• How Deep Linking Drives Mobile Apps Marketing

      Mobile apps deep linking is the new frontier in pushing products and services sales exponentially. It can be likened to clickable links in the internet web pages only that in this case, it links the users to specific pages within mobile apps. This technology interconnects mobile applications instantly allowing users direct access to services as opposed to just opening a mobil ...

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    • Are Animated Videos Good for Digital Marketing? Pros and Cons

      Everybody is going video and if you’re not seriously considering it then you’re probably going to get left behind. The advantages are simply tremendous. For example, having a video on your website increases your chance of appearing on Google’s first page of results, doubles your click through rate from email and consistently outperforms other marketing content according to most marketers.

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  • Effective Advertising: The Power to Make Your Brand a Household Name

    “The man who stops advertising to save money is the man who stops the clock to save time”: Unknown Advertising is here, there, and everywhere! Companies use the potential of the channel to communicate with their customers and inform them about what they can offer. Effective advertising has the power to grab the attention of people so that you can educate them regarding your product or service.

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  • How to Transition From Blogger to Ecommerce Entrepreneur

    Leaving the blogging badge behind and taking on a new mantle of ecommerce merchant is a big step. You will need to consider how it will affect your current branding and readership, as well as flesh out a structured promotional plan and content strategy for your new online store. Here are the mains considerations for any blogger wishing to become an ecommerce entrepreneur.

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  • The 3 Local SEO Strategies Your Small Business Needs

    Working with a limited budget can be one of the most frustrating aspects of marketing and SEO, but limited resources shouldn’t curtail you. Local SEO relies on customer engagement and strategic planning from the business owner. However, once you get the ball rolling, the traffic and customers should start flowing.

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  • Content Marketing: Bane or Boon for Business

    Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a technique that pertains to the creation and distribution of content for the purpose of attracting and acquiring a target audience. Content created and distributed must be valuable, relevant and consistent enough to attract the right audience.

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  • 5 Step Guide for Creating Viral Content

    “Viral” is one of the most sought after statuses in the marketing and advertising world because aside from total awesome-ness. It means loads of other people are sharing content for you… and who wouldn’t want that? When we put a lot of effort into our work, we want people to appreciate! However, maximizing your channels to reach your target audience and beyond requires, you ...

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  • What Is AMP And What Does It Mean For My Business?

    Google is currently working on implementing a new standard for mobile websites, called Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as AMP. This is an initiative taken by Google in cooperation with Twitter, and are meant as their version of Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple’s News. Because websites using AMP markup on their pages now has the chance to be promoted in the top of t ...

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  • What Makes Social Media Indispensable for Today’s Business?

    The digital age we live in today has unleashed a plethora of opportunities for businesses to market their products and services in a quick and cost-efficient manner. Social Media is one such quintessential tool, which can help you reach and connect with millions of potential customers, effortlessly.

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  • Blogging and Social Media for Lead Acquisition

    Your blog and social media channels can be a great way to distribute information about your products and your business. By providing useful articles, you educate your consumers on your field of business and show them the expertise that you hold. But these channels are meant not just for communicating and sharing with clients; they can be a powerful asset in acquiring business leads.

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  • How to Use A/B Testing to Ramp Up Your Website’s Performance

    A website’s long-term value depends on excellent performance, so it’s clearly important to do everything you can with that in mind. An effective (but sometimes overlooked) way to ensure success is to incorporate A/B testing (split testing) into site development. A/B testing can help you increase conversion rate and build a better marketing tool.

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  • 8 Lessons in Mobile App Marketing You Can Learn from Your Competitors

    It is true that in the modern world of technologies websites are not enough. Thus, almost every business needs a mobile application. Mobile marketers know that before they start launching new strategies to promote products, they need to be aware of the market trends and study their competitors carefully. Skipping this important step can result in a major flop for your marketing campaign.

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  • 8 Proven Methods for Enhancing Website User Engagement

    Being an important determinant in deciding the ranking of your website, User Engagement of a site requires all the attention it can get. The internet is literally a dog eat dog world for competitors in constant pursuit to challenge and beat out other websites from the competition. Winning the traffic is one thing, but being able to attract and retain your users is something t ...

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  • Some of Lesson Why You Fall in Love for Content Marketers

    Content marketing can be simply put as a promotion technique. Marketers will create and distribute valuable, relevant content to attract and engage a defined and outlined target audience. The primary objective of this technique is to drive profitable client action. How important is content marketing to businesses? Content marketing uses social media, blogs, videos and podcast ...

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  • Instagram Video Marketing Advice: 6 Most Significant Strategies For Explosive Growth

    Do you know that Instagram has introduced a recent update on its videos? Yes, video sharing has gone from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, and that’s a huge bonus for businesses and brands. Also, this awesome social network platform plans to bring in unique video features like slow-motion potentiality and video view counts. No doubt, in the past few years, Instagram has shown remarkable growth.

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