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  • #IMLive17 Day 1 Recap: Free For All in 2018 (Literally)

    Live from Hartford, it’s IMPACT Live! If you weren’t in the room or watching on Facebook this afternoon, the first day of IMPACT Live was certainly one worth talking about. To kick-off the SNL-themed event, attendees (marketing and sales leaders ...

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  • 11 Brands “Eclipsing” Their Competition Through Newsjacking

    Turnaround, bright eyes. Every now and then I get a little bit tired of marketing, and the leads never come ‘round. But don’t we all? Whether you’re a marketer by occupation, a consumer, (or a content curious Bonnie Tyler), sometimes the messages out there just fall flat. Perha ...

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  • 8 Free & Paid Video Editing Software Recommendations

    There's a reason why Best Film Editing is its own category at the Oscars. It's the under-appreciated "invisible art form" that goes far beyond simply piecing together bits and pieces of dialogue and visuals. Often, it's in the editing room where raw footage is transformed into a visually-compelling, immersive story. Of course, us marketers are not typically f ...

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  • Navigating the Facebook Ads Manager in 9 Easy Steps

    According to Facebook, 1 out of every 5 minutes spent on a mobile device in the U.S. is spent on Facebook or Instagram. With 1.8 billion Facebook users globally, the platform dominates our attention spans so when it launched its ...

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  • What Are Topic Clusters? (& Why Do I Need Them Anyway?)

    As a marketer, I’m sure you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your content, ways to increase your organic search traffic, and ways to drive target qualified leads to your website. Unfortunately, search engines are tricky, and figur ...

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  • A Dealbreaker Cheat Sheet for Becoming the Best Closer on Your Sales Team

    Every salesperson knows the rush that comes with closing a deal. It’s like your birthday, Christmas, and tax return all came at once. In this moment, when you’re flying high, feeling like you are about to be awarded Forbes’ #1 Best Seller Of The Year, it can be easy to forget where the rush comes from. The adrenaline ...

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  • Open Letter: So, You Think Creating Content Is Too Much Work

    As someone who wheels and deals in creating content professionally, I often find myself trapped between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, my job is immensely rewarding. I spend my days coaching clients and consultants on how to share ideas in ways that click with the right prospects, and crafting compe ...

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  • 6 Ways Selling to Inbound Leads is Different from Outbound Leads

    With greater adoption and execution of inbound marketing programs, organizations are supplementing their sales funnels with more and more inbound leads. By definition, inbound leads are typically better educated on your product or service when the sales process begins. Before having raised their hand, asking to speak with your sales team, they most likely found completed some ...

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