• The Crazy Egg Guide to Pinterest Marketing

    It has been nearly seven years since Pinterest launched and became a runaway success. According to Statista, the image-saving site, which describes itself as “the world’s catalog of ideas,” reached 10 million monthly visitors faster than any site in history. The seemingly hyperbolic stats don’t stop there. Pinterest says 150 million people ...

    Sharon Hurley Hall/ The Daily Eggin Social- 53 readers -
  • How to Micro Test New Product/Service Ideas Using AdWords

    Launching a new business idea or deciding to develop a new product for your company is not without risk. Many of the best business ideas have come from inspiration, intuition or in-depth insight into an industry. While some of these ideas have risen to dominate the modern world, such as search engines, barcodes and credit card readers, ...

    The Daily Eggin Paid Search How To's- 40 readers -
  • How to Build a Compelling One-Page Story for Your Landing Page

    We are in the middle of a cultural shift. This evolving change is highly visible in the current state of communication. As attention spans continue to shorten, the significance of the novel and long-form is giving way to the 140-character tweet, the ephemeral 10-second Snapchat (with an optional caption) and listicles. While all these forms may ha ...

    The Daily Eggin How To's- 38 readers -
  • How to Play Into Your Customer’s Need for ‘I Want It Right Now’

    Although eCommerce receives most of the limelight, 91.6% of U.S. sales still take place offline. With all the benefits of buying online — lower cost, wider choice, no need to put on pants — how come retail stores are still a thing? According to a study by Ripen Ecommerce, 30.8% is explained by people wanting to be a ...

    The Daily Eggin How To's- 38 readers -
  • The Five Sales Letters Every Marketer Should Know, Hands Down

    If you want your visitors to buy, instead of bouncing off your site like a basketball… Ask yourself: What’s missing from my funnel? What’s missing might be a deep understanding of how copywriting should be used to convert readers. And there are few better people to learn from than the “Admen”: the original rockstar creators of th ...

    The Daily Egg- 37 readers -
  • Reinvent Your Marketing Funnels with Google Analytics Cohort Analysis and LTV Reports

    There have been many published articles on marketing funnels emphasizing the need to track the full customer lifecycle, in order to determine the best return on campaign activity spend. Some provide tracking solutions through hacks (e.g. using customer variables), other articles suggest using an enterprise level solution (e.g. Salesforce or Google Analytics Premium). Whils ...

    The Daily Eggin Google- 36 readers -
  • The Beginner’s Guide To Making Facebook Advertising Convert

    Most people use Facebook ads to pump up their visitor numbers. Wait, what? Let me be clear. They don’t wake up with that goal in mind, but it’s usually what ends up happening. I see this all the time with clients I work with. The problem isn’t that they can’t set up the Facebook ad campaigns or get visito ...

    The Daily Eggin Social- 36 readers -
  • How to Use Email Automation to Boost eCommerce Conversions

    It’s not every day that marketers use the words “email” and “CRO” in the same sentence. After all, most email marketing strategies for eCommerce are mainly focused on sending newsletters, promotional emails, transactional emails, and maybe even cart abandonment messages. If you’re really savvy, you might even be sending post-purchase emails to lev ...

    The Daily Eggin EMail How To's- 36 readers -
  • The Crazy Egg Guide to B2B Blogging

    Blogging is a powerful B2B content marketing tool. But many B2B content marketers aren’t getting anything close to its full effectiveness. So they conclude that blogging doesn’t work, or at least that it doesn’t work for their business. In fact, you could be reaping massively higher traffic, leads, and sales with a well-c ...

    The Daily Egg- 35 readers -
  • How to Optimize User Experience & Conversion Paths in Google Analytics

    If you’ve been keeping up with any thought leaders over the last few months, you know that we are all talking about user experience. The more you can customize, personalize, optimize, target, adapt, and segment your individual user experiences, the more success you’ll see you in 2017. That’s a nice thought, but not a very easily implemented practice. ...

    The Daily Eggin Google How To's- 34 readers -
  • The Small Business Guide on How to Create Simple Branded Videos

    2015 may have been touted as the year of the video in the marketing world, but despite that, branded videos have continued earning their space within every marketer’s toolkit throughout the entirety of 2016. While it may seem that only big companies have the resources at hand to create extraordinarily well made branded videos, you shou ...

    The Daily Eggin How To's- 33 readers -
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