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  • A Simple Guide to Link Prospecting

    You can break down SEO into two major categories: On-Page SEO: Ensuring your title tags, meta tags, site architecture and content are optimized for near-perfect search engine comprehension and indexing. Link Building: Getting other websites to link back to your site. In today’s post, we’re going to focus on #2 ...

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  • Understanding The Product Adoption Curve Could Totally Transform Your SaaS Marketing

    Like with any type of marketing, SaaS marketing is all about understanding your customers. If you don’t know your audience like you know yourself, you might as well pack your bags and choose another career. That’s how crucial it is. But sometimes, you can know your audience super well, and you just get…stuck. It’s happened to even the ...

    The Daily Egg- 13 readers -
  • How To Accept Bitcoin on Your Website

    Bitcoin is the most disruptive technology of our age. These powerful words, written by Dominic Frisby, author of “Bitcoin: the Future of Money?”, are more agreed upon and understood each passing year. And the actual creator of Bitcoin, an unknown genius who goes by the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto, is regarded as the most disruptive entrepre ...

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  • Your Blog Design is Bollocks (And How You’re Gonna Fix it)

    One page, one purpose. If you’ve spent any time in the CRO world, or read even a single article on landing page optimization, you’ll have heard this catchy little slogan. And yet, unlike the majority of marketing advice containing little substance, this is a phrase which can drastically change the effectiveness of your site’s ...

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  • How to Design a High Converting Mobile Lead Generation Flow

    Everything is moving towards mobile. For examples, Google penalizes you if your site isn’t mobile optimized and Facebook Ad CPC (cost per click) is much cheaper on mobile compared to desktop. More than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile phones. This means more and more potential customers are viewing your website ...

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  • 4 Ways Your eCommerce Store Can Leverage Video (and Why It’s So Crazy Effective)

    We’ve gone beyond the point of video being an up-and-coming trend. It’s here, and marketers should be using it to attract audiences and keep them engaged. That goes for eCommerce as much as any other industry. Data shows that video isn’t just effective when it comes to marketing. There’s also a continuously growing demand for content in ...

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  • 15 Tools for Uncovering the New Features Your Customers Want Most

    Savvy entrepreneurs know to base their decisions on data rather than assumptions. Try as you might, the products and features that you think will resonate strongly with your audience often don’t. In order to refine your offering and produce something that creates real value for your audience (and in return, money for you), research is r ...

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  • 5 Terrible Websites You Should Copy

    This isn’t the definitive list of the worst websites I’ve ever seen. But if you’re a sensitive soul with design proclivities, I’d get a blanket and a cup of something soothing before you dig in. There are horrors ahead. Apart from laughing at them, why should we ever look at terrible websites? Wo ...

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  • How to Create a Customer Journey Completely From Scratch

    How many times have you lost interest in a product? Let’s say it was a shiny new SaaS that caught your attention and you tried it out. Then, after a few minutes or a handful of efforts at it, you left. Never to return. It’s probably happened more times than you can count. Think back to times when that’s h ...

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  • What is Web Spam?

    Web Spam: Intentional attempts to manipulate search engine rankings for specific keywords or keyword phrase queries. But isn’t that what SEO is? Trying to get your website content to rank better in search engine results? Well… There’s a fine line between doing everything you can to give your website content the be ...

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  • Infographic: Your Brain On Visualization

    I’m not going to lie – visual communication is incredibly more effective than just using plain old text. I’ll prove it to you. Which set of instructions is quicker to understand and more effective overall? This: Or this: Obtain a pair of scissors. Hold the bag out in front of you. Locate the perforated s ...

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