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  • Water organizations using tech to make an impact

    By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. Already, more than 663 million people in the world live without clean water. And drought is a major challenge in geographies ranging from Northern California, which is facing its worst drought in 1,200 years; to east Africa, where a devastating drought has led to crop failures affecting an estimat ...

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  • Get real-time commute info and more in one tap

    Starting today we’re rolling out an update to Google Maps on Android that provides helpful everyday info—in real time—at the bottom of your home screen. Just swipe up and you’ll see three tabs that will help you find a nearby restaurant, beat traffic, or catch the next bus. Under the places tab, you’ll see curated lists of places to eat and drink like “best dinners,” “che ...

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  • Get inspired: three weeks left to submit artwork for Doodle 4 Google

    It’s been over ten years since I began doodling for Google and I’ve never been more excited about what’s coming up for our ever-changing logo. We know that young artists inspire us, so for the 10th annualDoodle 4 Google contest, we’re asking them to answer the question “What inspires you?” (in the form of a Google logo, of course).

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  • The High Five: roses are red, violets are blue, five top searches for you

    Roses are red, Violets are blue. Here are this week's top searches for you: The Dow is down, but a rocket went up to the skies We're staring deeply into our valentines' eyes While the world’s best athletes go for the gold We met the new Gerber baby, just one year old. Now on to the trends, before my rhyme becomes drab— All the data we use comes from Google News Lab.

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  • #teampixel photographer Dave East heads to Iceland

    This week, #teampixel heads north of the equator on a trip with photographer, Dave East. Check out his photos from Iceland (shot in subzero temperatures!) that captured everything from giant glaciers to epic waterfalls, and hear about why he loves his Pixel camera. Can you tell us about your recent trip to Iceland shooting on Pixel 2 XL? Iceland was absolutely surreal.

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  • It takes a teacher to bring the real world into the classroom

    Editor’s Note:At Education on Air, Google’s free online conference December 3, we’ll be celebrating educators and exploring the future of education and technology. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing stories and tips from some of the speakers. Register today. Ben Thomas, a learning and digital pedagogy coordinator at Xavier High School in Albury, New South Wales, Aus ...

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  • Honoring Veterans Day with Google Expeditions

    Editor’s Note:Google Expeditions has a number of lessons to help students learn about our military history this Veterans Day. Students can experience the history of World War I, World War II, and the Civil War, understand the key events that shaped those moments, and visit the memorials that commemorate them.

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  • #transvoices: Celebrating transgender changemakers

    Here’s a Google hot-tip: if the quiz night question starts: “In what year did…”? The answer is probably 2016. For the transgender community 2016 was the year that trans storylines broke into mainstream US cinema and TV, and Jeffrey Tambor celebrated his Emmy by hoping that it would be the last time a trans-female role was played by a non-trans actor.

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  • Introducing the new Google Play Music

    Whether reminding you to leave to catch your flight, helping you find pictures of your daughter’s recital, or suggesting the right Smart Reply, Google builds tools that help you make the world of information more accessible and useful. And at Google Play Music, we strive for the same. Building on our commitment to help you find the right music for any moment, today we’re int ...

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  • Get practical ideas for innovating in schools at Education on Air, Dec 3rd

    Editor’s Note:As part of the #ItTakesATeacher movement, we’re hosting a free, online conference on December 3 - Education on Air: It Takes a Teacher - to celebrate educators around the world and allow teachers to learn from each other. Register today. At Education on Air: It Takes a Teacher, we’ll be celebrating educators and exploring the future of education and technology.

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  • Thanksgiving turkey and traffic tips from Google Trends and Maps

    Next week tens of millions of Americans will hit the road to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones near and far. So now’s the time to start planning your Thanksgiving celebration of food, family and football. From figuring out the best time to leave for grandma’s house to searching for the tastiest pumpkin pie recipe to wow your guests – Google’s your guide to a successful (and ...

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  • Community college pathways to a four-year computer science degree

    Editor's note:This piece was authored in collaboration with our research partners, Shanna Jaggars, Research Affiliate, Community College Research Center and Louise Ann Lyon, Senior Research Associate, ETR Our latest research shows that students who attend community colleges on the way to computer science (CS) bachelor’s degrees encounter many challenges and obstacles along the way.

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  • Making a ‘mesh’ of your Wi-Fi

    Whether we’re binge watching in the bedroom, gaming in the basement, or taking a video call from the kitchen, we want fast Wi-Fi in every room of our homes. And yet we still put up with Wi-Fi headaches, like spotty connections, dead zones, and blinking lights when something goes wrong. As we continue to bring the latest and greatest gadgets into our homes, we want to make su ...

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  • Experimenting at the crossroads of Machine Learning and arts

    This 233,000 year old female figurine is said to be the oldest piece of artwork ever found. Based on microscopic analyses archeologists suggest that it was shaped by human hands — possibly one of the first artists in the world. Critically, those human hands used a flint to shape the head and arms. Made of volcanic material, this 233,000-year-old and 3.

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