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  • A focus on Portrait mode: 10 tips for using Pixel’s camera feature

    With portrait mode on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, you can take pictures of people, pets and even objects like flowers that keep what’s important sharp and in focus, but softly blur out the background. Portrait mode is powered by computational photography and machine learning, which identifies what to keep in focus and what to blur out.

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  • Frame this: 10 tips for getting great portraits on Pixel 2

    With portrait mode on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, you can take pictures of people, pets and even objects like flowers that keep what’s important sharp and in focus, but softly blur out the background. Portrait mode is powered by computational photography and machine learning, which identifies what to keep in focus and what to blur out.

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  • How girls see the world: Girlgaze and Pixel 2

    Girlgaze is a multimedia company that highlights the work of female-identifying creatives and is dedicated to closing the gender gap by providing paid job opportunities for its global community. Girlgaze’s inaugural zine, out today, was created primarily using Pixel 2, and today we’re also releasing a collection of Live Cases featuring Girlgaze photographers.

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  • How the Pixel 2's security module delivers enterprise-grade security

    Security is often top of mind for enterprise customers when it comes to choosing a device for work. Company data should be protected against all manner of threats to avoid a costly and distressing security breach. The new Google Pixel 2 was built with a tamper-resistant hardware security module that reinforces the lock screen against malware and hardware attacks to better sa ...

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  • Poly: Browse, discover and download 3D objects and scenes

    If you’re building for virtual and augmented reality, you need 3D objects for your apps. With Tilt Brush and Blocks, we’ve made 3D creation easier. Now, we want to enable creators and developers to build on everyone’s work. That’s why we created Poly: one place to browse, discover and download 3D objects.

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  • Google Arts & Culture shines a light on 5,000 years of English heritage

    Some of the oldest prehistoric settlers roamed the land we call England today. In fact, England can trace its roots all the way back to the fifth century. That’s a lot of history, knowledge and culture to cover—enough to fill several libraries. But what about things that can’t be housed in libraries—archaeological artifacts, castles, forts and monuments like the Dover Castle ...

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  • 7 ways the Assistant can help you get ready for Turkey Day

    Thanksgiving is just a few days away and, as always, your Google Assistant is ready to help. So while the turkey cooks and the family gathers, here are some questions to ask your Assistant. Show up to dinner on time: “Ok Google, how’s traffic?” Prepare accordingly: “Ok Google, set a turkey timer for 4 hours.” And don’t forget dessert: “Ok ...

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  • Learn more about publishers on Google

    As tens of thousands of publishers of all sizes push out content every day, chances are you’ve come across a publication you’re not familiar with or one you wanted to learn more about. To help in this situation, publisher Knowledge Panels on Google will now show the topics the publisher commonly covers, major awards the publisher has won, and claims the publisher has made ...

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  • Defending access to lawful information at Europe’s highest court

    Under the right to be forgotten, Europeans can ask for information about themselves to be removed from search results for their name if it is outdated, or irrelevant. From the outset, we have publicly stated our concerns about the ruling, but we have still worked hard to comply—and to do so conscientiously and in consultation with Data Protection Authorities.

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  • Portraits of veteran scholars across America

    As Veterans Day approaches, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the military and veterans community. From local artists to community leaders to technology innovators, veterans contribute not only to our workplace, but to our neighborhoods and culture. This dedication to serving the community is what inspired me to enlist in the California Army National Guard four years ago.

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  • Connecting students across space and time with Google Cloud

    Editor’s note: This week the Google team is in Philadelphia for the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2017, an important gathering of higher education technology leaders. If you’re at the event, visit us at booth #1100 to see the latest demos of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), G Suite, devices like Jamboard and virtual reality and augmented reality tools.

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  • An AI Resident at work: Suhani Vora and her work on genomics

    Suhani Vora is a bioengineer, aspiring (and self-taught) machine learning expert, SNES Super Mario World ninja, and Google AI Resident. This means that she’s part of a 12-month research training program designed to jumpstart a career in machine learning. Residents, who are paired with Google AI mentors to work on research projects according to their interests, apply machine l ...

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  • Unlock your superpowers with Android Pay and Justice League

    If you use Android Pay today, you’re in for a surprise. Like our beloved animations of space explorers, Halloween haunts, and Wimbledon players in the past, five of our Android bots have channeled their superpowers to become Justice League Super Heroes in celebration of the movie. Starting in the next few days through December 31, you can see them sprint, soar, and fight to d ...

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  • Lights, shadows and silhouettes by #teampixel

    Shadows don’t always have to be scary—they can be downright magical. This week, #teampixel is sharing everything from a solitary lemon’s shadow to palm trees silhouetted against a vivid sky in Venice, CA. Come chase shadows with us and see what you find. If you’d like to be featured on @google and The Keyword, tag your Pixel photos with #teampixel and you might see yourself next.

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  • Android Pay goes local in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Brazil and Slovakia

    Whenever we launch Android Pay in a new market, we think about how to enable faster, easier checkout while taking into account the distinct payment habits of each place. Working with partners is a key part of creating a local experience. A few weeks ago, we launched Android Pay in Ukraine. Today, it’s available in Czech Republic and Brazil, and soon it’ll be live in Slovakia, too.

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  • Protecting our Google Docs and Drive Users

    Protecting all Google users from viruses, malware, and other abusive content is central to user cyber-safety and sometimes we remove access to certain files in order to provide these protections. On Tuesday, October 31, we mistakenly blocked access to some of our users’ files, including Google Docs.

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  • Skip the line: restaurant wait times on Search and Maps

    When it comes to a saucy bowl of pasta or a perfectly cooked steak, people are willing to wait in (long) lines for a taste of their favorite comfort foods. Rolling out soon, wait times on Google Search (and coming soon to Maps) shows you the estimated wait at your favorite restaurants. Now you can decide whether that cronut is really worth an hour wait or plan ahead to get yo ...

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  • Webinar series: Delivering virtual apps and desktops on Chromebooks

    Last July, we announced our expanded partnership with Citrix, offering desktop virtualization solutions on Chrome devices to help more businesses transition to the cloud. Since then, we’ve seen rapid adoption of Citrix and Chrome devices in the enterprise. Many businesses have told us they picked Chrome devices for their security, manageability and cost effectiveness.

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  • The High Five: our searches go on, and on

    Turkey, “Titanic” and the pope’s new ride were on our minds this week. Here are a few of the week’s top search trends, with data from the Google News Lab. Almost time for turkey As people in the U.S. prepare to gather around the table for Thanksgiving next week, our Thanksgiving insights page has all the trends. Pumpkin pie dominates searches in the U.S.

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  • Welcome HTC to the Android One family

    Android One took some important steps two months ago in an effort to give people a fresh, secure software experience designed by Google on more high quality devices. In a short amount of time, our partners have already announced some amazing phones, including the Xiaomi Mi A1 and Android One moto x4 on Project Fi. Today, HTC is joining the Android One family with their HTC U11 life.

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  • The Google Home app keeps getting better

    Your Google Home and Chromecast are all set up and ready to go. Now, what to watch or listen to? The refreshed Google Home app makes it easier for you to find some of your favorite movies, shows and music. It’s not just a new look—we’ve added new smarts, too. Here are a few ways the updated Google Home app gives you a better browsing experience: Ready for our close-up: W ...

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  • Google News Lab Fellows … Where Are they Now?

    Five years ago, we created the News Lab Fellowship to connect up-and-coming reporters with nonprofit journalism organizations that use data and technology to report the news in different and interesting ways. Since then, we’ve expanded the program to 12 countries, and most recently, the fellowship in Germany, Switzerland and Austria offered placements for journalists and deve ...

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  • Communicate around the house with the Google Assistant

    From dinner bells to shouting, attempting to gather the family from around the house is nothing new. And now, your Google Assistant is getting in on the game. Starting today, you can broadcast your voice from your Assistant on your phone or voice-activated speaker, like Google Home. So when you need to round up the family in the morning, just say “Ok Google, broadcast it’s t ...

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  • Spend more time around the table (not in traffic) this Thanksgiving

    Many Americans will spend next Thursday surrounded by family and friends around a table full of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce (or whatever your family favorites are). Because traveling for Thanksgiving can be stressful, we looked at historical Google Maps traffic data to identify the best and worst times for your Thanksgiving road trips.

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  • Maximizing art assets for VR

    In line with previous tips we shared about creating art assets for VR, we’ve put together a few specific techniques for VR artists to get the most out of polygons and UV space. Tiling textures: Instead of making one giant texture that covers lots of space, create a smaller tileable texture that can be used in more spaces.

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  • Doubling down in Japan

    In 2001, when Google was just three years old, we opened our first office outside the U.S. That office was right here in Tokyo. Before Chrome, Gmail and YouTube, there was Google Japan. 16 years later, Google has grown quite a bit—we now have offices in over 150 cities, spanning nearly 60 countries—and Google Japan has grown as well, to 1,300 Googlers strong.

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  • The Google Assistant on phones, now in Spanish and Italian

    The Google Assistant is already available on phones in a number of languages around the world and this week we’re adding a few new ones to the roster—Spanish in the U.S., Mexico and Spain as well as Italian in Italy. So now you can say “Ok Google” and ask the Assistant to play your favorite song, tell you about the weather, navigate home and more.

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  • Resonance Audio: Multi-platform spatial audio at scale

    As humans, we rely on sound to guide us through our environment, help us communicate with others and connect us with what’s happening around us. Whether walking along a busy city street or attending a packed music concert, we’re able to hear hundreds of sounds coming from different directions. So when it comes to AR, VR, games and 360 video, you need rich sound to create an e ...

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  • Go behind the scenes with Austin City Limits: Backstage

    “Austin City Limits” needs little introduction. It’s the longest-running television music program in history, it’s helped launch the careers of iconic musicians like Willie Nelson (featured in the very first episode back in 1974), and it’s even enshrined in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But, for all its history, the closest you can get is either in the crowd, or in front of your TV screen.

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  • Banding Together to support North Bay fire relief

    Our neighbors in the North Bay have shown incredible strength and resolve while facing the recent wildfires, the deadliest natural disaster in California since the 1906 earthquake. Many have lost loved ones, homes, and land; and thousands are still displaced as the region starts to rebuild. As soon as the fires began, Google and Googlers committed $1 million to support relief ...

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  • No more red ink: better writing with machine learning

    Editor’s note: TensorFlow, our open source machine learning library, is just that—open to anyone. Companies, nonprofits, researchers and developers have used TensorFlow in some pretty cool ways, and we’re sharing those stories here on Keyword. Here’s one of them. was founded by a group of educators and technologists to help students become better writers and critical thinkers.

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  • Work hacks from G Suite: onboard new employees like a boss

    We’ve talked about how corporate training can positively impact employee engagement. The same is true for efficient onboarding. The faster new employees are onboarded, the faster they feel they’re part of the team and can contribute to your company’s mission. Here are a few tips to help you onboard new employees without a hitch. 1.

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  • Businesses from Brazil to India build free websites with Google

    Having a website helps local businesses reach new, interested customers, and when those business link to a website on their Google listing, they get 25-35% more clicks (according to internal research). But building a website takes time, and it can feel like a distraction from the work small business owners do to turn their dreams into success stories—whether that’s managing a ...

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  • Seven things you can do with Google Pixel Buds

    Last month we announced Google Pixel Buds, a pair of wireless headphones that sound great and help you do more without you needing to look at your phone. Pixel Buds are easy to control, comfortable to wear, and fast to pair, and with the Google Assistant, help is just a touch away. There’s a lot these headphones can do—did we mention real-time translation in 40 languages? Pi ...

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  • Taking your business global just got easier with Market Finder

    Thanks to global e-commerce, there have never been so many opportunities available to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). However, there are also challenges in the global market. Reports show that though exports provide an average of GBP £287,000 (the equivalent of about $25,000) in extra revenue to UK businesses, SME owners who haven’t exported to a new market still don’t know where to start.

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  • The She Word: Tory Voight’s climb through her career

    Editor’s note: Last week we hosted a Women who VRock panel at the Google Pop Up space in Los Angeles, bringing together women across the VR industry. Tory Voight, a engineering program manager on the Google AR/VR team (and oil painter and rock climber on the side), moderated the discussion. Today shares her own perspective for the She Word, our Keyword series focused on amazing women at Google.

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  • What we’re doing to support veterans

    Before leading Google’s Global Security team, I was proud to serve as a member of the Navy SEALS. There are some great similarities between the military and our company. In both organizations, people genuinely appreciate each other's skills and talents, and we’re all focused on delivering toward a mission.

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  • Pittsburgh steps up to the challenge

    “The people closest to the problem are usually the people closest to the solution. We want to help them reach it sooner.” That’s what our CEO Sundar Pichai said to announce our new Grow with Google initiative last month, and that’s one of the reasons why we created the Impact Challenge, which asks local nonprofits to share how they would make their community a better place.

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  • Indianapolis revs up with Grow with Google

    For more than a hundred years, Indiana has been a powerhouse in American manufacturing. Its factories assembled the vehicles that would take the country into a new automotive era in the 20th century. Historic auto companies like Studebaker, Cord and Duesenberg called the state home. Though Indiana remains a domestic manufacturing hub, the economy continues to evolve.

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  • Dynamic Hybrid-SMR: an OCP proposal to improve data center disk drives

    Early last year, we published a whitepaper on the need for new disks in data centers, and announced we were joining the Open Compute Project (OCP) to help drive innovation in IT infrastructure. Since then, we’ve been collaborating with members of the OCP storage project to align on a collection of common Cloud Hard Disk Drive (HDD) features and interfaces to adapt to exponent ...

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  • Chrome Enterprise now offers native print management

    In August we announced the launch of Chrome Enterprise, a single, cost-effective solution giving you the security and control you need to keep your employees connected. On our road to releasing Chrome Enterprise, we listened to a lot of feedback from businesses. And one of the most common requests we received was greater printing capabilities.

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  • Reflecting on a year’s worth of Chrome security improvements

    In the next few weeks, you’ll probably be spending lots of time online buying gifts for your friends, family and “extended family” (your dog, duh). And as always, you want to do so securely. Picking the perfect present is hard enough; you shouldn’t have to worry about staying safe while you’re shopping.

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  • Taking education higher with Google Cloud Platform

    Editor’s note: This week the Google team is in Philadelphia for the annual EDUCAUSE conference, a gathering of higher education technology leaders. If you’re at the event, visit us at booth #1100 to see the latest demos of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), G Suite, Jamboard, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality tools.

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  • Developing a VR game in just two weeks

    Earlier this year, 3D modeler Jarlan Perez joined the Blocks team for a two-week sprint. The goal of his time with the team was to create a fully immersive virtual reality game in just two weeks using Blocks and Unreal Engine, two tools that have significantly influenced his process as a modeler and game enthusiast.

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  • Get a new perspective on the world with Discovery TRVLR

    One of the richest ways to explore and learn about a place is to get to know it from someone who calls that place home. What if you could experience the subtle mysticism of standing in a pagoda in Thailand watching warrior monks train, or hear the echoes of ancient Aztec gods in the rhythmic stomping of feet during a traditional Mexican cleansing ritual? Virtual reality make ...

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  • For #MyFutureMe finalists, a geofilter shows dreams for the future

    A better and brighter future. A world that accepts people for who they are. Voicing opinions for those who may not be able to. These are just a few elements of a future envisioned by five special teenage girls. Along with Snap Inc., we created the #MyFutureMe contest to challenge teens to design a geofilter based on the future they imagine for themselves.

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  • Our efforts to help protect journalists online

    Safety and security online is important for all of our users, but especially for journalists in the field conducting difficult—sometimes dangerous—reporting. Journalists are susceptible to a number of risks. Reporters covering oppressive regimes or working in regions where freedom of the press is limited have been targeted by government-backed attackers.

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  • Meet a few of our machine learning makers

    From reinventing your smartphone to helping you play rock-paper-scissors, AI is changing the way we use technology today. And while we hear about all the new things we’re able to do thanks to machine learning, we don’t always hear about the people shaping machine learning itself. Who are they? What inspired them to get into the field? And what do they geek out about when it c ...

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  • ‘Tis the season to Fi it Forward

    With the season for giving right around the corner, we’re excited to kick off the Fi it Forward referral challenge. The challenge is rolling out today starting on desktop. Like our last referral challenge, participants will earn prizes for the referrals they make throughout the challenge. In the Fi it Forward challenge, you can win up to two hardware gifts when you refer fr ...

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  • Google Maps gets a new look

    The world is an ever-evolving place. And as it changes, Google Maps changes with it. As roads close, businesses open, or local events happen in your neighborhood, you’ll see it on Google Maps. When you schedule an event using Google Calendar, get a reservation confirmation in Gmail, or add a restaurant to your “Want to Go” list, Google Maps reflects that too.

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  • Identifying credible content online, with help from the Trust Project

    Every day approximately 50,000 web pages filled with information come online—ranging from the weird, the wonderful and the wacky to the serious, the subjective, and the spectacular. With a plethora of choices out there, we rely on algorithms to sort and rank all this information to help us find content that is authoritative and comes from credible sources.

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  • #teampixel is on the move

    Team Pixel is on the move this week, capturing everything from Italian chapels to a serene sunrise scene. So grab your favorite fall beverage and let these adventures inspire you to see more of the world. If you just joined #teampixel, make sure to tag your photos with the hashtag for an opportunity to be featured! Pixel_1109_.jpg Fall in Sweden by wandering.

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  • New tools to make your job search simpler

    To help the millions of people who turn to Google to start their job search, we worked with leaders across the industry to introduce a new experience earlier this year. Since then, we’ve seen more than 60 percent of employers showing jobs in Search and connected tens of millions of people to new job opportunities.

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  • Playing in the leaves with #teampixel

    Sweater weather is here, and #teampixel is out there playing in the leaves. From urban art adventures in LA and Chicago to ancient exploration in Petra, plus picturesque autumnal scenes, treat yourself to some of our favorite #teampixel photos from the past week. We’d love to share your Pixel shots, so be sure to tag your work on Instagram with #teampixel for an opportunity to be featured.

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