• How Deep Linking Drives Mobile Apps Marketing

      Mobile apps deep linking is the new frontier in pushing products and services sales exponentially. It can be likened to clickable links in the internet web pages only that in this case, it links the users to specific pages within mobile apps. This technology interconnects mobile applications instantly allowing users direct access to services as opposed to just opening a mobil ...

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    • 10 Things to Convey Your Website Visitors in 30 Seconds

      Do you remember your first job interview? Most people do because it was either extremely successful and they got the job or they stumbled through the entire thing. Often times, the outcome didn’t have anything to do with the interview itself, but from the employer’s first impression of you. Within seven seconds of meeting someone new, they’ve already judged you.

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    • Social Media Scam: 5 Ways to Have Some Fun

      Human beings are made to be social beings, with this in mind, popular social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook have taken advantage of this great success stories. According to reports by the chief organizing officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, the sites attract over one hundred and seventy-five million logins per day.

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  • How to Align Small Business Social Media With Your Goals

    Are you skeptical about small business social media? When you’re the owner or manager of a small business, it seems like there are at least a million things to think about. Why does social media have to be one of them? And how is it even possible to include social media marketing in your day-to-day routine? The other demands of business are so pressing.

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  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Business With Facebook Live Videos

    Facebook Live is the preferred choice for the most people and businesses around the world to connect to their followers and find new ones. Its tremendous growth is visible from the fact that Facebook Live stream search popularity has increased exponentially by over 330% since April 2015. Though this already looks like the game changer, the reason behind Facebook Live’s promine ...

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  • Top 4 Dilemmas in Content Marketing

    Content marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy that involves creation and distribution of information that is valuable, relevant and consistent to attract and get an audience. The main objective of content marketing is to drive up the profits through customer action. Examples of content marketing include articles, infographics, videos, and podcasts.

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  • How To Fund And Streamline Your Startup

    If you are seeking funds for your first online project, do not have collateral, and there is no proven success on your product, your venture will be extremely risky for most investors to put down any credit towards your project. So, how can you get anyone’s attention to drop any cash towards your idea? What Are The Best Ways To Seed Fund? Seed funding is funding the startup o ...

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  • 5 Game-Changing Non-Linear Marketing Campaigns Defy Traditional Marketing

    Gone are the days when consumers would buy a product after seeing its ad on TV or print. Consumers are much more complex now—they switch between TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablets. People usually view their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds while watching TV or during commercial breaks. How can you promote your brand to such a distracted audience? How can you make i ...

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  • Vital Ingredients for Optimizing Mobile App Landing Pages

    Whether you are a blogger or planning to launch a new website or rather releasing a mobile app into the market, you must be familiar with the vitality of the landing pages. Mere developing an app or launching a website is not going to solve your purpose alone, but you need to consider ways to optimize it to create that buzz amongst the users.

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  • Does really human touch improve digital marketing?

    Marketers in the today business arena enjoy the benefits of digital marketing. Through technological advances, getting to new customers is simplified and direct than it was before. Digital marketing has brought about new opportunities, display your online target ads and so much more. Although technology has improved digital marketing in a way, algorithms, bots, and software don’t do it all.

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  • How To Boost Conversions On Your Website (Without Hiring A Specialist)

    An effective e-commerce site is like a well-written novel. Every word, every element is integral to the reader’s journey. Each page of each chapter leads you to the endpoint, the resolution of the problem, at which point you walk away satisfied. If you include words and pages that don’t belong, you risk losing your audience. They leave out of boredom, confusion, or both.

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  • How to Boost Sales With Effective Remarketing Tactics

    It doesn’t matter how great your sales are online. There are some visitors who won’t convert into customers during their first visit. Yet, all is not lost. There is still time to turn that lead into a sale. Remarketing allows you to add a cookie or pixel to a customer browser. If a visitor abandons a website, your company’s image, email or text can follow them online.

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  • Why Are Micro-Influencers Powerful Resources To Boost Your Brand

    Overview of the micro-influencers More and more marketers are getting attracted to the marketing especially influencer marketing. In fact, the study reveals that around 84% of the marketers are planning to launch at least one influencer marketing campaign within 12 months. This is because of the massive return of investment from the influencer marketing campaign.

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  • Top Inbound Marketing Articles from June 2017 will Surplus Your Knowledge

    So what thing happened in digital marketing in the last month? What new thing did you learn from June 2017? I hope you read some of the articles, but I have something for you. To continue my round-up articles, I have added the list of some of the handpicked inbound marketing articles from June 2017 that will surplus your knowledge.

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  • The Difficulties One Faces While Starting A Blog

    7 years ago, starting a blog was the best decision of my life. Why? Because all the money that I make today is all because of that. Starting a digital marketing company, earning money through affiliate marketing programs and much more. All that was possible because of that one simple step. But this step does not seem that easy for newbie bloggers who have no clue about starti ...

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  • Do You Think 2017 Is The Year Of Mobile E-Commerce, Why?

    If the last few years have shown us something, it is that the field of digital marketing and e-commerce is on an ever-growing growth and increase, both in reach and application. With the introduction of mobile smartphones and affordable internet for all, the field of e-commerce has had a significant boost. This is especially true in the case of mobile users.

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