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  • How to Use Pinterest to Spread Your Blog Like Wildfire

    Pinterest and niche blogs go together like chips and salsa. In fact, it can be more reliable than Facebook or Twitter for reaching your ideal audience. Relevant pins are 100 times more effective than tweets when it comes to spreading your content. This is why you should always choose the right boards for promoting your blog.

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  • Why You Need to Write More Controversial Content

    You’ve probably heard the idea that controversy sells, but at the same time, controversy is scary. Branching out with a new idea or polarizing opinion makes your brand vulnerable, and runs you the risk of alienating a major section of your audience. However, there’s a distinct advantage and an enormous value to producing controversial content, especially when compared to the al ...

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  • A Beginners Guide To Blogger Outreach

    So, you’re regularly posting on social media channels and your SEO strategy is at the top of its game, your brand presence however is still not a patch on what you’d like it to be. Where can you go from here? Nowadays, the only answer to this question is blogger outreach. It’s time to forget everything that you do, or maybe don’t, know about blogger outreach and the oh-so tong ...

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  • How to Write Sharable Posts

    There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing your own content go viral. Just knowing so many people appreciate something you created is enough to make you feel all warm inside. Unfortunately, it seems like the posts we belabor the most gain the least traction on social media and attract fewer views. Indeed, it sometimes seems like “going viral” is a completely random phenomenon.

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  • 5 Best Tools for Coming Up with the Perfect Domain Name

    Domain names have always had an impact in the branding and SEO of online businesses. In the past, online marketers used “Exact Match Domains” or EMDs, which are domain names that are the same as a key phrase they are targeting. Although this is no longer as effective after Google’s EMD update in 2012, coming up with a domain name that’s relevant and conveys a meaningful message ...

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  • “Celebrating” World Backup Day 2016

    Everyone knows that you have to back your data up regularly. Everyone. But how many people actually do it on a regular basis? How many actually back up their data at least once a month? How often do you back up your data? Okay, I’m not going to hide it. I am one of the hard headed ones who know how important it is to back data up and yet don’t do it as often as possible.

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  • 5 Ways to Successfully Sell Products on Your Blog

    There are multiple ways to earn revenue as a blogger, and selling products is one of them. Whether you develop your own products or get them from a supplier, you can make a pretty penny off your blog and help to further the reach of your posts. However, this is very much like starting a business, and it’s not going to be an easy journey.

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  • Lessons From Star Wars: How The Force Awakens Impacted the Internet

    There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? It happened on social media. The buzz surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh film in the Star Wars saga, had been building for quite some time. Upon its release, it delivered. To put it mildly. Thus far the list of box office records its steamrolled includes the biggest worldwide opening of all time, the highest-gro ...

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  • Crowdfunding and Blogging: The Perfect Marriage

    Crowdfunding and Blogging: The Perfect Marriage March 28, 2016 by The Blog Herald Leave a Comment Crowdfunding and blogging have a lot in common. They’re both difficult to start, they take a lot of time and effort … and they can both be promoted through the same avenues. So doesn’t it make sense to put the two efforts together? When you’re working to raise money for a caus ...

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  • 3 Tips Guaranteed to Get You More Readers

    You blog is nothing without readers, but keeping these readers around isn’t always easy. It’s difficult to find loyal followers who will subscribe to your blog and read every post. Without that, your chances of making money diminish significantly. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably struggling with bringing new readers to your blog.

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  • 5 Stealthy Tactics of Guest Posting

    SEO madness with excessive numbers of backlinks might have led to a temporary decline in popularity of guest posting services in content marketing (which didn’t last for long), but for bloggers guest posts always remained a steady way to get promotion and recognition. If you desperately wish to gain more readers or to reach new target audience, perhaps you should give guest posting a try.

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  • How the Right Visual Can Transform Any Landing Page

    When it comes to landing page design – or any web page, for that matter – the images you select have the ability to make or break your conversion rate. The good news is that you have total control over the images you choose, so you can directly influence those conversion rates. When to Use Visuals on Landing Pages Every marketer understands the value of visuals, yet few are awa ...

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  • How to Choose the Best Font for Your Blog

    When it comes to building a blog, we often spend time considering theme, layout, reader personas, content, plugins, and other features. However, it’s imperative that you add font to this list. While it may not appear to be a big deal, choosing one font over another can make a very big difference in how your blog is received.

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  • 5 Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Blog

    5 Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Blog March 15, 2016 by The Blog Herald Leave a Comment There are some who argue that writer’s block is just a myth. But for those who have spent hours staring at a computer screen, writing sentences and erasing them over and over, it’s far from a myth. The next time you’re struggling to find inspiration for your blog, give these tricks a shot. 1.

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  • Your Guide to Local SEO 2016

    By this time, every brick and mortar business recognize the need for an online presence. They build websites, either using DIY website builders or hiring pros to do the job. They also recognize the need for a business blog and invest in it in varying degrees. If you’re a blogger for a company, or you treat your blog as a business (which you should, actually), then one of your ...

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  • Thirsty for Adventure? Blogging In The World’s Most Dangerous Places

    What do Moby Dick, The Hobbit, and The Odyssey have in common? They all rely on a narrative technique called the hero’s journey. It’s a ubiquitous theme across storytelling traditions: a hero must leave behind all that is familiar and safe and venture into the unknown. It’s easy to see why this theme has been so successful in fiction. But adventures are few and far between in the real world.

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  • How to Write Shareable Tech Reviews

    With all the content available on the internet, it’s difficult to stand out. It’s even harder to get your information shared. Since showing up in searches and getting shared are two of the most important aspects of getting readers, try these methods for writing shareable reviews. Tips to Write Shareable Tech Reviews Do Your Research If you’re writing a tech review, don’t waste ...

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  • What Website Redesigns Do to Your SEO (and How to Stop a Ranking Plunge)

    Web trends change fast, and every year or so, you should be redesigning your site to keep up with online consumer tastes. It doesn’t matter whether you run a small business or you keep a hobby blog; your site will benefit from a regular update to its look and feel. However, before you toss your website’s old code in the bin, you should stop and think about what a redesign does ...

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  • How to Build Instant Forms with CaptainForm for WordPress

    In life’s most important struggles, we sometimes wish there’s a superhero that can come to our aid. For your WordPress site building woes, you can count on CaptainForm – a newish form-building app. Not only can it help you create instant forms for all purposes, it will also help you optimise your site by listening to your audience.

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  • 5 Reasons Your PPC Ad Copy Needs Improvement

    Paid search advertising remains one of the most effective marketing tactics that any e-commerce business can employ. It can also be an exercise in frustration when the results aren’t meeting expectations – not to mention, a colossal waste of money. While there can be several reasons for a disappointing PPC campaign, the most common reason is that the advertisements themselves ...

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