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  • Afraid Of AI? Conquer Your Fears By Learning How It Can Boost Your Sales

    It’s 2017, and the robots are here. However, artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing to be feared. In fact, AI will help boost your sales, increase conversions while ensuring that your business thrives and stays relevant in an ever-changing world. If you have resisted AI up until now because it sounded too complex, we’re going to explain ...

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  • 10 Steps That Will Map Your Way To Inbound Success With HubSpot Marketing

    HubSpot needs no introduction. It provides marketers a hassle-free interface to reach out to their audience and nurture them through various stages of the conversion funnel. Their “inbound marketing theory” is a systematic arrangement of several digital marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, and landing pages, brought together in one user interface that al ...

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  • How to Utilize UX Design for Improving Your Ecommerce Business

    What are the features that define user-friendly navigation, efficient checkouts and streamlined product filters? How can we make e-commerce websites more effective by using user experience (UX) design to increase conversions? Here are the key e-commerce elements that can benefit from better UX design: Responsiveness The most important – and obvious – t ...

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  • What Science Can Teach Us About How to Create Viral Content

    Think about the last thing you shared on the internet. Maybe it was an insightful video on the political turmoil in a far away country, or maybe it was a funny picture of a cat wearing a bow tie. Either way – you saw it, had an emotional reaction to it and decided to share it with others. Bu ...

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  • The Numbers Behind Content Marketing: Essential Statistics for 2017

    What’s the state of play in content marketing? What content should you be creating, how should you be distributing it, where should you be promoting it? There’s a million opinions out there. But here, there’s a million stats instead. Well, OK, there’s actually 101, which I swear is a coincidence. But if you want solid data on emails ...

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  • 4 Ways to SEO Proof Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

    A few years ago, there was a joke that was going around on the internet. It goes something like this: “What is the best place to hide evidence of your wrongdoings? Page 2 of Google Search results!” While the joke itself may have been created in good humor, it does imply something extremely important. It’s crucial for business ...

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  • How to Optimize Your Website for Google’s Mobile-First Index

    We know that Google’s Mobile-First Index is coming. As is the norm with Google, we’re just not sure when. The latest reports from SMX Advanced in Seattle back in June saw Gary Illyes quoting early 2018 as the rollout date, but we can expect a fairly soft roll out on this one. It’s also likely ...

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  • The Six Most Misunderstood Metrics in Google Analytics

    Google Analytics (GA) is capable of generating incredibly detailed and comprehensive data. It provides the insights needed to fine-tune your site, reduce UX friction and ultimately maximize conversions. But there’s a catch. It’s only effective if you actually know how to interpret the data. Unfortunately, not all users fully ...

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  • A Simple Guide to Link Prospecting

    You can break down SEO into two major categories: On-Page SEO: Ensuring your title tags, meta tags, site architecture and content are optimized for near-perfect search engine comprehension and indexing. Link Building: Getting other websites to link back to your site. In today’s post, we’re going to focus on #2 ...

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  • Understanding The Product Adoption Curve Could Totally Transform Your SaaS Marketing

    Like with any type of marketing, SaaS marketing is all about understanding your customers. If you don’t know your audience like you know yourself, you might as well pack your bags and choose another career. That’s how crucial it is. But sometimes, you can know your audience super well, and you just get…stuck. It’s happened to even the ...

    The Daily Egg- 13 readers -
  • How To Accept Bitcoin on Your Website

    Bitcoin is the most disruptive technology of our age. These powerful words, written by Dominic Frisby, author of “Bitcoin: the Future of Money?”, are more agreed upon and understood each passing year. And the actual creator of Bitcoin, an unknown genius who goes by the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto, is regarded as the most disruptive entrepre ...

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  • Your Blog Design is Bollocks (And How You’re Gonna Fix it)

    One page, one purpose. If you’ve spent any time in the CRO world, or read even a single article on landing page optimization, you’ll have heard this catchy little slogan. And yet, unlike the majority of marketing advice containing little substance, this is a phrase which can drastically change the effectiveness of your site’s ...

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