• How To Understand Your Traffic from Pinterest

      Do You Really Know What Drives Your Referral Traffic from Pinterest? There’s a good deal of confusion about what drives traffic from Pinterest to blogs and websites. An individual site will often see ebbs and flows in Pinterest traffic month to month or week to week. When this happens, it’s easy to jump to conclusions as to why traffic from Pinterest increased or declined.

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  • Listen to Your Customers, They’ll Tell You What to Build

    Yesterday I was talking to a friend who is considering applying for a job here at Tailwind. He asked me why I took the job of Director of Marketing and Growth back in July, and among the many things I told him was this…. Nearly every day somebody from Tailwind’s product development team talks at considerable length with one of our members, all of these conversations get writte ...

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  • What to Pin in December (in the run up to Christmas and New Year)

    In this post we look at the Pinterest Pins that performed best last December to help you understand what you should be Pinning for Christmas and the New Year. We analyzed all of the Pins from Tailwind members from December of last year and Pinned the ones that received the most Repins to our 11 “trends” boards – one board for each of the 11 most popular Pinterest categories.

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  • Pinterest Business Tips: Drive Awareness and Sales

    It’s no secret that Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of referral traffic on the Internet. While increased traffic can help bloggers and media companies to sell more advertising, many businesses (especially e-commerce) use Pinterest to sell their products directly. For these businesses the goal is to convert traffic into paying customers. That means making the sale.

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  • How to Get a Huge Traffic Boost From Pinterest

    When it comes to getting traffic from a social network to your website, Pinterest is the best option for many businesses and blogs. It can send a truckload of referral traffic. In fact, it’s one of the highest sources of referring traffic on the internet! Pinterest users also have deep pockets. According to Shopify, buyers coming from Pinterest spend an average of $50 per order.

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  • 10 Inventive Ways to Get Instagram Comments

    Wouldn’t it be great to see your Instagram posts light up with comments after you post them? Commenting on Instagram is powerful. It’s the only two-way interaction you can have on a post. It can be a great way to talk with your followers, but it’s also an often underused way to harness them to promote your content for you! Over the past three months I’ve been keeping an eye ...

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  • The Complete Guide to How to Get Traffic from Instagram

    Instagram post descriptions can’t contain links to websites With more than 500 million active monthly users and counting, every blogger and business owner wants to get traffic from Instagram to their website. But despite posting regularly and growing our like counts, actually getting people to click away from Instagram is hard. But it is possible to drive website traffic from Instagram.

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  • Shoppable Brings Instagram a Step Closer to E-Commerce

    Instagram has long been a haven for showing off products. Whether it’s the glamorous new bag from Kate Spade or the high-horsepower new car from Chevy, fans have spent 6 years double tapping on products without a clear path to purchase… until now. Instagram just announced Shoppable Instagram, a way for brands to turn their feeds into retail space.

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  • What to Pin in November

    With Fall well under way, Thanksgiving imminent and Christmas just around the corner, we help guide your Pinning for the month ahead by showing you what Pins performed best last November We analyzed all of the Pins from Tailwind members from November of last year and Pinned the ones that received the most Repins to our 11 “trends” boards – one board for each of the 11 most popular Pinterest categ.

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  • Pinterest Site Verification: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

    Verifying your site on Pinterest. Sounds like an overly-complicated, code heavy process and who really needs that, right? Well Pinterest site verification has many amazing benefits and doesn’t have to be hard at all! Adding your account to Pinterest gives you access to valuable business features. For example, you gain access to deeper analytics both on Pinterest and through Tai ...

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  • What to Pin in October

    How far in advance should I Pin my fall content to Pinterest? In the springtime we Repin easter eggs, in the summertime we Repin swimsuits, and in the fall we Repin everything orange-colored and pumpkin-flavored. You’d think it would be pretty simple to answer the question of when to publish your seasonal Pins to Pinterest, unfortunately it can be a lot harder than you’d initially think.

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  • Tailwind Acquires PinAlerts and Oh So Pinteresting Blog

    Today, we are announcing the acquisition of two early thought leaders in the Pinterest marketing space. These sites grew to serve tens of thousands of monthly visitors seeking to improve their marketing efforts on Pinterest. We’re honored that they’ve entrusted Tailwind as the new home for their communities.

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  • Yes, Keyword Rich Descriptions Still Matter for Pinterest SEO

    Writing keyword rich descriptions for your Pins has been of the most important things you can do to attract traffic to your website from Pinterest. But with Pinterest changing the way it displays Pins and cutting off descriptions, is spending time writing descriptions still worth it? Absolutely. Example of Pinterest truncating descriptions.

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  • We’ve Grown to 100,000 Members! Gift $30 of Free Tailwind, Get $30

    We just welcomed our 100,000th member to the Tailwind family! Thank you Seat Hoody (makers of sweat-resistant seat covers) for being the 100,00th, and to every one of our members who made this insanely wonderful milestone possible. Get paid to help Tailwind keep growing! To celebrate this milestone, we’re doubling our referral bonus for the next 2 weeks Gift $30 of Tailwin ...

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  • Join Our 100 Gif Party!

    What better excuse for a startup to celebrate than hitting 100,000 members? Yup – you heard that right, Tailwind just reached 100,000 members! If you’re one of those members, thank you, sincerely. We’re running a special double referral bonus for the next two weeks to show our appreciation. Now here’s what you came for – 100 of the Tailwind team’s favorite party-time gifs.

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