Street Fight - Posts from October 2014

  • Conference Notebook: Toyota Motors Turns to Location Targeting on Mobile

    It’s Advertising Week in New York, and that means the marketers from around the world come together to talk shop, make deals, and blow off some steam. At the Mobile Marketing Association’s 2014 SM2 Conference Tuesday, marketers from some of the nation’s largest brands talked about the evolving role of location in their marketing mix and the challenges in balancing an appetite ...

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  • After Spinoff, ReachLocal Founders Relaunch ClubLocal as Serviz

    Late last year, ReachLocal founders Michael Kline and Zorik Gordon parted ways with the company and spun off a still-nascent local commerce project, ClubLocal, that both helped develop. Today, the long-time executives have relaunched the project as Serviz, an application that builds on many of the service’s core functionality. ReachLocal still holds a stake in the startup.

    Mason Lerner/ Street Fight- 21 readers -
  • Why Entrepreneurial Publishing is Catching Fire in Local Digital

    Randy L. Bennett, who is the first director of entrepreneurism and partnerships at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, has 35 years’ experience in digital media. That “35 years” is no misprint. In addition to focusing on digital media at the Newspaper Association of America in his 22-year career there, Bennett was one of the original 30 emplo ...

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  • LBMA Podcast: Live From SM2 With Nestle, Mobiquity and Factual

    On Location LBMA Podcast: Live From SM2 With Nestle, Mobiquity and Factual 03 October 2014 by Asif Khan Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: We are LIVE from SM2 in New York City so this is a unique episode for us.

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  • Why a Former Current TV Exec Believes in the Economics of Local Video

    Last year, Al Gore and Mark Hyatt sold Current TV, the cable media upstart, to Al Jazeera for a reported half billion dollars. The deal marked the end for a project that many considered a model for video media as it moved into into digital world. One of the minds who helped shape the project in its early days was Mark Goldman, a long-time television executive who served as c ...

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 13 readers -
  • Street Fight Daily: Video Spending Thrives, Uber Hires Former Lyft COO

    A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…s not have to set up local operations in new markets. Video Growth Drives Display Advertising Spending To $37.6 Billion In 2019 (Forrester) US online display advertising will grow from $19.8 billion in 2014 to $37.6 billion in 2019, at a compound annual growth rate of 13.7%.

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  • Beacons Do Pose a Privacy Threat — But It’s Not the One You’re Worried About

    Earlier this week, Buzzfeed published a scathing report detailing an initiative by outdoor advertising giant Titan to install bluetooth beacons in hundreds of phone booths across New York City. But the report does more to underscore the shortcomings of the local technology industry in explaining the new technology than than it does expose a new, meaningful threat to the consumer privacy.

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 14 readers -
  • The Benefit of Beacons Is in the Past and the Future — Not in the Present

    Most of the discussion around bluetooth beacons and other proximity messaging technologies has centered on real-time advertising. Walk into a store, and boom — it’s an ad on your phone. But the benefit of beacons extends well beyond the “here and now” scenario; the devices create new opportunities for marketers to build deeper audience segmentations and more advanced location ...

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  • Poncho, a Weather App That Speaks for Itself

    Most of the time weather does not speak for itself. But that may soon be changing thanks to a small New York-based company called Poncho. Poncho delivers weather alerts to users via either email or SMS at the times that the users select. So users can choose to get a wakeup text at 7 a.m. when they’re deciding what wear, and they can get an email at 5 p.m.

    Rebecca Borison/ Street Fight- 13 readers -
  • Mike Shapiro’s TAP Gets New Branding and Network Strategy

    The six-year-old Alternative Press (TAP) network of community news sites in suburban New Jersey and Pennsylvania has a new name — — and a new look. It also has a new strategy aimed at leveraging content and audience reach across TAPinto’s sites, 32 of which are franchisees and a few wholly owned by founder (with his wife Lauryn) and CEO Mike Shapiro.

    Tom Grubisich/ Street Fightin Social- 11 readers -
  • Paid Placement Helps Grubhub Pad Its Bottom Line

    Grubhub posted better-than-expected earnings Thursday sending shares up slightly in early trading. The online ordering company, which hit the public markets earlier this year, saw revenue and profit inch up slightly in a seasonally less active third quarter due in part to the adoption of a new auction-based commision model.

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Google- 15 readers -
  • 5 Geo-Location Tools for Social Media Posts

    What people across the country are saying about a local business isn’t nearly as important as what’s being said by potential customers down the block. This is one of the reasons why geo-location is playing such an important role in the world of social media marketing. As social media usage takes off among SMBs — more than four-out-of-five businesses report having a presence on ...

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  • Suburban Nashville ‘Indie’ Thrives Amid Gannett Revamp at Tennessean

    Five years after she co-founded an independent community news site in metro Nashville’s most affluent suburb — Brentwood ($133,304 median household income) — Kelly Gilfillan is now running, and growing, her company by herself. Former partner and editorial honcho Susan Leathers recently left amicably to spend more time with her family and re-engage in local civic affairs.

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  • Following Acquisition, Shopkick Posts Some Big Numbers

    It’s been a busy few weeks for Shopkick. Last month, the retail shopping app was acquired by Korea-based wireless company SK Planet for about $200 million. This morning, Shopkick announced it has driven more than a billion dollars in revenue to its retail partners — more than half of it in the last 12 months.

    Mason Lerner/ Street Fightin Mobile- 18 readers -
  • Openings and New Hires at Lee, ShopKeep, Yext and SalesPredict

    Every two weeks, Search Influence’s Kelly Benish — who knows practically everyone in hyperlocal — covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. (Plus, scroll down for jobs on offer now.) Brian Kennett – Lee Enterprises Brian was recently named digital agency director at Lee Enterprises where he’ll be responsible for running all digital agency b ...

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  • In New App Marketplace, Signs of the Square’s Future

    Once notoriously closed, Square appears to be opening up. The company launched Square App Marketplace yesterday to allow third-parties to develop applications that integrate directly into its point-of-sale product. The move marks an important step in the company’s evolution as it shifts focus from consumer-facing payments to an arguably much larger business software market.

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 10 readers -
  • Placed Brings Location Analytics to Programmatic

    Placed has made its move into programmatic. The location analytics firm has announced a new partnership with Adelphic that will bring the company’s attribution and targeting data to the demand-side platform’s client base. The move marks an important step for Placed as it looks to bring its measurement service to a wider market.

    Mason Lerner/ Street Fight- 14 readers -
  • At Grubhub, a Delicate Balance Between Search and Commerce

    A year after merging with Seamless, and Grubhub is humming along. The company exceeded both top and bottom line expectations in its second quarter as a public company, and its core metrics all seem to be growing in lock step. Meanwhile, competition from startups has exploded. A deluge of online order firms have popped up in the past year, focusing largely on helping businesses ...

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 6 readers -
  • Yelp Cashes In on YP Partnership — If Only for a Moment

    Yelp posted stronger than expected earnings Wednesday, but cautious guidance sent shares tumbling in after-hours trading. The reviews company saw revenues jump to $102 million in the third quarter — and profits improve as well — setting up a bittersweet second sequential quarter of profitability for the firm.

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 14 readers -
  • Wooing Restuarants, Retail Software Startup LightSpeed Buys Belgian Competitor

    Lightspeed, a canadian point-of-sale startup that raised $35 million earlier this fall, said Wednesday it has purchased a Belgian competitor, POSIOS, to help the firm enter the food service vertical and expand internationally. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the deal — although likely small — underscores the potential for consolidation within a small business softwa ...

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 6 readers -
  • Mobile Payments Still Facing the Same Big Obstacles

    This year has been a turning point in mobile payments, as Square, Paypal, along with Apple and others like SoftCard (formerly ISIS) have all made strides in their digital payment offerings, finally achieving top of mind with tech executives and media coverage. Yet for all these updates and enhancements, these companies are barely cracking the shell on everyday mobile payments, ...

    Nick Hughes/ Street Fight- 10 readers -
  • Raising Social Capital Is a Key to Small Business Marketing

    Almost every consumer will tell you that they think advertising sucks. Up until a few years ago, advertising was considered a tacit reciprocal arrangement at best, a necessary evil at worst, in exchange for supporting the business of media. Meanwhile, the new marketing eth0s arising from social media has nurtured a disdain for any kind of self-promotion as inauthentic, and con ...

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  • Is Apple Pay Set to Power On-demand Local Services?

    The debate continues over Apple Pay’s chances of world domination. This has accelerated as more information and perspectives prevail in the wake of the product’s long-anticipated release last week. In last month’s column, we posited that Apple Pay could be transformative but it will take a while. That looked at compatibility-burdened proximity payments (i.e. retail check-out).

    Michael Boland/ Street Fight- 5 readers -
  • Six Months After Spin-Off, Gimbal Continues to Grow

    It’s been a busy few months for Gimbal, the beacon company formerly owned by Qualcomm. After being spun off from the tech giant in May, the company went on a hiring spree, bringing its team to more than 30 employees. Then earlier this month, the company entered into its first big partnership with push notification company Urban Airship.

    Rebecca Borison/ Street Fightin Mobile- 12 readers -
  • 5 Influential Products That Helped Define Local Tech

    The local industry has yielded a bevy of popular products over the past few years. Some have survived others have faded into the background, but the industry continues to merit the hype. The rebirth of local tech largely developed around two technologies. On the consumer-side of the marketplace, the smartphone brought the web within reach of the moments where local shopping ...

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin SEO- 9 readers -
  • Wix Buys Its Way Into Online Ordering

    Wix, the Isreali-based website builder, has quietly pushed into the wider small business technology market since going public last year. The company snapped up a mobile app builder in May, added a booking system for hotels a month later, and launched Wix Hive, which allows users to store data from various applications on their site into a centralized cloud database.

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 9 readers -
  • The Power of Visual Appeal in Local Search

    Not long ago I had a work-related realization that probably should not have surprised me, though it did. Why is it, I have often wondered, that when I send an email to a colleague containing several questions or requests, I so often get back one of three things: (1) responses that only address the beginning of the email; (2) responses that only address the end of the email; (3) ...

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  • LBMA Podcast: SideSwipe’s Gestures, TomTom Opens Up

    News LBMA Podcast: SideSwipe’s Gestures, TomTom Opens Up 24 October 2014 by Asif Khan Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: SideSwipe’s gestures; FritoLays hands out samples in bus shelters; Pinpoint offers location-based audio game; Geofeedia and Adnear raise; TomTom opens up; Ch ...

    Asif Khan/ Street Fight- 9 readers -
  • LBMA Podcast: Urban Airship and Beacons, MapQuest Helps Commuters

    On Location LBMA Podcast: Urban Airship and Beacons, MapQuest Helps Commuters 10 October 2014 by Asif Khan Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Urban Airship and Gimbal cozy up to beacons; Is that a drone on your wrist?; dancing traffic lights; MoPub and Juice Mobile team up; Est ...

    Asif Khan/ Street Fight- 5 readers -
  • A Social Network That Stays Indoors

    Nowadays pretty much everything has moved online. You can deposit a check online, order groceries online, search for jobs online. Yet when it comes to communicating with your neighbors, we tack up posters on bulletin boards or in elevators. One startup called MyCoop wants to help change that by bringing high-rise building communication into the 21st century.

    Rebecca Borison/ Street Fightin Social- 9 readers -
  • How One Gannett Paper Is Reacting After ‘Slow Slide’ From Cost Cutting

    When Gannett, like other “legacy” publishers, began hemorrhaging print revenues in the dawning digital era, its main response was to wield the ax: More than 20,000 staff – the majority of them in the media company’s publishing operations – were let go between 2003 and 2014. At the Asheville Citizen-Times in picturesque western North Carolina, pink slipping claimed reporters, ...

    Tom Grubisich/ Street Fightin How To's- 11 readers -
  • 6 Tools SMBs Can Use to Push Mobile Ads

    Nobody understands local like business owners on Main Street. Although the bulk of spending on mobile and location-targeted ads is still happening on the national level, small businesses are making headway in the space. More than a quarter of SMBs are planning to increase their mobile advertising budgets in the next year, according to Thrive Analytics.

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fightin Mobile- 15 readers -
  • Why Comscore Wants to Measure the Real World

    Earlier this week, Comscore announced a new partnership with Datalogix, the payments data startup that has already inked deals with Facebook and Twitter. The deal will allow the attribution giant to tap begin measuring the impact of digital media spending on in-store spending by tapping into Datalogix’s massive trove of payment information.

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Facebook Twitter- 17 readers -
  • Gannett Papers Evolve to Avoid Becoming Publishing’s ‘Buggy Whips’

    When media giant Gannett Corp. splits into two free-standing, publicly traded companies next year, the bigger one will not be the fast-growing, high-margin broadcasting and digital divisions. It will be the low-margin, revenue-bleeding division built around newspapers. Even though the broadcasting division doubled in size to 46 TV stations with Gannett’s acquisition of Belo’s p ...

    Tom Grubisich/ Street Fight- 13 readers -
  • In Frozen Yogurt Wars, A Battle for Digital Domination

    To the unsuspecting eye, the success or failure of a frozen yogurt company is measured by the length of line on a summer night. But for Pinkberry and Yogurtland, two brands that jumped onto the dessert scene as the market for frozen yogurt exploded in the mid-2000’s, the competition begins on much more expensive real estate: the screen. And it’s a battle that Yogurtland is winning.

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  • New Report Details Emerging Approach to Personalization on Mobile

    In 2012, Netflix released some stunning statistics detailing the impact of personalization on its business. The subscription video company said that three quarters of the content viewed on its service was found through its recommendation engine, which suggests content to users based on their past behavior.

    Street Fight- 15 readers -
  • Lord and Taylor Plans to Install Bluetooth Beacons in Stores Nationwide

    Here’s some good news for the beacon community. A month after Macy’s announced an ambitious plan to roll out Shopkick devices to over 4,000 locations nationally, Lord and Taylor appears to be following suit. During a panel at the Location-Based Marketing Association’s Retail Loco Summit in Chicago Wednesday, Ryan Craver, senior vice president of strategy at the The Hudson Ba ...

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 9 readers -
  • Alignable Growing a Social Network for Small Businesses

    The technology industry has spent the better part of the past decade obsessing over the consumer. The growth of an ad-driven business model drove entrepreneurs and investors to build businesses that aggregated networks of consumers, providing new ways to communicate. But recently, the tide has started to turn.

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Social- 11 readers -
  • Former Apple Maps Head Launches Curbside, An App for In-Store Pickup

    Shopping is about to get a little more convenient in the Bay Area, but the question is whether or not it will spawn a nationwide trend. Curbside, a new company founded by the former head of Apple’s geo team, Jaron Waldman, launched a mobile commerce app yesterday in San Francisco that allows users to find products that are in stock at multiple stores in their area, purchase ...

    Mason Lerner/ Street Fightin SEO- 14 readers -