State of Digital - Posts from October 2014

  • How to Easily Analyze your (& your competitors) Mobile SEO Performance

    How to Easily Analyze your (& your competitors) Mobile SEO Performance No SEO analysis is complete nowadays without taking into consideration its Mobile (or multi-device) organic search behaviour: Which pages are receiving more mobile search visibility? How optimized for mobile and popular are these pages? Which keywords are providing visibility from the mobile search results to these pag.

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  • Crossing the e-commerce Border in Europe

    We are ‘Europe’, we are ‘one’. It’s a sentence which can lead to a lot of discussion in different countries. We, after all, all have our own roots, our own culture. We come from different backgrounds. But when it comes to e-commerce and search, boundaries are starting to disappear. We seem to ‘care less’ about where we buy, as long as we get the right products. For the right price.

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  • Top Tips for Developing Personalised User Experience

    In the current age of digital the success of any online business depends on satisfying its website visitors. Competition in most sectors is fierce and business owners should go the extra mile to improve the user experience and engage with customers. Interacting with a website should be like having a one to one conversation between the business representative and the customer.

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  • How To Write a Marketing Email

    I doubt there’s many people in the world with an email account who don’t receive at least 3 marketing emails every single day. But what factors decide whether recipients read them or send the straight to the trash file? Database How you acquire your database is very much an individual choice. Some companies only market to existing customers, or those who have agreed to be em ...

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  • Google’s Increasing Emphasis on Mobile

    Yesterday Google announced a new feature for Webmaster Tools: a Mobile Usability report that shows what you can improve on your site to optimise it for mobile users. In this report Google shows you exactly what it thinks is wrong with your site that prevents it from working perfectly on mobile devices.

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  • The Psychology of Sharing

    Nice job, you found it! Now, go try out the 12th one: Use Google Translate to bypass a paywall... Ran into a page you can't read because it is blocked or paywalled? Here's a quick trick (doesn't always work, but often does!): Type the page into Google translate (replac ...

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  • Interview with Lisa Williams: Read. A lot.

    This summer we talked to several experts about education, to find out what their background was when it comes to education, where did they get their knowledge. Today we are giving you an ‘encore’ by talking to Lisa Williams, Digital marketing strategist, speaker and author. More about Lisa here. What type of education did you have? I went to Journalism School at the University of Oregon.

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