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  • Best practices for mobile AR design

    Over the past few years, many people have experienced virtual reality with headsets like Cardboard, Daydream View, and higher-end PC units like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Now, augmented reality has the potential to reach people right on their mobile devices. AR can bring information to you, and that digital information can enhance the experience you have with their physical space.

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  • Digital News Initiative: €20 million of funding for innovation in news

    In October 2015, as part of our Digital News Initiative (DNI)—a partnership between Google and news publishers in Europe to support high-quality journalism through technology and innovation—we launched the €150 million DNI Innovation Fund. Today, we’re announcing the recipients of the fourth round of funding, with 102 projects in 26 European countries being offered €20,428,09 ...

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  • The Year in Search: the questions we asked in 2017

    As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to look back on the year that was with our annual Year in Search. As we do every year, we analyzed Google Trends data to see what the world was searching for. 2017 was the year we asked “how…?” How do wildfires start? How to calm a dog during a storm? How to make a protest sign? In fact, all of the “how” searches you see in the video wer ...

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  • Opening the Google AI China Center

    Since becoming a professor 12 years ago and joining Google a year ago, I’ve had the good fortune to work with many talented Chinese engineers, researchers and technologists. China is home to many of the world's top experts in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. All three winning teams of the ImageNet Challenge in the past three years have been largely composed ...

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  • A look at Team Drives in action at the California Academy of Sciences

    Located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the California Academy of Sciences is an aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museum all wrapped into one. Attracting visitors from all over the world, the California Academy of Sciences aims to explore, explain, and sustain life on Earth. In addition to biodiversity research and conservation efforts, they offer a large varie ...

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  • News Lab in 2017: working with news organizations to address industry challenges

    Editor’s Note: This week we’re looking at the ways the Google News Lab is working with news organizations to build the future of journalism. This is the first in a four-part series. 2017 was a critical time for both the news and technology industries. The battle against misinformation, rapidly-changing business models for news organizations and fundamental questions about th ...

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  • Igniting innovation: Connecting Thailand's startups globally

    The Google for Entrepreneurs logo at one of HUBBA's locations in Bangkok. Editor’s note: This post comes from Amarit Charoenphan, CEO and co-founder of HUBBA, Thailand’s first and largest coworking space and community. Today, they’re officially joining the Google for Entrepreneurs partner network. I started out as an entrepreneur in 2012, when Bangkok was affected by serious flooding.

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  • Holiday greetings from Project Fi

    It’s time to kick off this holiday season, And with new phones and features there’s no better reason, To gift our subscribers with holiday cheer, It’s a game on the slopes; we’ll bring all the gear. Strap on your best boots and hit the fresh snow, Looking out for snowboarders and pi ...

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  • $13 million dollars in 10 years: CS professional development grants are open

    Ten years ago, Jeff Walz, a manager on Google’s University Relations team, had a hunch about widening access to computer science (CS) education for students—he thought that if teachers could train other teachers, who would then train their students, together they could create a ripple effect. After attending a Carnegie Mellon University workshop for high school teachers desig ...

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  • 3 ways employees will benefit from digital transformation in 2018

    Editor’s note: Business is no longer as usual. New technologies in the workplace, like machine learning and augmented reality, create opportunities for companies to enhance employee productivity. Alan Lepofsky, analyst at Constellation Research, Inc. discusses three key areas where technology will impact work as we know it.

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  • More reasons to love your Pixel phone

    When you invest in a smartphone, you expect it to last a while (and not go out of date when the next product comes along). We expect that, too, so we constantly add new experiences to Pixel phones to make sure they keep getting better over time. Here are a few highlights from recent weeks: 1. Have fun and get creative with Augmented Reality Stickers Pixel 2 has the world’s ...

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  • Brains, beauty and beats: Google Home Max is here

    Just in time for the holidays, Google Home Max is now available online from the Best Buy, Google Store, Verizon and Walmart. Max brings together the convenience of controlling your music with your voice, with premium, high quality audio. Google Home Max sounds pretty amazing right out of the box because it’s our first speaker with Smart Sound.

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  • Ready for your close-pup: the pets of #teampixel

    Can you say "shake"? This week we’re making the introduction to some of #teampixel’s furry friends who always make the day a little brighter. From fabulous felines to a French Bulldog in PJs, scroll through this week’s “pawsome” picks and get to know the pets of #teampixel—13/10 would portrait mode again.

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  • The High Five: fighting fire, breaking silence, and other top searches this week

    This week, search trends—with data from the Google News Lab—reflect nationwide concern about the Southern California wildfires, as well as end-of-year cultural milestones like TIME’s “Person of the Year” and “Spotify Wrapped.” Southern California wildfires As wildfires ravaged Southern California this week, people searched to find out “How do brush fires start?” and “Why ar ...

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