• Why Marketers Abandon Their Content Strategies Too Soon

    Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” The line gets at something most people can appreciate, regardless of whether they’ve been in the ring. As the SVP of enterprise content marketing at POP, a digital agency, I often think back to Tyson’s words.

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  • How to Save 4 Hours on Every Piece of Content You Create

    Prior to joining Contently, I worked on digital strategy for some of the world’s top magazines. In other words, I spent most of my time coaxing brands like Vogue, Glamour, and GQ to embrace online publishing—and it wasn’t always easy. In order to convince the old-school print executives to adopt a digital strategy, I first had to learn how their departments created content.

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  • 5 Predictions From The World’s Most Intense Marketing Conference

    Last night, a close friend who works in content marketing DMed me on Twitter. She was very concerned. “I have to admit I’m Twitter stalking you because I’m intrigued that this conference has you turned into a tween at a Harry Styles concert,” she wrote. “You’re suddenly VERY EXCITED about things like demand waterfall. Or, intervention? Anyway def going to pump you for cliff notes.” It’s true.

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  • Survey: Marketers Want More Video. What Else Is New?

    Let’s play a little game. Can you guess what year this lede is from? “There’s no doubt that online video marketing is on the rise. Numerous studies and statistics prove that video works. In fact, Forrester Research found that videos were 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking than traditional text pages.

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  • 3 Hard Content Marketing Truths

    This week, I’m on a pilgrimage in the desert. No, not the one my Jewish nana really wants me to take; it’s the one my CMO (very easily) talked me into—the SiriusDecisions Summit in Las Vegas, which secretly has the reputation as one of the most insightful marketing events on Earth. Each day, I’ll share what I learn on the ground from foundational courses, dozens of case studie ...

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  • Why Content Strategists Take Social Shares Seriously (And You Should Too)

    I rarely get nervous presenting content plans to Contently clients, but there’s one comment I hear every so often that makes me uneasy: “We don’t care if people share our content. We only care about generating leads and conversions.” This declaration usually comes from B2B marketers who dismiss social shares in the same way people talk about pageviews. I’m not surprised.

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  • 3 Ways to Avoid Churning Out Average Blog Posts

    I recently read a blog post from an agency that discussed the power of Bing Ads, reminding the audience that pay-per-click content isn’t purely limited to Google AdWords. The writer used a host of stats to back up the thesis, but I was shocked to see an embedded infographic referencing comScore data from 2012.

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  • Flowchart: Should My Brand Hijack This Twitter Trend?

    Every day, a new Twitter hashtag magically emerges and fills our lives with something unexpected. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re a little dark and confessional, but they always seem to connect strangers. And every day, a brand comes along, sees those connections and thinks: Oh yeah, it’s time to be a part of the #conversation. This usually doesn’t end well.

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