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  • 7 ways admins can help secure accounts against phishing in G Suite

    We work hard to help protect your company against phishing attacks—from using machine learning, to tailoring our detection algorithms, to building features to spot previously unseen attacks. While we block as many external attacks as we can, we continue to build and offer features designed to empower IT administrators to develop strong internal defenses against phishing.

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  • A few favorites from Talks at Google in August

    Whether you want to rise up with the cast of Hamilton, transport yourself to the sky with an astronomy expert, or learn to live happier with less from “The Minimalists,” you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of our favorite Talks at Google from August (we know … it’s a week late, but worth the wait).

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  • Android Wear: 20+ watches for fall

    Android Wear was created to take smartwatches beyond “one size fits all.” That's why we're thrilled there are even more ways to express your style this fall—all while keeping you informed with messages at a glance, activity tracking, and help from your Google Assistant. Fit for the runway With Android Wear, you never have to sacrifice fashion for function.

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  • Google’s fight against human trafficking

    Google has made it a priority to tackle the heinous crime of sex trafficking. I know, because I’ve worked on this from the day I joined in 2012. We have hired and funded advocates in this area. We have developed and built extensive technology to connect victims with the resources they need. And we have helped pioneer the use of technologies that identify trafficking networks ...

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  • Analyze your business data with Explore in Google Sheets, use BigQuery too

    A few months back, we announced a new way for you to analyze data in Google Sheets using machine learning. Instead of relying on lengthy formulas to crunch your numbers, now you can use Explore in Sheets to ask questions and quickly gather insights. Check it out. Quicker data → problems solved When you have easier access to data—and can figure out what it means quickly ...

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  • Building for Daydream gets easier with new tools

    With Daydream, our goal is to enable developers to build high-quality mobile VR experiences. We’re always trying to make the development process easier and more efficient, helping you focus on innovation by providing tools to optimize your apps, interactions, and workflow. With that in mind, we have some new updates and features for our tools.

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  • Preserving and celebrating Latino cultures in the U.S.

    Last September, before I left my hometown in San Antonio, Texas for a job at Google in New York, I went to a special mass at Mission San José, one of five historic missions in San Antonio. As I walked up to the old wooden doors, I saw Latino families from the neighborhood gathering outside to greet each other.

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  • New features in Jamboard to help you make the best of your jams

    A few months have passed since we first released Jamboard—Google’s cloud-based, collaborative whiteboard. Since then, our engineering and product teams have been developing new features to make your jam sessions even better. For those of you new to Jamboard, check out this video. For those of you who have been testing Jamboard with your teams, here are eight new updates to h ...

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  • Google Trips, Flights, and Destinations add new languages and countries

    For all you travelers and explorers out there, planning your next vacation just got easier. Google Trips, Google Flights, and Destinations on Google now support a combined 20 new languages and 26 new countries globally. So whether you’re just starting to get ideas for your next trip, or you're ready to book your flight and get to sightseeing—we’ve got you covered.

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  • A better world for wheels on Google Maps

    More than 65 million people worldwide need wheelchairs. I became one of them after an accident eight years ago, and I discovered what it’s like to navigate the world on wheels. As I learned, those of us with mobility issues need information about places before we arrive. Does the art museum have a stair-free entrance? What about the cafe across the street? And is there an ac ...

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  • Manage your business listing without leaving Google Search

    Businesses succeed and grow when they reach new customers online. With more than 80% of people searching the web to find local information,1 it’s important to have a high quality presence that showcases what makes your business unique. When people get to know your business, they are more likely to become customers.

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  • Bringing digital citizenship into the school curriculum

    Educators around the world have embraced digital literacy in the classroom, encouraging their students to create and engage on the the internet. They recognize digital literacy as an important future skill for their students, and also understand the importance of teaching kids how to be good digital citizens.

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  • Daydream Elements: Foundational VR Design

    Daydream Elements launched at Google I/O this year. It’s a set of best practices and reusable code for some of the most fundamental things you do in VR — like walking around and interacting with the environment. So whether you're a seasoned app developer, an immersive design enthusiast, or just curious about VR, you can take a look at the first set of interactions.

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  • Step inside of music

    What if you could step inside your favorite song and get a closer look at how music is made? That’s the idea behind our new interactive experiment Inside Music. The project is a collaboration with the popular podcast Song Exploder and some of our favorite artists across different genres—Phoenix, Perfume Genius, Natalia Lafourcade, Ibeyi, Alarm Will Sound, and Clipping.

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  • Typing Greek has never been so easy

    Did you know that many words in a vocabulary of an educated English speaker are borrowed from Greek? Hundreds of scientific, medical, and technical terms have been coined from Greek words, being either the root that creates a word or prefixes / suffixes of words used in daily language. From physics to photography, from microscope to telephone, from biology to zoology and many ...

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