• Top Search Engine Rankings factors are Domain Authority and Links

      Google has been continuously revising and updating its search engine algorithms and ranking signals that affect SERPs of all websites. Experts who have been monitoring this study are unanimous in their outlook that the factors that affect top search engine rankings can be categorised as follows: – General Ranking Factors – Specific Ranking Factors – Ranking Factors for Googl ...

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    • 5 Things that should be known to small business owners about SEO friendly web design

      If you are a small business owner who is planning to build a new website; or in case you are owner who is interested in modifying his website, then it is useful to keep the following factors in mind: #1 Responsive web design It is important to build a website that is responsive because nowadays most users access websites on mobile devices or on tablets, so apart from the desktop or PC enable.

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    • Tips for Choosing the Best SEO Reseller Program in India

      SEO reseller program is an excellent arrangement to do a profitable business in the ever growing Search Engine Optimization arena. With the proliferation of businesses under every known category, there is a huge online activity and every business is keen to push its website listing to the top few slots of the search engines.

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  • Make Your Magento Web Store Mobile Friendly

    Having experienced the mobile friendly update introduced by Google last April, you would have learnt the importance of a mobile optimized website with most users turning to smart phones and tablets for browsing. Therefore being mobile friendly is one of the most essential criteria to drive traffic to your website.

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  • Useful advice on Android App Development

    Android platform has become the most preferred choice for powering apps with the phenomenal popularity of the base among millions of users all over the globe. Developers find android the most convenient platform to develop unique as well as exceptional kind of development platform for creating quick and user-friendly apps for the global mobile users.

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  • Make your WordPress CMS Robust & Secure

    Amidst the phenomenal growth of the information technology, it has become highly crucial for businesses to create a strong online presence. This will help you generate more sales and get potential leads. Creating and maintaining a website is not an easy job by any means. You need to invest a big deal and find professional developers to maintain it.

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  • 10 popular SEO Mistakes That Ecommerce Business Must Avoid

    Recent estimates reveal that over 45 percent online shoppers initiate their purchase activity through a search engine. With a phenomenal growth of the e-commerce business all around the world, you might imagine that SEO is the channel of primary importance to boost up digital marketing. However, this is just an assumption and not completely true since SEO is actually the fift ...

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  • On Effectively Tackling the 5 Major SEO Challenges

    Mobiles enable people complete their tasks on the move and have therefore rendered lives so simple and easy. Increasing number of people are these days accessing the internet through their mobile phones. Estimates reveal that by 2018, over 65 percent of online activity will be done through mobile phones.

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  • On Approaching ‘Local SEO Citation Building’ Professionally

    With majority of mobile phone searches targeting local businesses, local SEO is becoming a success formula for businesses to reach out potential customers. While plunging into a local SEO mission, you must understand that it is significantly different from long distance SEO and therefore calls for an altogether different approach.

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  • Benefits of hiring Virtual Team

    A large number of factors have revolutionized the modern day offices and hiring virtual teams for various business tasks is one such big change that has helped businesses improve their efficiency and reduce the overhead costs. With a few inconveniences and downsides, the advantages of contracting virtual teams for supporting business processes are overwhelming.

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  • Why is WordPress the most preferred CMS for small size businesses?

    Though WordPress is around us for so long, very few CMS platforms can challenge the merits and advantages of WordPress to this day. This open source CMS software has benefited several businesses with cost effective website development possibilities. The incredible advantages of this platform have allured several businesses and developers to deem this as their one point source ...

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  • How to boost the performance of your eCommerce store?

    Every eCommerce store owner must understand a few things regarding the kind of business he is into. Online marketing or digital marketing is a fast evolving concept with a large number of online stores proliferating. Unlike the physical stores where the location and infrastructure shall help attract customers, the paradigms that work for eCommerce stores are entirely different.

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  • Outsourcing to a Team over a freelancer is a wise step

    Before you venture into outsourcing your projects, you need to first understand the difference between the two kinds of options and the pros and cons of choosing between them. Here we are talking about getting the jobs done by teams (firms) or freelancers. In the first place, you must understand there is no universally accepted standard or styles to accomplishing a given project.

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  • Things to Know About Joomla

    Joomla is one of the most popular and most versatile CMS (Content Management System) that is in use today. Its ease of use and extensibility are its most popular features in addition to the fact that it is based on open source PHP technology and requires no license. Why is Joomla so popular? Joomla is very popular due to its inherent advantages namely: Joomla is easy to inst ...

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  • Things to Know About MAGENTO

    Magento is the most popular and widely used Digital Commerce platform in use today for the B2B and B2C segments. No matter what your size of business is, or what your product does, Magento offers you a very wide choice in selling your products online. Why Magento? Magento serves the needs of all business segments Magento has a product line for each business.

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  • Things to Know About WORDPRESS

    WordPress is one of the most simplest and easy to use software that provides innumerable themes and plug-ins that have helped create some of the most beautiful and stunning websites, apps and blogs that can be seen on the internet today. WordPress is free and requires no license This is really the reason why WordPress has emerged as the most widely used CMS (Content Management System).

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