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  • Content Marketing Webinars That You Should Not Miss

    Content marketing is booming everywhere and it became a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. Of course, it is not a new concept, but nowadays it is more important than ever before. So knowing the latest trends and new things can always help you to grow in today’s flexible or competitive world. There could be many sources to learn, and Webinar is one of them.

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  • Top 11 Social Media Webinar You Can’t Afford to Miss

    Social media is becoming the important part of our life (personal and professional) or I must say now we can’t imagine our life without social media. Social media has a potential to reach new customers and convert them into your lead. It helps you to increase your business, popularity, branding and awareness of your current activities.

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  • Instagram Video Marketing Advice: 6 Most Significant Strategies For Explosive Growth

    Do you know that Instagram has introduced a recent update on its videos? Yes, video sharing has gone from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, and that’s a huge bonus for businesses and brands. Also, this awesome social network platform plans to bring in unique video features like slow-motion potentiality and video view counts. No doubt, in the past few years, Instagram has shown remarkable growth.

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  • 6 Sensational Features to Look in Android Nougat

    The version history of the Android mobile operating system began with the release of the Android alpha in November 2007. It followed with Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Icecream Sandwich, JellyBean, KitKat, Lollipop, and finally on 22 August 2016, the version of Android was released named Nougat. As per the Wikipedia’s article, initially developed by Android, Inc.

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  • What It Takes to Be A Successful ‘Appreneur’?

    What? Never came across the term ‘Appreneur’, well this consists of an entrepreneur who engages himself in the mobile application development business or in the industry of micropayment services. This is worth taking a note that an appreneur can be anyone as long as you carry an idea and the ability to turn it into a quality mobile application.

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  • How to Gain Blog Readers with the Marketing Persona Approach

    You may be an inspirational blogger who just writes for the sake of writing. But since you’ve navigated to this article, I’m guessing you are probably not that kind of blogger. You’ve probably started your blog to promote a product, service or idea. And to do that, you desperately need your posts to be read and shared.

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  • Where to Learn Really Useful Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

    When we hear the term “content marketing”, it sounds like a modern trend employed in big companies. However, the notion of content marketing has been around for years. It just keeps evolving and incorporating new techniques. New marketing professionals join the race and they need to master the latest content marketing techniques to keep afloat.

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  • How to Beat Writer’s Block and Be a Productive Blogger

    How’s your blog doing? Are you posting new articles regularly? Do you get to generate new and interesting ideas every week? If yes, then that’s great! However, If you feel you haven’t been able to post new content recently, you’re having trouble writing, and the words just don’t come out, then you may be going through writer’s block. But don’t worry, that’s alright.

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  • 5 Types of Highly Shareable Images You Should Be Using for Your Content Marketing

    Visuals are powerful. The mere presence of images on your blog increases your visitors’ willingness to read your content by 80%, and it also helps those visitors remember more of what they have read. But do you ever stop to consider what kind of visuals you should be using? You don’t have to take a shot in the dark – certain types of visuals reliably succeed on social platforms.

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  • Some of Lesson Why You Fall in Love for Content Marketers

    Content marketing can be simply put as a promotion technique. Marketers will create and distribute valuable, relevant content to attract and engage a defined and outlined target audience. The primary objective of this technique is to drive profitable client action. How important is content marketing to businesses? Content marketing uses social media, blogs, videos and podcast ...

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  • 10 Ways Writers can Find Freelance Work on LinkedIn

    While not the most commonly discussed social media platform, LinkedIn is an absolute gold mine of potential for businesses and professionals. For freelance writers, finding that next job is always on the back of our minds. We’ll rely on other platforms, but in reality, the biggest clients are all on LinkedIn already.

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  • 7 Surprising Snapchat Secrets Every Marketer Should Know

    The thing about marketing on social media is that stuff moves too fast. One minute you are everything the market cares about and the next you are nothing but a blip on the long and wide road of memories. The key to finding success is staying on your toes, reinventing yourself constantly for the changing market conditions.

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  • 31 Storytelling Quotes From Great Writers

    What do we usually know about the great writers? As a rule, just their traditional biography written in Wikipedia and textbooks. But creative people and their habits are quite extraordinary! For example, the W. Somerset Maugham did not see anything wrong with being bisexual; Mark Twain was fond of cats while couldn’t stand children; James Joyce was very much afraid of water, ...

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