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  • 5 Industries Changed by Social Media

    The Internet has changed the world immensely. It’s hard to imagine what 2016 would look like without an Internet connection – or even without Wi-Fi. And the popularity of social media has just added to the Internet’s enormous impact on our world. Specifically, social media has changed the way business is done, and social media has totally changed the way that certain industries operate.

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  • Blogging and Content Marketing: What is the Relationship?

    Usually setting up the blog is easy; with so many website builders out there that make the web design a breeze, and so many all-inclusive hosting options that make the task of finding a great package that works for you hassle free, the startup really is the easy part. The hard section comes in maintaining your blog after you have launched it.

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  • Evaluating Content Consumption Cycle: Seen-zone Vs. Appreciation

    Editor’s note: This post was written by Aby League. She is a researcher and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She is currently taking her Master’s while working as a freelance writer. She is also an innovator and technology enthusiast. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You know what’s even more painful than being “friend-zoned?” It’s being “seen-zoned.

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  • How to Generate an Impressive Email Marketing List

    Your email marketing efforts are only as good as your list is long. In other words, you can create incredibly targeted emails that are crisp and actionable, but you aren’t going to derive any value from them if you don’t have an audience ready to engage. This means you need to spend a considerable amount of time building your email marketing list.

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  • How to Do Influencer Marketing

    Content marketing. Social media marketing. There is so much importance placed on online marketing that it is easy to understand why some bloggers have difficulty navigating these waters. Not to mention the fact that there is a plethora of bloggers. How do you actually get a chance to get that one “tiny” break that might propel your blog to the front of the pack? (Or at least ...

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  • 4 Reasons Your Landing Pages Suck

    Landing pages are designed to engage, convince, and convert users. The purpose is to make website visitors paying customers. Unfortunately, very few brands actually do an efficient job of developing high-converting landing pages. Instead, they’re unknowingly throwing money down the drain by paying to send traffic to pages that aren’t properly developed or formatted.

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  • Kanye West Begs Mark Zuckerberg for Millions of Dollars

    Kanye West has never been a very traditional figure, whether in his personal life or his artistic life. Continuing his long string of weird career moves, Kanye became a beggar. He took to Twitter to beg Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (ironic, right?) for money. And not just a little money. Kanye begged Zuckerberg for $53 million dollars.

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  • 3 Simple Ways to Take Your Digital Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

    Businesses live and die by their marketing campaigns. If enough time is spent and resources are allotted to really push a product across multiple media, the customers tend to follow. But if a marketing campaign is lazy, sloppy, thoughtless and uninspired, your customers will be the first to smell it out. No matter how good your product is, if your customers don’t know about it, it’s a flop.

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  • Want a Tesla? Watch What You Blog

    Let me begin by stating the obvious: Tesla is a really cool luxury car. It makes the electric car something that you don’t shelling out some serious money to get. When you see one of the road, it’s practically impossible to ignore. But if you’re a blogger with about $80,000 to spend a Tesla (and, let’s be honest, you’d have to be a pretty successful blogger to be in that part ...

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  • Top Apps to Help You Market Your Blog Like a Pro

    With the huge number of blogs all around the world these days, and more and more being created all the time, it’s important not just to run your blog like a business, but also to invest in marketing it in the same way too. After all, there’s no point learning all the ins and outs of your industry or creating a fantastic new product or service, only to have no one much know about it.

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  • Bloggers Worldwide Are Having Their Voices Heard

    As bloggers, it’s easy to take the Internet for granted. The information superhighway has made it easier than ever imagined to move information from one part of the world to another. The Internet, especially with the advent of broadband, has made it possible for bloggers to share their views about any and everything in the world, and for many people from all over the world, w ...

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  • The Twitter Cold War

    Russia and the United States have found a new battleground: social media. Though the United States is denying the charges, Russia has taken to Twitter to proclaim that the United States has made airstrikes on the city of Aleppo. Yesterday at 13:55 (MSK), 2 A-10 attack aircraft of US AF entered Syrian airspace from Turkish territory made strikes on objects in city — Миноб ...

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  • Social Media Trends that Will Affect Your Social Activity in 2016

    In a dynamic and highly competitive industry, you simply can’t afford being left behind with last year’s trends, tactics, and strategies. The very least your business can do to survive is to become aware of the current trends that may influence the industry – no matter how significant the impact may be. But of course, you should always focus your efforts on those that will yield maximum results.

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  • 4 Blog Best Practices for Small Businesses 2016

    Small business blogging is very challenging. Sometimes it can feel as if you’re putting in a lot of work and nobody is actually reading or using your content. However, you have to remember that you’re building a blog with long-term goals in mind. Not only are you directly targeting your customers, but you’re also aiming for an enhanced position in the eyes of the search engines.

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  • The Super Bowl Gets Weird with Puppymonkeybaby

    Super Bowl 50 will probably be remembered as Peyton Manning’s last game and a huge moment in Cam Newton’s maturity as an NFL quarterback. (Coldplay has virtually already been forgotten, thankfully.) But Super Bowl 50 will also be remembered for one of the strangest commercials I’ve ever seen: Mountain Dew’s Puppymonkeybaby.

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  • 5 Types of Content Worth Investing in This Year

    Simply having a blog strategy in place is no longer enough. If you want to be successful with content marketing, you need to invest in a variety of different content mediums and approaches. The challenging thing is to keep track of these different types and how they change from year to year. For your convenience, we’re providing an updated listed of the types of content worth i ...

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  • More Efficient Team Collaboration With Wrike Online Project Management Software

    Managing a team of writers is never easy. Even in the best situation, it’s tough to keep up with deadlines, proofread your writers’ work and make sure that none of your writers are getting too bogged down and burned out. This difficulty gets compounded when you have writers, graphic designers and editors spread out all over the globe, and it’s your job to find a way to make tea ...

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  • Twitter Takes on Trolls

    Twitter Takes on Trolls February 10, 2016 by Justin McGee Leave a Comment Trolls (you know, the one thing one of the many things that we hate about Twitter and every other social media platform out there), your days on Twitter are numbered. The social media company has established the Twitter Trust & Safety Council, a group of organizations that has banded together to m ...

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  • 5 Tips for Recruiting a UX Designer

    As your blog have increasingly become your first point of contact with potential consumers, you might want to look into hiring a professional UX designer to help you set your blog apart. This is because engaging and thought through online user experience could be very crucial to the success of your blog.

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