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  • 5 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement on Your Website

    For a successful content campaign, user engagement is as important as visibility in the search engines. Not only does it increase the awareness of your brand, it also helps to boost your SEO rankings. The problem with user engagement is that there is no method to measure directly if your customer engagement is a healthy one or not.

    Sawaram Suthar/ The Next Scoopin Social SEO- 32 readers -
  • How to Create a Successful Social Media Call-to-Action

    With over 2.3 billion active social media users online, there’s no denying that it’s an excellent avenue for your business to explore and experiment with. This increasingly large pool of people active online can become future customers of your company. Implementing strategies within your own social platforms to co-operate with common social behaviours can aid in achieving ma ...

    The Next Scoopin Social- 14 readers -
  • How Deep Linking Drives Mobile Apps Marketing

    Mobile apps deep linking is the new frontier in pushing products and services sales exponentially. It can be likened to clickable links in the internet web pages only that in this case, it links the users to specific pages within mobile apps. This technology interconnects mobile applications instantly allowing users direct access to services as opposed to just opening a mobil ...

    The Next Scoop- 42 readers -
  • 5 Ways to Earn Backlinks without Investing a Penny

    To make your website rank better on search engines, link building is very crucial. A link is something much more than clickable text or phrase; it is one of the main ranking factors that tells search engines—like Google and Bing—how pages are connected and which all web pages are popular among the audience.

    Sawaram Suthar/ The Next Scoopin SEO- 16 readers -
  • Tips that Make You a Better Blogger: Coming Up with a Blog Name

    When you’re about to start a new blog, you have lots of things on your mind: the niche, schedule, length of posts, target audience, titles and themes of the first few posts, the design, promote those posts.. this list can go on and on. Have you forgotten about the blog name? It’s funny how many prospective bloggers know exactly what they are going to do with their site, but f ...

    The Next Scoopin Blogging- 16 readers -
  • 7 Proven Ways to Build a Website That Customers Will Love

    It is not unusual to see business owners fret over creating a streamlined and professionally designed website that achieves key marketing objectives. As a matter of fact, ‘How do I start and build a website’ is one of the most commonly searched queries on popular search engines by startup owners.

    The Next Scoop- 20 readers -
  • Top 6 Social Media Mistakes that Kill Your Business

    Social media isn’t like other aspects of business life. Companies have to behave differently on the social platforms than they do elsewhere. If they don’t, it can hurt their business tremendously. And yet, because it’s so new, not all companies have the rules down yet. For that reason today we’re going to explore some of the things that your company might be doing on social ...

    The Next Scoopin Social- 15 readers -
  • Four Type of Traffic-Generating Video Content: It’s all about the Audience

    Advice to content marketers is all over the web. And most of that advice relates to what type of content is now the latest and the greatest that you must incorporate into your repertoire. Of course, there is some research that provides great, generalized stats on the types of content that most engage audiences, and this is valuable information to have.

    The Next Scoopin Content- 22 readers -
  • The History of Content Marketing [Infographic]

    Knowing about your industry history and latest is important to grow and stay alive in the market. If you’re in content writing or content marketing industry, then you must know how content marketing has been changed year by year. In 1732, Benjamin Franklin was the first person to kick started publishing and printing business.

    Sawaram Suthar/ The Next Scoopin Content- 16 readers -
  • How to Design a Website from Emotional Perspective

    Being a designer myself I can understand how design is so closely associated with emotion. It is something every designer knows and deeply appreciates. However, it is a sad thing to know that in a world where marketing thrives on , the principle of emotional connection with a design is often abandoned into a myth. The corporate identity of every business is built an emotions.

    The Next Scoop- 18 readers -
  • 5 Top-Notch Examples of Effective Infographics

    Infographics are a smart way to display concepts in a visually stunning way. They’re easier for readers to digest than articles, and they’re highly shareable. For an infographic to make the kind of splash that content marketers want, though, it has to be executed properly. Approaching the topic creatively, finding a simple way to express statistics and data, and using clear i ...

    Sawaram Suthar/ The Next Scoopin Content- 26 readers -

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