• Are Links Still a Powerful Ranking Factor? (New Study)

      You’ve seen the claims: “So Many New Ranking Factors!” “Content Quality is Everything!” “User Engagement is the New King!!” “Social Media Signals Rock!” “RankBrain has Taken Over All Ranking!” Puhleeze, spare me the nonsense! In today’s post, I’m going to share new data on links as a ranking factor. This report will demonstrate the continuing importance that links play in rankings.

      Eric Enge/ Stone Temple Consultingin Paid Search- 41 readers -
    • New Featured Snippets Opportunity: YouTube Descriptions

      Just discovered here at STC: Google mines YouTube descriptions to find prospects for generating featured snippets. What’s great about this is that it’s one more way that YouTube can help significantly raise your visibility in Google. Please note: It was previously noted by Jennifer Slegg that Google was pulling some featured snippets from YouTube transcripts, but not their descriptions.

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    • Why You Need to Understand Structured Data – Here’s Why #79

      Using structured data markup is a good way to help search engines find, understand and feature important information on your site. That means they can do a better job of helping the right people find you in search. A recent session at SMX Advanced in Seattle revealed a number of interesting innovations in the area of structured markup. In this episode, we’ll fill you in on what those are.

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  • Featured Snippets: New Insights, New Opportunities

    Research reveals new insights into how featured snippets work This new study documents a never before made connection between featured snippets and regular snippets in the search results, as well as a new way to recognize when your site is competing for a featured snippet. I’m also going to detail an advanced process for obtaining featured snippets.

    Eric Enge/ Stone Temple Consulting- 15 readers -
  • Rating the Smarts of the Digital Personal Assistants

    On March 8, 2017, I published the results of our study to see which was smarter, the Google Assistant on Google Home or Alexa on the Amazon Echo. As it happens, we tested Bing’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri all at the same time. We also tested Google search for reference purposes, since it’s historically been the leading place to get direct answers for questions via Knowledge Pan ...

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  • The Value of Log File Analysis

    Log file analysis is an important tool in any technical SEO audit and really, any regular analysis where you need to better understand how your site is being accessed and crawled by search engines. What Are Log Files and Why Use Them for SEO? Most web servers maintain a log of all access to a website by humans and search engines.

    Eric Enge/ Stone Temple Consulting- 14 readers -
  • Why You Should Not Ignore Schema Markup for SEO – Here’s Why 114

    In order to understand the world around us, and to communicate our understanding to others, we apply schema. That is, we assign things to general classifications, such as animal, vegetable, or mineral. In this episode of our Here’s Why Digital Marketing video series, Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen invite Stone Temple’s Senior Director of Technical SEO, Mats Tolander, to explain ...

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