• Starting a Blog? 5 Topics People Care About in 2017

      Starting a Blog? 5 Topics People Care About in 2017 March 10, 2017 by Blog Herald Leave a Comment If the goal of your blog is to strike a chord with as many people as possible, you’re probably spending a lot of time researching which topics and subject matters are best. Well, if you’re launching a blog in the near future, there are a few topics that are all-but guaranteed to produce results.

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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Branding

    Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard the term “branding” at least once in your life and know what’s it’s about. But here’s the thing- you may know only little, as the subject is surrounded by a plethora of misconceptions. For instance, small business owners think that branding is something that only the big corporates should care about, or that their business is a ...

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  • 5 Logo Design Tips for Bloggers Who Suck at Design

    Your logo is a huge part and is the mark of your brand – literally. It’s as important as the name of your blog and the niche you planned to cover. Plus, it adds an impact on how your target market perceives you. Although, some new bloggers who have just started building a blog may have a little budget at first this doesn’t mean that their logo cannot be great.

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  • 6 Domain Buying Strategies to Skyrocket Your Digital Revenues

    There’s money to be made by buying domains. It’s not limited to being an indirect part of a money-making online venture like buying a domain name to be used for a monetized blog or online store. This post does not aim to show how it’s possible to make money with expensive domain names. You can make domain names additional sources of revenues especially if you employ the right ...

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  • Should You Blog About Your Personal Life?

    Regardless of how you typically blog, whether it’s a business or a hobby, at some point you might be tempted to blog about your personal life. You might talk about a past relationship you’ve had, refer to your day job, or even link to a registry for your upcoming wedding. But is it a good idea to blog about your personal life? Or should you keep your blogging life and personal ...

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  • Battle-Tested Social Media Marketing Strategies That Bloggers Can Do in Minutes

    Let me guess: You are swamped with things to do, aren’t you? As a blogger, not only would you have to create content for your website regularly (which would often take hours), but you’d also need to find clients, keep track of industry trends, polish your writing skills, and so much more. (That is, if you want to sustain yourself as a full-time blogger.

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  • 5 Unique Strategies to Grow Your Blog’s Audience

    It’s easy to find a blog about just about anything, which means there is a lot of competition for readers—and that makes building an audience extremely tough. You have to establish trust and build a relationship if you want people to return to your blog and share it with others. But you also have to find a way to get them to your blog in the first place.

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  • What a Professional Content Production Company Can Do for You

    From adverts, to campaigns, to content, every platform needs excellent content to draw in the members of the niche targeted. Content with clear aims, and a lot to show for it, will get ahead. Working closely with a professional content production company can transform the face of your campaign. It not only frees up time for other arenas of marketing, but it also means that the ...

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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging for a B2B Business

    Let’s state the obvious, there are many different kinds of bloggers. But today we’re going to split them into two—personal bloggers and business bloggers. Personal bloggers write under their own name and brand about topics that interest them—some to make a living and some as a hobby. Business bloggers, on the other hand, are writers or marketers employed by a company to create ...

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  • All Interactive Blogs Need These 4 Security Features

    As a blogger, security is a big deal. Hopefully, you’ve purchased hosting through a reputable provider that keeps their servers safe and their data centers physically secure. If you aren’t sure, it’s not too late to research the features offered by hosting providers and move to a new host if needed.

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  • Five Essentials to Creating an Online Price List

    When considering what goes onto your website, you will invariably be focusing on creating content that is of interest to visitors, making the site attractive, and ensuring that SEO aspects like the right keywords and good quality links are taken care of. In going through all this, you can almost feel embarrassed to talk about something as tawdry as how much your products or services cost.

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  • Stockio: A Better Option for Free Graphical Assets

    No matter how great your content, you need to have an appealing look to really make your website pop. The ins and outs of using stock photos can be complicated and buying assets is often expensive. However, savvy users can make great use of a free stock photo site. Stockio is a great choice for anyone looking to make their blog look better.

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  • How to Do Behavior Analysis for Optimum Content Marketing Results

    Data analytics is a valuable resource for your content marketing efforts. Analyzing data can tell you a lot about your audience. Professionals often start successful marketing campaigns by using data to develop audience personas. When you analyze your readers, you can group them into certain types according to factors like what they already know about your product and how they ...

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  • Refresh Google My Business Listing for the Holidays

    The holidays are upon us again, and if you are like most companies, a good portion of your sales will occur over the next month. It seems like you may never be totally ready for the holiday rush, no matter how much preparation you did ahead of time. However, refreshing your Google My Business listing is one of the few last minute steps you can take that will really help make an ...

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  • Social Media Trends That Will Be Thriving in 2018

    In 2017 it has become even more obvious that the future of online marketing is bright because the latest technologies have enabled marketers to reach unprecedented numbers of potential clients. The number of social media users was also rising in 2017, which resulted in an increased number of brands that decided to advertise on social media.

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