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  • Shut Up & Say Thank You! [MarketHer Ep. 21]

    Go back to moment when someone last paid you a compliment. How did you feel? Did your armpits start sweating? Did you look down to the floor? Did you say, "oh, it's nothing." Why is it so hard to just say thank you? We all have different reasons why accepting compliments is uncomfortable. Even Brie and Britt have different reasons than I do and I'm sure you do as well.

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  • Stop Treating Sitemaps Like the Least Valuable Player on Your Website Team!

    Redesigning your website is a big undertaking. We know - we help people do it every day. We also know you invest a lot of money and time into a website redesign project and want it done right. If you’re hiring a company like IMPACT to help you with your website, they’ll typically have a discovery and scoping process that goes something like this: How large is your current ...

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  • "Even Workplace Gladiators Need Naps, a Minisode" (Creator's Block, Ep. 59)

    Week after week, Marcella, Jessie-Lee, and I talk about topics that help us work smarter and create better. This, however, is not one of those weeks. Last Friday, while having lunch with Kathleen and Jessie-Lee, I got in trouble. You see, at the time, I was about to go on vacation, and I let it slip that I had planned to edit this podcast while I was on a plane to Paris.

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  • Donate Your Skills! 5 Reasons Volunteering is a Valuable Career Builder

    Design wasn’t my first career, but that isn’t anything out of the ordinary in the world of design and development. Yes, some of my colleagues and design friends made their way through graphic design school or a related field, but an equal number found their way through other avenues. The journey to where I am today, however, wasn’t instantaneous or clean cut.

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  • The 6 Disciplines of Hypergrowth for Any Budding Business [Infographic]

    Growth and success don’t happen by accident. While it may seem like even the most eccentric products rise to fame and fortune these days (just look at the Snuggie), underneath their quirks often lie several critical foundational elements even Fortune 500 companies were built on. In business, a great idea or product alone can only get you so far.

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  • "George B. Thomas, Content Marketing, & More:" The IMPACT Show Ep. 36 [Show Notes]

    In order to be successful in your professional and personal life, having a routine is essential. Allowing you to decompress and be the best you possible. In this week's episode of The IMPACT Show, Bob and our guest, George B. Thomas, discussed what their morning routines are like, what's happening in IMPACT Elite, ways to generate leads and sales with content marketing, whethe ...

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  • 7 Tips for Unleashing a New UX Design (Without Confusing People)

    You often hear people say that they hate change but sometimes, change can be good if it is done (or in the case of UX/UI, released) correctly. How do you feel about change, especially changes to a website or software you use every day? Do you get disoriented? I wouldn’t be surprised if you do. Let me tell you a story: Here at IMPACT, we use Basecamp as the central communicat ...

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  • Hubcast 162: A Whole New Hubcast For You!

    Are you a HubSpotter looking to take your inbound marketing to the next level? Would you like to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest HubSpot tools, tips, and tricks? If so, you’ve come to the right place as George B. Thomas is ready to help you take your business to new heights of inbound marketing awesomeness! Friends welcome to The All-New Hubcast.

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  • Managing a Sales Team: 7 Lessons from a First-Time Sales Leader

    I wasn’t always in Sales. I graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design and Presentation and minored in Art. My first real job out of college was working as a production associate at a local sign shop, assisting with digital design and installation of signage. Fortunately for me, the next step in my career was joining Bob in the early days of IMPACT, continuing the exec ...

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  • Content Copycat: What To Do When Your Website Gets Copied

    As many of us know, it can be an incredible challenge to create a website with wonderful content that can generate leads and attract qualified traffic, but, once you do, it's extremely gratifying to see all that hard work finally paying off. Unfortunately, there are many out there who may decide to use that success to their advantage… We’re not talking “imitation is the highes ...

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  • "Male vs. Female Leadership Expectations" (Creator's Block, Ep. 58)

    Back in early December, Jessie-Lee cruelly abandoned Marcella and myself, and we were left to our own devices to record our 51st episode -- Are Undermining Words a Crime? If you missed that episode, for shame. But here's the short version: A Gmail extension -- Just Not Sorry -- made waves a couple years ago.

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