• Android Oreo superpowers, coming to a device near you

    Today, we are officially introducing Android 8.0 Oreo, the latest release of the platform–and it’s smarter, faster and more powerful than ever. It comes with new features like picture-in-picture and Autofill to help you navigate tasks seamlessly. Plus, it’s got stronger security protections and speed improvements that keep you safe and moving at lightspeed.

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  • #teampixel always gets the shot

    Pixel photographers know that the best image isn’t always the most obvious one. Sometimes you get it by looking up—sometimes by looking down. It might be close up, or framed by something unexpected. But if you keep your eyes open, it’s there. Take a look at what #teampixel saw this week: Left: guigurui finds a ventana to the sky (Spain).

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  • A Megamovie volunteer on snapping photos and contributing to science

    On August 21—for the first time in 100 years—a total solar eclipse will cross the the United States. Last week we shared an interview with Vivian White, who is coordinating a mighty team of volunteers capturing photos of the eclipse. In collaboration with UC Berkeley, the Eclipse Megamovie project will take these photos and algorithmically align and stitch them together to c ...

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  • Exploring strategies to decarbonize electricity

    Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and the way we generate and use electricity now is a major contributor to that issue. To solve it, we need to find a way to eliminate the carbon emissions associated with our electricity as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Many analysts have come up with a number of possible solutions: renewable energy plus inc ...

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  • Experience Tunisia’s rich culture with Street View Imagery

    My Street View journey took me to Tunisia, home to beautiful sun soaked beaches, ancient Roman ruins, and Islamic monuments. And now you can explore Tunisia on Street view too. The first stop is the Amphitheatre of El Djem, the largest Roman amphitheatre in North Africa, located in the heart of Tunisia.

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  • #teampixel casts a spell with light and shadows

    This week we’re admiring the artistic acumen of #teampixel photographers as they discover the hidden surprises behind light, shadows and reflections. Get ready to ride with a backlit bike through a Bulgarian sunset or check out a dim sum house that’s making us green with envy. And don’t forget to share your own Pixel photos on Instagram—we just might feature you next.

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  • Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to traffic

    In the summertime, the living's easy and the traffic is light. We looked at historical Google Maps traffic data to confirm every summer commuter’s hypothesis—that traffic is much lighter in the summer—and this is what we found: Nationally, once students head back to school and vacationing adults head back to work, morning rush hour traffic increases up to 21 percent compared ...

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  • Trusted Contacts now on iOS

    Last December on Android we introduced the Trusted Contacts app, a new way for you to let your friends and family know you’re safe. Loved ones can request your location––even if your phone is offline or you can’t get to it. You can also proactively share your location in everyday or emergency situations.

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  • The High Five: A GOAT, a pig and a calf

    A GOAT, a pig and a calf walk into a barn … and you get a few of the most popular searches from this week. GOAT = greatest of all time Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady is taking a pass at writing. The cover of his first book—which explains how Brady has stayed in wicked good shape throughout his career—was revealed this week.

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  • Making the future work for everyone

    Over the last five years, Google.org has supported nonprofits around the globe that provide underserved people with the skills and connections they need to secure new opportunities and jobs. We’ve invested in organizations building economic opportunity within their communities: from Oakland Digital, which equips low-income students with skills in graphic design and web develo ...

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  • Helping journalists experiment with 360 content

    There’s already a huge amount of innovation in virtual reality and immersive storytelling—with many newsrooms experimenting and succeeding in the field—but for some, the ability to create 360 content can still be limited. Perhaps predicting the rise of 360 technology, in 2014 Australian creative agency Grumpy Sailor worked with Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney on an experimen ...

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  • Chin up, the Great American Eclipse is today!

    For the first time in 99 years, today people across the continental US will be able to see a total solar eclipse. The eclipse will be partially visible across a large swath of the United States, while those in the 70 mile wide “path of totality” stretching from Oregon to South Carolina will be able to see the moon completely cover the sun.

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