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  • Be inspired by the 2017 Google Business Group storytelling contest winners

    What do Indonesia, Nepal, and the Philippines have in common? They’re home to the four winners of Google Business Group’s 2017 “Story Search” contest. Every year, as a part of our effort to spotlight entrepreneurs who’ve taken their businesses online, we invite thousands of our global Google Business Groups (GBG) members to participate in a storytelling competition and share ...

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  • Why building on an environmentally responsible cloud matters

    Operating Google in an environmentally sustainable way has been a core value from day one. Each year we release our environmental report to share updates on our progress towards a more sustainable future. This year’s report marks our 10th year of carbon neutrality, and we’re excited to share that, in 2017, we’ll reach our goal of 100 percent renewable energy for all of our operations.

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  • Who works in America’s newsrooms?

    Over the course of two decades, the American Society of News Editors (ASNE) has compiled a national view of gender and race breakdowns of U.S. journalists. The newly released 2017 data helps us understand who is working in America’s newsrooms, and provides a unique insight into how the industry reflects—or struggles to reflect—the population it serves.

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  • Our 2017 environmental report

    Today, we published our updated Environmental Report, which provides data on Google's environmental sustainability programs. This report closes out 2016, a landmark year ushering in three major milestones: 10 years of carbon neutrality, 10 years for the Earth Outreach program, and reaching 100 percent renewable energy for our operations.

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  • Bringing Google Earth to Expeditions with Seurat

    Editor’s Note: In this technical post we explain how Seurat, a developer tool from Google, is able to bring high-end graphics to mobile VR systems. If students could see almost any place in the world with the high quality graphics of Google Earth VR, it would create new opportunities for exploration and learning.

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  • Flying during the holidays? Read this before you book

    Millions of Americans will fly somewhere for Thanksgiving this year—and for many of them the search for flights will begin this week. Last year we saw a spike in Google Flights searches for Thanksgiving dates starting in mid-October. So whether you’re flying to visit family or heading off on vacation, here are a few tips from Google Flights to help with your holiday travel planning this year.

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  • The Agoraphobic Traveller shares her Street View portraits

    Editor’s note: Jacqui Kenny is a New Zealander who now lives in London, U.K. On World Mental Health Day, we asked Jacqui to tell her story about a surprising use of Street View. For over 20 years I have lived with severe anxiety, and eight years ago I was diagnosed with agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder in which you fear and avoid places or situations where yo ...

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  • Behind the design: Selfie stickers in Google Allo

    Who do I want to be, and how do I want to portray myself to the world? While these questions might seem existential, we come face to face with them (literally!) every time we take a selfie. So when designing the latest set of selfie stickers in Google Allo, we thought a lot about these questions too.

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  • Bringing our support to Europe Code Week

    Computer science fosters innovation, critical thinking and empowers students with the skills to create powerful tools to solve major challenges. Yet, there are not enough students who have access to opportunities to develop their technical skills. At Google, we aim to equip students of all backgrounds with the skills to be creators, and not just consumers, of technology.

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  • Cheers to a year of #teampixel

    We’ve come a long way, #teampixel! From being featured in an immersive digital installation to getting on the big stage, Pixel photographers have been crushing it with amazing photography that let us into their everyday lives. This week, we’re celebrating #teampixel’s one-year milestone—without this community, the world would be a less colorful, creative place.

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  • The High Five: what people are searching this week

    Here are a few of the week’s top-searched trends, with data from the Google News Lab. Las Vegas Many are still coming to terms with the tragic Las Vegas shooting that claimed the lives of 59 people and injured hundreds more. A few of the most-searched questions about the shooting were “What gun was used in the Las Vegas shooting?” “How long did the Las Vegas shooting last?” a ...

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  • Bavarian State Library and Google celebrate 10 years of partnership

    Ten years ago the venerable Bavarian State Library from Munich (BSB) and the comparatively young Google started their joint adventure: the digitization of hundreds of thousands of historical writings from the archives of the BSB and its Bavarian regional libraries. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of our collaboration, we’ve published a digital exhibition on Google Arts & Culture.

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  • Exploring Contemporary Art with Google Arts & Culture

    Working with more than 180 partners all over the world, Google Arts & Culture is shining a light on contemporary art, with a new collection of online stories and rich digital content at Through an immersive digital journey, we bring you straight to the institutions housing the world’s seminal contemporary art collections with the help of hig ...

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  • Look, Ma, no SIM card!

    While phones have come a long way over the years, there’s one thing that hasn't changed: you still need to insert a SIM card to get mobile service. But on the new Pixel 2, Project Fi is making it easier than ever to get connected. It’s the first phone built with eSIM, an embedded SIM that lets you instantly connect to a carrier network with the tap of a button.

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  • Google Pixel Buds—wireless headphones that help you do more

    What if your headphones could do more than let you listen to your favorite music? What if they could help you get things done without having to look at your phone? What if they could help you answer (almost!) any question just by asking, or even help you understand someone speaking a different language? We wanted to make a more helpful pair of headphones, so today, we’re introducing Google Pi.

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