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  • 10 Things That Only Copywriters Can Understand

    Copywriters are tasked with putting into words the unique value of a company. In the years before digital media, this meant writing copy for magazines, newspapers, news bulletins, billboards, radio, and television. The style of copy back then was decidedly advertisement-oriented, as the writer knew they only had a couple hundred words and a few seconds to catch people’s attention.

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  • The Top Inbound Marketing Articles From Worldwide Web of Marketing July 2017

    Inbound marketing is a field that is continuously changing every day, because of new trends, new tips and tricks, strategies and so on. Whether you are entrepreneurs, business tycoon, writer, internet marketer, Digital marketer or CEO of any well-formed company, you must have to upgrade your knowledge with the changing markets. You should always stay well-informed to be a successful.

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  • Top 7 E-commerce Web Design Trends to Adopt In 2018

    E-commerce sales worldwide accounted for $1.915 trillion in sales up to the end of 2016. It is predicted that e-commerce sales will reach $27 trillion by the year 2020. E-commerce is fulfilling some increasingly diverse roles in the world of online selling and has come along way since the days when a little known startup called Amazon began selling books over the internet.

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  • Content Writing: 8 Ways to Write Like a Content Marketing Ninja

    The job of a content writer definitely has its advantages – for example, you can work from home or do it on your own schedule. If you are a student and only consider the career of a content writer for yourself, then you should start practicing writing texts right now. The educational process provides many opportunities for this.

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  • 8 Types of Effective Advertising Campaigns That Can Generate Hype

    Except: It’s influential, it’s useful, it’s dependable, companies love to explore it, and it gives them the edge over their rivals. Advertisement campaigns are tailor-made for firms to create the maximum noise and impact. The process is one of the optimum ways to influence the audience and to intercept their perception and mind.

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  • [B2B Facebook Ads]: Ultra-Simple Way We Tripled CTR

    Have you ever had bad experiences with your B2B Facebook ad campaigns (like bad conversions, low CTR etc.)? Like many other marketers, you’ve probably had. As a result, there is a common thought that Facebook ad is something useless for B2B businesses. Time to bust this myth! In this article I will share how I have successfully used a basic Google Form survey to market a team ...

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  • Essential for Your Next Job Interview – The Art of Maintaining Eye Contact

    Should you look into his eye? Would he think you are staring? Is it okay to look away once in a while? If someone mentions the words eye contact before an interview, these things would surely come to our mind. If you make the right amount of eye contact in an interview, it levels up your chances of bagging the job to a great extent.

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  • Top 7 Powerful Facebook Audience Targeting Tactics

    Advertisers have access to over 1300 targeting options, 15 kinds of campaigns, and more than 1.59 million profiles on Facebook. And it’s not surprising that Facebook’s advertising platform is used by companies of all sizes: from small family businesses to the top largest companies. The dream of a marketer can be considered to have come true, since they have access to a huge va ...

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  • Beware: Critical Gaffes in Planning Stage That Could Destroy Your Ecommerce Bottom Line

    Ecommerce is the present and future of retail. And along with its growth are competitions that keep getting fiercer each day. In fact, eMarketer reveals that online sales are going to exceed $4 trillion by 2020! Hence, to stand out, you need to exhaust a well-planned approach with clear priorities, right from the start. As always, there’s a David and Goliath story in every retail’s history.

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  • Why Brands Spend Pour Millions On Marketing

    Why do Marketers Spend Millions of Dollars on Marketing? Whether it’s a brand fight between Coca-Cola and Pepsi or McDonald and KFC, brands spend millions of dollars on marketing to win the battle. Though there is no winning in the brand game, the fight is all about marketing your brand in a right manner.

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  • Content Generation Tools And Strategies That Make You Proud

    Understanding The Right Content For Your Business: Content is the major aspect of all other components that build your digital business. Content is the one that plays the major role in building the business. Be able to generate a content that is unique, appealing as well as professional. Identify The Objective: Before you proceed writing, you should understand the ethic that who ...

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  • Interactive Content: 6 Innovative Lead Generation Ideas

    Content creation is an essence of contemporary marketing and it constantly evolves in the attempt to meet the demands of modern business. Right now, we’ve come to the point in which it is not enough to create a passive content. Today, it is getting more and more interactive in order to generate leads and conversions.

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  • Social Selling: The Art of Converting Likes into Sales

    From a distance, the social media looks to be a tool that can be used for brand awareness, at the most, but nothing that would guarantee you increased sales. However, social selling can change that. Social selling is all about finding and engaging with new prospects on social media platforms– mostly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  • Case in Point: Infographics are Far From Dead!

    The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is what infographics aim to projects exactly. In digital marketing, an infographic is an element that carries its entire meaning. It’s all about what you want to impart to your target audience. It produces engagement and earns links which improve Google rankings and enhances brand recognition.

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  • Top 10 Websites You Can Download High-Quality Images For Free

    Images are a vital part of the quality content but what if you don’t have a quality image of your own? Luckily, there are online services that offer free images that you can download in high resolution; you only need to register as a user. Here are the top 10 websites that offer high-quality images for free and make the process of uploading and sharing easier than ever. 1.

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  • 5 Major Marketing Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Stay Away From

    To say that marketing is important to the success of a business is an understatement. Spending a decent amount of money on your campaigns and reading every single article on marketing strategies there is on the internet doesn’t guarantee your business’ success.The effectiveness of a marketing strategy relies upon its implementation and the entrepreneur’s knowledge of consumer behavior.

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  • 5 Productivity Hacks Every Successful Person Uses

    Are you weary of multi-tasking? How about when you’ve multi-tasked but still don’t have enough time at the workplace to complete your tasks on time? If the answer is yes, do not despair because you are most certainly not alone. The fact is that many people find it daunting to manage work efficiently.

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  • 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Twitter Page

    You might be wondering, why even write Twitter articles? Isn’t Twitter dead? The truth is that Twitter has millions of daily active users and it is a platform that is excellent for you to build an audience and engage with your audience when optimized for success. Twitter is more about you building a brand that people are willing to follow and a brand that people enjoy following.

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