    Google PageSpeed Insights is a fantastic free resource for being able to understand how your website is optimised for speed. However, the biggest flaw with the tool and others like it face, they don’t take context in consideration. As an ex-front end developer myself, I can understand the rationale behind why certain decisions are made around the utilisation of HTML, CSS or Ja ...

    Pete Campbell/ State of Digitalin SEO Google- 21 readers -
  • Ready to go global? Check your hreflang tags

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a business in possession of a capacity to go global must be in a need of a comprehensive multi-lingual website. However, as it turned out, having a website is one thing and making it actually work in your favour is a completely different story. Companies, especially those operating exclusively on the web, invest into developing sophi ...

    State of Digital- 10 readers -
  • 2017 Dublin Tech Summit highlights: UX, Security, Ads, Social and PR

    Inaugurated in 2017, Dublin Tech Summit is a conference that connects different areas of technology, including business, marketing, security, money, development, big data and more. It was held at the Convention Centre Dublin on 16 and 17 February of 2017. Below are the most interesting topics I had the pleasure to watch and learn from on the second day: User Experience is abo ...

    State of Digital- 13 readers -
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