• 6 Strategies To Grow Your Facebook Page

      6 Strategies To Grow Your Facebook Page March 10, 2017 by Meagan Freeman Leave a Comment Having a great social media presence is vital for a successful blog or small business. But, it takes time and effort to build a social media audience and sometimes it can be discouraging when fan base growth becomes stagnant. Fortunately, there are ways you can help build your following.

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    • 7 Keys to Business Success for Young Digital Marketers

      Digital marketing has experienced a steady growth over time, but 2016 proved a landmark for this industry – it marked the year when digital marketing spending finally surpassed more traditional marketing approaches, including television. No wonder the field has attracted so many young digital marketers of late! However, any industry veteran would have been able to vouch for th ...

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  • Powerful Ways to Network with Other Bloggers

    “Networking” is a word that makes many of us cringe; it calls to mind men in expensive suits shaking hands and wearing fake smiles. When you work in an industry you’re passionate about (such as blogging about a subject you’re an expert on), the last thing you want to do is feel like a sycophantic phony. But networking doesn’t have to be about sucking up to those in power.

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  • Hidden Gems in the Video Game Blogosphere

    Popularity is of utmost concern for many bloggers. Top search engine rankings lead to more visitors, which can lead to a sustained fanbase. Just like in the print world, broader readership equates to greater potential revenue. However, popularity isn’t a direct measure of quality. In the video game realm, some of the best blogs fly under the radar.

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  • How to Get Started With the Ghost Blogging Platform

    If you’re looking for a new way to publish your content, you might want to consider using Ghost instead of other, more featured blogging platforms. It doesn’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades. Instead it focuses on publishing and displaying content – which offers some benefits for a savvy blogger. What is Ghost? The Ghost blogging platform is the brainchild of John O’Nolan.

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  • 5 Tips for Creating More Timely Content for Your Audience

    As you look for ways to enhance your blog and increase engagement with readers, you should be exploring new blogging strategies and techniques. In particular, it would be wise to prioritize relevancy and publish more timely content that strikes a chord with readers in the moment. 5 Tips for More Timely Content When it comes to blogging, there are two types of content that perfo ...

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  • Politics Going Digital

    It’s difficult to survive the period of Brexit and Donald Trump, of Jeremy Corbyn and hostile to Corbyn, without feeling that something has turned out badly with our vote based system. We yell at each different crosswise over consistently augmenting bays of sensitivity and comprehension. We focus on individuals and identities, searching for somebody to fault for our shared inco ...

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  • How Musicians Can Make Social Media Great Again

    In this day and age, we live with the unfortunate truth that the President of the United States has decided that the best way of communicating with the public is through the 140- character format of Twitter. While these tweets range from slightly strange to borderline demented, it’s almost impossible to look away: it’s rare these days that we can get through a news day without ...

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  • Super Useful Email Management Tips and Tools

    If you had to take a guess, how many emails do you think are sent every day? One million? Ten million? One hundred million? You wouldn’t even be close—not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, every day, people send close to 200 billion—yes, that’s billion with a “b”—emails. That equals about half the day for the average working person—so well over two hours for someone ...

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  • How to Make Money Microblogging

    Microblogging, a unique combination of blogging and social media, allows you to build your brand while only doing a minimal amount of work on your blog. The reason it works is fairly straightforward: since you’ll be communicating with your audience more frequently on social media, you’ll develop more rapport than if you just simply focus on driving traffic to your blog through ...

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  • When WordPress & Email Marketing Collide: 15 Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

    As a WordPress user, you’re used to things being easy. You aren’t super savvy in Photoshop? Great, there are pre-built, high-quality WordPress themes for that. Not comfortable with coding? That’s fine, too. There’s probably a free plugin for that. What about content creation? Well, that’s where you may need a little help, but it’s not too hard to find these days.

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  • 7 Tools for Smart Competitor Analysis

    They say you should know your enemy. The same is true for your competition. If you want to outsmart your rivals and leave them behind, you should apply the most efficient competitor research approaches and keep up-to-date on the latest trends. Online marketing is constantly changing and developing. New competitor tools and features keep appearing here and there.

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  • 6 Keys to Focus on to Reach New Heights with Your Blog

    When you have been blogging for so long, you’ll realize that, at some point, you lose your way or get sidetracked by other tasks not related to your initial goal. Eventually, you’ll find yourself looking for tips from on how you can achieve better results from blogging. These things happen to long-term bloggers and even to those new to the industry.

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  • How to Alter Your Blogging Strategy for Changing Trends

    Blogging is always in a state of flux as new technology and trends emerge each and every year. While there are certainly many time-honoured blogging strategies that continue to drive solid results for bloggers, it is also important to consider the current trends to ensure that your blogging strategy is optimized as much as possible.

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  • Quick Ways to Relax Once You’ve Hit Publish

    Everyone deserves a little break once they’ve completed a task. If you’ve published a blog post, take some time for yourself to rest and recharge before you start on your next topic. You don’t have to charter a jet and fly to Aruba to get a little downtime. Avail yourself of something closer to home and you’ll be ready to keep going with your blog once you’ve had a bit of relaxation.

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