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  • Lights, camera … control your home with the Google Assistant

    It’s usually pretty easy to flip a light switch. But when you’re out at night and realize your dog is sitting at home in the dark, or want to set mood lighting for movie night from the comfort of the couch, it’d be nice to have some help. The Assistant on your phone or smart speaker, like Google Home, can help you control your home—whether it’s turning on the lights or turnin ...

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  • Tips for newsrooms to tell the local story when it matters most

    During crises like Hurricane Irma or the Santa Rosa fires, local reporters are often the first on the scene and capture critical coverage. They have in-depth knowledge of the community and its landmarks, providing insights and context to these breaking news events. When Hurricane Irma was approaching Miami, the reporting team at the Miami Herald was ready to cover the storm ...

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  • Home for the holidays: tips from Google Home and Refinery29

    Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sound of wrapping last minute-gifts and packing suitcases for those who are heading home for the holidays. There’s no place quite like home during this joyous, hectic time of year, and our friends at Refinery29 are recording daily podcasts—available exclusively via the Assistant on Google Home—until Christmas to help you through the holiday festivities at home.

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  • NCAA® teams up with Google Cloud

    Sports have the power to bring friends and family together, unite communities and inspire future generations. That’s why we’re so excited to be partnering with the NCAA to make Google Cloud its official public cloud provider. As part of its journey to the cloud, the NCAA is migrating 80+ years of historical and play-by-play data, from 90 championships and 24 sports, to Googl ...

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  • Digital Coaches help Black and Latino businesses grow online

    Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post comes from JinJa Birkenbeuel, the CEO of Birk Creative, a creative marketing and branding agency. For the last six months, I’ve been one of eight minority small business owners around the U.S. piloting Google’s Digital Coach program, which offers free workshops for small businesses on how to use Google’s tools for digital marketing.

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  • ARCore Developer Preview 2

    Augmented reality is a powerful way to bring the physical and digital worlds together. AR places digital objects and useful information into the real world around us, which creates a huge opportunity to make our phones more intuitive, more helpful and a whole lot more fun. We’ve been working on augmented reality since 2014, with our earliest investments in Project Tango.

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  • 5 ways to improve your hiring process in 2018

    Editor’s note: Senior Product Manager Berit Hoffmann leads Hire, a recruiting application Google launched earlier this year. In this post, she shares five ways businesses can improve their hiring process and secure great talent. With 2018 quickly approaching, businesses are evaluating their hiring needs for the new year. According to a recent survey of 2,200 hiring managers, 46 percent of U.

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  • Earth to exoplanet: Hunting for planets with machine learning

    For thousands of years, people have looked up at the stars, recorded observations, and noticed patterns. Some of the first objects early astronomers identified were planets, which the Greeks called “planētai,” or “wanderers,” for their seemingly irregular movement through the night sky. Centuries of study helped people understand that the Earth and other planets in our solar ...

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  • Local businesses bring in new customers with Posts on Google

    Seven out of ten customers visit a business or make a purchase based on info they found online1. With Posts on Google, businesses can share these timely updates right where people find your business on Search and Maps. Creative posts help a new restaurant become a local hit Igor Chang founded HAO Restaurant and Bar to bring Asian dishes to his beachside neighborhood in João Pessoa, Brazil.

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