• JavaScript and SEO: The Difference Between Crawling and Indexing

      As the web continues to evolve, there is increasing demand for websites to become ever more advanced and interactive. As a result, many developers choose to build websites using frameworks like React and Angular. This gives rise to the issue of how to optimise such sites for SEO. Basically, the question developers and SEOs ask is, can search engines like Google crawl JavaScri ...

      Barry Adams/ State of Digitalin SEO Google- 28 readers -
    • Movies Every Marketer Should Watch

      Being a marketer isn’t always easy. You have to stay on top of the latest developments. At the same time, marketers have to learn tactics and strategy. So a marketer needs to wind down as well. Watch a movie and relax. But what if we combine the two? What if marketers can watch movies about marketing? Well, you’re in luck. You can.

      Bas Van Den Beld/ State of Digital- 31 readers -
  • The Best of Heroconf London (1st day) 2017

    At this time of the year, it has become a habit of mine to attend all the largest PPC conferences in Europe to do some “speakers shopping” for ADworld Experience (whose next edition will be in Bologna, Italy, on April 12-13, 2018). In this post, I have written about some of the most important highlights from the first day of HeroConf London (the European date of the largest P ...

    State of Digitalin Social Paid Search Content Google- 9 readers -
  • Five Analogies to Help Explain SEO to Your Clients

    If you work as an SEO, chances are you have problems explaining to your friends and family what you do. When I try to simplify my job, the quick version is “I make my clients’ websites rank better on Google”. The first most common reaction is “so do you work for Google?”. No, I don’t. “Ok, so you work in IT”. Well, you could say that, but it’s not accurate either.

    State of Digitalin SEO- 6 readers -
  • Why SEO “sticking plasters” aren’t the enemy, perfection is

    Sometimes, SEO is nothing more than getting the job done. It has taken me nearly six years to confidently be able to write the first sentence. Does that seem weird to you? It certainly does to me. I don’t mean that I’ve spent the last nearly six years of my life not getting things to work – far from it – but striving for “best practice” keeping up with all the latest blogs &a ...

    Chris Green/ State of Digitalin SEO- 6 readers -
  • Google AMP for Publishers: what SEOs need to know

    Since Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to mobile users back in 2016, it has become a major trend and a game changer for online publishers. They’ve embraced this technology the most out of all other industries, and naturally, they seem to benefit the most from it, as it is the only way to win a place in the AMP Carousel aka Top Stories.

    State of Digitalin Social SEO Google- 15 readers -
  • Screenless Search Marketing Essentials – Your Practical Guide

    The screen-less search marketing opportunity is likely to be bigger than you think. With a market size expected to reach into the billions over the next couple of years, now is the right time to start investing resource into screen-less search marketing. If you are thinking that screen-less search marketing is another name for voice search optimisation (or VSO), there is act ...

    State of Digitalin Social- 12 readers -
  • The Agency Guide to Creating Client Personas for Account Management

    If you have ever worked in a marketing agency there’s no doubt you’re familiar with buyer personas. Buyer personas can help characterise key segments of an audience with the aim of delivering the most relevant messages to each segment. The same holds for agency account management. Building personas for your existing clients can help your account managers improve the way they ...

    State of Digitalin Affiliate Paid Search SEO- 10 readers -
  • What every marketer should know about AI

    These days is hard to open the internet and not read something about artificial intelligence (AI). One of the topics tech journals like to cover is how will AI impact our jobs as marketers in 5, 10, 20 years time. Some say we’ll all be replaced by far more intelligent machines in just a few years.

    State of Digitalin Paid Search- 16 readers -
  • The Check List for Launching a Site that Most People Forget

    Everyone has seen Mobile First come and go and now it is HTTPs. Maybe you built your site a long time ago, like me and you now want to give it a revamp. What ever the reason for a site relaunch, I cannot stress the importance enough of a checklist. I would suggest you layout the plan in the following ways Many people think when they are building a website that they think ab ...

    Jo Turnbull/ State of Digital- 12 readers -
  • Don’t Miss International Search Summit in Barcelona

    I interview Gemma Houghton, Marketing Manager and Producer at Webcertain to find out more about their International Conference. Gemma has been running their popular conference International Search Summit (ISS) for a number of years and I wanted to find out about the upcoming ISS in Barcelona. State of Digital readers will get a discount off the event on October 5th, where Ga ...

    Jo Turnbull/ State of Digital- 19 readers -
  • Voice search and snippets and rankings, oh my!

    I’m a voice search evangelist – odd for someone who would literally rather die than speak to my phone in public. Yet, I am, I see the future of search as one completely integrated with our lives in the way I first saw in the early 90’s on Star Trek – which reveals two more things about me than I would like.

    State of Digitalin Paid Search Display EMail- 19 readers -
  • Top Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Bing Ads

    Being British I love an underdog story. We do really love a “tryer”. It must be baked into our national psyche thanks to years of below-average performance at most sports. There’s also a suggestion that maybe Brits just hate successful people. It’ll then come as no surprise that as a result, I have a surprising affinity for Bing Ads over Google Adwords.

    Arianne Donoghue/ State of Digitalin Paid Search- 14 readers -
  • How to Decide – Robots.txt Or Meta Robots?

    Robots.txt & Meta robots, two very similar ways to achieve a similar task – but in effect they’re significantly different! Robots.txt was my first introduction to blocking pages from Google, it’d take a relatively small change to implement and it was very simple to explain if you were working with third-party developers. It’s too easy to use this lazily however, and robots.

    Chris Green/ State of Digitalin SEO How To's- 21 readers -
  • Why Aren’t My AdWords Ads Running?

    If I had a £1 for every time I’d been asked this question I would be a millionaire! Or at least much closer to retiring. If you’ve ever done a search on Google using the keywords you’re bidding on, and not seen your ad, you are not alone. It’s completely normal to not see your ad every time you search, and there are a number of reasons this could be happening.

    Tara West/ State of Digitalin Affiliate Paid Search- 18 readers -
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