• Stop Making Crap Websites

      2 May 2016 BY Barry Adams Estimated reading time: 8 minutes, 31 seconds Today I’m going to talk about a topic that’s been a persistent bugbear of mine for years. It’s about websites – specifically, about new websites that lack even the most basic digital marketing features. I still see way too many newly built websites that don’t even have the most elementary features in ...

      Barry Adams/ State of Digitalin Social EMail- 23 readers -
    • Optimising Website URLs for SEO and Usability

      Estimated reading time: 8 minutes, 33 seconds In recent months there have been a few occasions where I’ve had to emphasise the importance of clear, well–structured URLs for websites. As any SEO knows, having the right keywords in the actual URL of a webpage will make that page more relevant, and will help the page rank better in search results. Yet not everyone is entirely aware of this.

      Barry Adams/ State of Digitalin SEO- 23 readers -
    • 25 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Marketer

      Podcasts can improve your knowledge quickly. Bas van den Beld gives you an overview of 25 podcasts in the categories tactical, trends, interviews, strategical and topical specialized. I often get asked how I keep up my knowledge in a fast-changing digital landscape. I get asked about my ‘secret’. The secret is simple: next to practice (“doing things”) I consume a lot.

      Bas Van Den Beld/ State of Digitalin Social SEO- 16 readers -
  • 7 SEO Audit Steps for Bloggers Using Free Tools

    Due my journalism and blogger background, long before I had heard of SEO, I was involved and knew many people in this industry. Those who know the area of where I work, quite often have questions or want to hire me. But sometimes they just need a simple answer and won’t really need a consultant. For those who can’t afford or don’t know if they actually need a specialist to unde ...

    State of Digitalin SEO- 7 readers -
  • SEO is like Personal Training – the Ultimate SEO Analogy?

    18 October 2016 BY Steve Morgan Analogies have a funny ol’ reputation in the SEO industry. Over the years I’ve seen SEO analogy posts get slated by fellow digital marketers. Thumbs-downs don’t exist on Moz/YouMoz anymore (they do against comments, but not against posts), but I remember this post – SEO Is Like Buying A Home – getting a ton of thumbs-downs at the time (and i ...

    State of Digitalin SEO- 7 readers -
  • Want to be an awesome SEO? Back your fixes up with real numbers

    13 October 2016 BY Adam Mason If you’ve been in the SEO field for longer than a year, you will have encountered a similar situation to the story below… Back in 2011, I was pitching to a small e-commerce website selling niche food products. For a small company, their products were well known and for that reason they had done very well against the competition.

    State of Digitalin SEO- 6 readers -
  • Improve Social Proof By Generating More Reviews

    6 October 2016 BY Guy Levine Social Proof should not be underestimated when it comes to persuading a website visitor to buy. For many visitors who are in the research stage of their purchase, knowing that either someone else has bought the product before and rated it, or bought the product from this store and didn’t get scammed is a pretty important point.

    State of Digitalin Paid Search- 11 readers -
  • Why the online user experience should be a priority for all businesses

    Having met with countless eCommerce organisations and attending numerous digital conferences, I have noticed that more and more retailers taking UX increasingly seriously. While CRO has been on e-tailers’ agendas for some time UX is sometimes overlooked. Of course, there is a blurred line between the two disciplines and for eCommerce businesses UX could be the difference bet ...

    State of Digital- 10 readers -
  • Conversion Jam Rocks

    On 9/22 I joined Conversion Jam #6 in Stockholm and I have to say that it is one of the best web marketing related events I have taken part to in 2016 (and I joined quite a lot of them). Not only John Eckman (in fancy orange dress), founder of Conversionista, suceeded to organize the largest CRO event in the world (there were 650 participants), but he did it outside USA! Chapeau.

    State of Digital- 7 readers -
  • How to Clean Up After Botched Site Migration

    Much has been said recently about the importance of a site migration done well, at the most recent BrightonSEO, for example, you may have caught one of the two talks which covered this topic in some detail (disclosure, I delivered one of them, the other was by Jon Earnshaw – watch the recording here, with some more nuggets from Barry Adams, myself, David Bain & co here).

    Chris Green/ State of Digitalin SEO How To's- 8 readers -
  • Let’s drop the agency nonsense

    Let me start off by saying that I’m definitely an agency girl. I’ve worked on both sides, and through this I know that I’m much more suited to working on multiple clients in a creative environment. I’m not one for the often more corporate approach of working where there are discussions around the water cooler, and there are physical locks holding all computer equipment to the desk.

    State of Digital- 6 readers -
  • Why Google celebrates its 18th birthday, not on its birthday

    If you go to Google’s homepage today you will see a small celebration happening. It’s Google celebrating their own birthday. Every year since 2002 they celebrate it with a doodle: Today marks the day that Google turns 18. In some countries, that means you’re an adult. There is some confusion about the date, though. Doesn’t Google know its own birthday? That doesn’t sound like an adult.

    Bas Van Den Beld/ State of Digitalin Google- 7 readers -
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