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  • Update: A Simpler, Unified Workflow

    Next to the constant need for great content, one of the biggest challenges Contently’s customers face is the need to efficiently expedite production so that content actually gets created, shared, and experienced. That can be especially hard in organizations with time-consuming compliance and legal approval processes Success requires being able to tightly manage the communicati ...

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  • 7 Email Capture Boxes That Will Make You Want a Fuller Inbox

    Achieving inbox zero is a huge bragging right for some people. They’re the coworkers who walk to your desk, notice your 2,145 unread messages, and say, “How the hell do you manage that?” like you’re some kind of digital hoarder. But even if you’re not a digital neat freak, you probably don’t want more email overload. That presents a problem for content marketers.

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  • Content Marketing for People Who Hate Writing

    The phrase “content marketing” has become synonymous with blog posts, slide decks, and infographics, but there is no law that states content has to live and die inside a CMS. In my role as director of content and community at a venture capital firm, I talk to a lot entrepreneurs about the power of content marketing, and the biggest issue I come across is when they understand i ...

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  • Why Apple Is Abandoning Advertising

    Last week, Bloomberg broke the news that Google paid Apple $1 billion to keep its search bar available on iOS. At first glance, the story seems to be innocuous. After all, what’s $1 billion between two of the most profitable companies in the world? But it’s something that Google tried to hide for a reason.

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  • A Day in the Life of a Content Strategist

    When a lot of people hear the term content strategist, they may not have the slightest clue what it means. Explaining it to family and friends who don’t work in media is a nightmare. Not only is the title vague, but it means different things to different companies. Are these people copyrighters? Do they plan ways for Fortune 1000 companies to dominate the world? What qualifies ...

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  • New From Contently: Content Marketing Benchmarks

    New From Contently: Content Marketing Benchmarks With a seemingly ever-growing marketing technology stack to keep tabs on, and a resulting sea of data in which marketers are required to swim, it can be really difficult to figure out which metrics are most important and which insights must be acted on most urgently.

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  • Infographic: The Problems With Social Media Marketing

    On Twitter, I’m currently following @united, @kickstarter, and @thisamerlife, among others. Once in a while, I’ll interact with brands that I don’t even follow. I recently tweeted at @lyft to let them know about a driver who spent 15 minutes driving in circles instead of driving to pick me up. But I didn’t respond to Lyft when the social media editor replied to my tweet the ne ...

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  • The Jargon Monster: What Is Content Marketing, Really?

    This article originally appeared on Medium. I’d like you to meet someone. This is the Jargon Monster. And he is a jerk. I’d like you to meet someone else… This is the Naked Little Truth. He’s naked. Also, he always tells the truth. (I know, I know, he should have a less confusing name…) The best part of the NLT’s truth-telling is that it’s always delivered in plain Eng ...

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  • How to Maximize Your 2016 Content Budget

    You need to jump from one ledge to another, but a treacherous ravine stands between your success and demise. Do you invest in the right equipment to get across, or do you settle for whatever tools are cheap and accessible? Do you approach the jump at half speed or leap with full force? The answers seem obvious, assuming you want to live to tell the story.

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  • The Quiet Death of Church and State

    In journalism, the traditional separation between church and state1 died last year, and I’m not sure anyone noticed. I didn’t, and I was writing a long feature on the subject at the time. I titled my article “Is Editorial Independence Officially Dead?” but looking back on it, I think I should’ve taken out the question mark and retitled it as fact.

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  • State of Content Marketing: Europe

    Call it crazy, but Adidas went into the FIFA World Cup in Brazil with the singular, ambitious goal of dominating the event on social media. To do so, the brand would have to compete against dozens of sponsors, including heavy hitters like Coca-Cola, Sony, McDonald’s, and Hyundai. But Adidas had an edge.

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  • The New Hollywood: Why Brands Are Making Movies

    penteeing a movie produced by a brand used to be rare. Dealing with the high production costs of Hollywood—and the domination of the 30-second TV spot—made branded films more of an experimental venture for the select few that could afford it. In 2015, however, the brand film floodgates finally opened.

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  • Ideas Inside: Introducing Contently’s New Pitch Request Functionality

    The great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once said,“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” Lasting stories begin with meaningful ideas, whether we’re writing the next great novel or launching a brand publication that will shake up an industry. Contently’s new pitch request functionality taps into the ideas of our powerful freelancer community, helping yo ...

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  • 17 Platforms That Will Make You a Better a Marketer

    How did you choose your marketing platform? For many markers, the answer is somewhere between “This is the one we’ve always used” and “I’d heard of this one somewhere.” It’s hard to fault these reasons because there are an insane number of tools out there: Insane graphic via MarketingLand But the options are overwhelming for a reason.

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  • The 3 Traits of a Great Content Marketing Mindset

    What’s the secret ingredient to good content marketing? That’s the question everyone’s trying to figure out, and if you Google it, you’ll find a thousand different blog posts with varying answers. But when you talk to the most successful content marketers, three common strategies emerge. Content first, marketing second There’s a shared philosophy running through the brains of t ...

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  • ‘The Wizards of Like,’ and 6 Other Stories You Should Read This Week

    Here’s what you missed while you spent the week hitting the gym just like you said you would… The New York Times: At Señor Frogs in Times Square, It’s Spring Break Forever Selected by Joe Lazauskas, editor-in-chief This restaurant review probably has the greatest lede I’ve ever read. “I was having my second Frogasm of the night when dinner got weird.

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  • 10 Regular Job Descriptions, Rewritten by Marketers

    What’s the difference between a strategy director, a strategic ninja, and a strategic jedi? Do careers advisors tell students of the merits of pursuing roles as sanitation engineers, mobile sustenance facilitators and and even five a day collection operatives? Eons ago, when I started working for newspapers, writers were called reporters or journalists.

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  • Conversion vs. Audience Metrics: The Secret to Successful Content Measurement

    Talk with enough people about content marketing, and you’ll hear a common question: What metric really matters? Truth be told, everyone’s desperate for that number that’ll tell you everything—the singular “god metric” above all others. Unfortunately for those folks, that magical god metric simply doesn’t exist. No matter your goal, you need to understand your results on a number of levels.

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  • 5 Big Ways Content Marketing Will Change in 2016

    I’ve always loved predictions. Growing up, there wasn’t anything better than the last 15 minutes of Inside the NFL when they predicted the winner of each game, Chris Collinsworth cackling like a Brooks Brothers fortune teller and boasting about his dominance over the other talking heads. I wrote an NFL picks column in college, but now that I cover content marketing for a livin ...

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  • Do Content Marketers Need Editorial Independence?

    Back in 2013, an email from Joe Coleman, CEO of Contently (and my boss), came with the subject line “Bro stuff,” and only got worse from there. “Guys, why do we need an article on how content marketing can help you pull girls?” he wanted to know. He couldn’t see how this would help our business. You know what, you might as well just read it for yourself: That morning, Coleman ...

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  • Infographic: The Problem With Personalized Marketing

    I love Old Navy. It’s one of the few brands I let into my personal inbox, and I often open and read the company’s messages. Emails with subject lines like “Nicole, Your Shopping Bag Has Abandonment Issues” remind me to decide what items I’m going to buy in a way that’s clear and playful, which makes me happy to do so.

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  • Humans vs. Bots: Who Controls the Internet?

    Despite the common fear that bots are crawling their way to online domination, it looks like humans are finally taking back the Internet. According to the latest annual “Bot Traffic Report” from Imperva Incapsula, a cloud-based security service, human traffic overtook bot traffic for the first time in 2015, accounting for 52 percent of all website activity—a jump from roughly 44 percent in 2014.

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  • Why Hard News Is Thriving on Facebook

    If you want people to share your content on Facebook right now, make listicles about politics, gun control, and the environment. Might I suggest “10 Gazillion Guns That the President Must Control to Save the Environment”? That’s one key takeaway from a recent NewsWhip report on Facebook engagement.

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  • The Double-Edged Sword of Heritage Content

    Winston Churchill once said, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Sure, he was talking about global politics, but on a basic level, Churchill was thinking about legacy. And now, almost 70 years later, brands are thinking along the same lines, creating content that tells and shapes the history of their companies.

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  • The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie’s Incredible, Risky Print Mag

    In the 2003 “Sex Ed” issue of A&F Quarterly, the words of Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek are printed in large orange letters: “Sometimes in the news you don’t even know what is publicity and what is news … What do I see? A truly modern synthesis. Shit, why not have a cake and eat it too? You can have critical theory and nudity and enjoy it!” Spun the right way, his opt ...

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  • Did Brands Kill Peach?

    At my liberal arts college, the most popular sports activity was the ultimate frisbee pick-up game I organized every other day. It could get competitive, at least by hippie artist standards, but it never got too intense. Until Bro Seth came along. Bro Seth (name slightly altered), consistently misread the vibe of the pickup games.

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  • How One Man Did the Impossible: Make Ad-Tech Jargon Fun

    The sales team at LiveIntent, an ad-tech marketing company based out of New York City, had a problem. On sales pitches, they noticed that prospects were consistently glazed over in boredom. Why? Because of esoteric ad-tech terms like header bidding, IAB L.E.A.N., and walled gardens. “Ad-tech is a super nerdy community.

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