• 16 Helpful Copywriting Articles To Launch You Into Web Writing Greatness

      We all need a little help… from time to time. Actually, as online copywriters striving for greatness, we need all the help we can get. Why? Because writing online is grueling. From idea generation to creating headlines to composing, editing, rewriting, optimizing, and promoting … to all the behind-the-scenes stuff you dread most — like pitching, billing, and invoicing — i ...

      The Daily Egg- 28 readers -
    • 7 Psychological Triggers for Mind-Blowing Conversions, Sales and Growth

      The world of online selling is drowning in data. From analytics dashboards to visualizations tools to A/B testing suites to automated marketing solutions, just keeping your head above the big-data waters can be overwhelming. Sadly, even with this flood of computer generated insights, 95.8% of the world’s internet still does “nothing” when they visit a site. So, what’s missing? Psychology.

      The Daily Egg- 17 readers -
  • How Neuroscience Marketing Might Actually Be Hurting Your Conversions

    “Color is important!” …declared our very own Neil Patel a couple of years back. You’ve read innumerable blog posts about the psychology of colors as they relate to impression and persuasion. And you probably rushed off to relaunch your website in green (if you want growth). Or blue (if you want to please everyone). Or red (if you think ...

    The Daily Eggin How To's- 7 readers -
  • What Does A Trustworthy News Article Really Look Like? 16 Pro Tips

    It may seem demoralizing to spend hours writing a trustworthy article, only to have the latest abomination from Buzzle or ListVerse outrank you. Don’t panic about this. Time is on your side. What do I mean by this? Google and Bing have made it a priority to highlight more timely news articles at the expense of content mills and tabloid ...

    Neil Patel/ The Daily Egg- 6 readers -
  • What Do A/B Testing & Presidential Polling Have in Common?

    The debating, campaigning and speculating will soon be over. In just a few short weeks, our new President will be elected. Somehow, through this long and arduous process, the parallels between website A/B testing and the election became apparent to me as the campaign continued to grind on. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all ...

    The Daily Egg- 18 readers -
  • User Flow Optimization: The CRO Strategy No One Talks About

    A/B testing works… sometimes. But more often than not, you’re simply “moving deck chairs around the Titanic” as Larry Kim puts it (making small changes that only generate small returns). Instead, the ‘unicorns’ – or the A/B tests regularly topping 10% conversions – are focused on overhauling their offers and restructuring the flows and f ...

    The Daily Egg- 9 readers -
  • The Crazy Egg Guide to Google Search Console

    These days, the first thing I do after setting up a new website is link it to Google Search Console. Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, this free resource from Google shows how the search giant crawls and indexes websites. It is invaluable for anyone needing to monitor: Their site’s performance in search res ...

    Sean Work/ The Daily Eggin Google- 17 readers -
  • The 8 Questions Every Website Visitor Wants Answered in 10 Seconds

    Did you know that 55 percent of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website? Regardless of your industry, product, service, etc., you’re dealing with an extremely small window of time before your visitors bolt. First impressions are huge, and studies have shown that the first 10 seconds are crucial for your visitors’ deci ...

    Neil Patel/ The Daily Egg- 10 readers -
  • Infographic: The Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Page

    Presented below is a beautifully designed infographic that breaks down all the elements of a landing page. This infographic is not necessarily a guide that is to be copied; rather it provides valuable insights on testable regions of a typical landing page design. Every Marketing Campaign Should Usually Be Directed To A Dedicated ...

    Sean Work/ The Daily Egg- 10 readers -
  • How to Master SEO for Ecommerce Product Pages

    Regardless of your industry/niche, reaching the upper echelons of the search rankings is vital in our search-centric consumer world. According to Optify, “websites ranked number one received an average click-through-rate (CTR) of 35.4 percent; number two had a CTR of 12.5 percent; and number three had a CTR of 9.5 percent.” When y ...

    Neil Patel/ The Daily Eggin SEO How To's- 10 readers -
  • Free Webinar: 5 Simple Steps to Profit with Google AdWords

    This FREE webinar will be extremely valuable to you if: You’re just getting started with Google AdWords You’re already advertising but you want to improve your results When Is It? Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 1pm Eastern. Here’s What This Free Webinar Will Do For You: You’ll learn how to identify the BEST keywords to advertise on ...

    Sean Work/ The Daily Eggin Paid Search Google- 11 readers -
  • Is 1:1 Marketing Personalization a Realistic Possibility?

    Hi [FIRSTNAME], Thanks for ordering your free copy of the [LEADMAGNET] eBook, we really hope the tips provided help [ORGANIZATION] grow its customer base and take its revenue to the next level. Before you go [FIRSTNAME], I’d love to know what specific problems both you and [ORGANIZATION] are facing so I can better tailor future ma ...

    The Daily Egg- 8 readers -
  • 11 Subject Line Strategies Guaranteed to Increase Your Open Rates

    Although email marketing is a strategy that may seem somewhat antiquated these days, it’s by all accounts still very much alive and well. Studies have even found that “44 percent of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.” You could also make the case that email marketing is one of the most ...

    Neil Patel/ The Daily Eggin EMail- 11 readers -
  • How to Make Local Mobile Landing Pages That Convert

    The second you step away from your desk, or leave your home or office – what do you do when you need to find something to eat, purchase or get directions to? You pull out your phone and do a search. Unfortunately, local businesses aren’t making the best use of digital marketing. In fact, as many ...

    The Daily Egg- 9 readers -
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