• Samsung Chromebook Pro brings security and versatility to businesses

    With an increase in customers adopting Chrome OS in their organization, the availability of Samsung's Chromebook Pro in the U.S. market this week adds a new enterprise grade device. This premium Chromebook combines the simplicity and security of Chrome OS with flexibility and performance to be productive wherever work happens—in the office, in the field or on the go.

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  • Sell smarter with ProsperWorks for G Suite

    If you want to scale your business, you’ve likely invested in a CRM solution to manage sales workflows and speed up data-driven decision-making - but, CRMs have become a clunky epicenter for team collaboration. You need actionable data insights to drive deals forward, which often require a CRM tool that integrates with the apps you use every day.

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  • More Levels, and more way to contribute for Local Guides

    Luis Duran, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is passionate about helping people with disabilities better navigate and explore his city. Kim Flowers, in Melbourne, Australia, believes everyone should think locally and prides herself on helping businesses in her community. Chioma James from Lagos, Nigeria, is working to ensure that victims of sexual crimes can easily fin ...

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  • Google News Lab powers digital journalism training for Africa

    For journalists, recent advances in digital technology present compelling new opportunities to discover, tell and share stories—like this one from the Mail & Guardian that uses Google My Maps to highlight top water wasters in metro areas during the drought. But learning how to use new digital tools for reporting can be intimidating or even daunting.

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  • Four signs you’re wasting time at work and how G Suite can help

    We all waste time at work, whether it’s on purpose (brushing up on Wonder Woman's history) or on accident (really should have budgeted more time for internal reviews). Luckily, G Suite can help you accomplish more at work, quicker. Here are four tell-tale signs you’re spending time on the wrong things, and tips on how to avoid these time-sinks. 1.

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  • Finding the Qibla in augmented reality

    The Qibla Finder uses your phone camera to paint a clear blue line towards the Qibla When people search for the Qibla—the direction Muslims turn to at prayer—they often look for a website or an app to point them in the right direction. Which explains why the word “compass” often pops up when we look at Qibla-related search results over the past five years.

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  • Make the most of Father’s Day with a little help from your Assistant

    This Sunday is Father’s Day—a day to surprise and spoil our favorite dads. With a little help from your friendly Assistant, you can plan the perfect day, share some stories and more. One up your dad with your own dad jokes. Just ask your Assistant on phones to “tell me a joke.” You can even ask to “talk to Best Dad Jokes” to hear more! Start a chat with your sibli ...

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  • The High Five: Could you use covfefe in a sentence please?

    If we had to sum up this week’s search trends with an emoji, we might go with: 🤔 From unconventional college essays to young “spellebrities” to neologisms (you know what that means), here’s a look at some of the top trending searches from the week of May 29. Forget Paris? People turned to Google to learn more about the Paris Agreement, leading up to and in the wake of Preside ...

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  • Is Project Fi right for you?

    Choosing a new wireless plan is a big decision. There are a lot of things to consider—like coverage, prices and devices. But how do you know if you’ll get what you’re looking for? With Project Fi, we want to make your entire wireless experience simple and easy. That includes deciding whether Project Fi is the right wireless service for you—or not.

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  • Teaching why, not how: My takeaways from Google’s certification training

    Editor’s note: Donnie Piercey is a fifth grade social studies teacher and technology integration specialist at Eminence Independent Schools in Eminence, KY. In this post, part of Google for Education PD Week, he shares his experience of becoming a Google Certified Educator. PD Week is an opportunity for educators to learn new ways to connect with peers, learn Google tools, and get certified.

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  • Visualize data instantly with machine learning in Google Sheets

    Sorting through rows and rows of data in a spreadsheet can be overwhelming. That’s why today, we’re rolling out new features in Sheets that make it even easier for you to visualize and share your data, and find insights your teams can act on. Ask and you shall receive → Sheets can build charts for you Explore in Sheets, powered by machine learning, helps teams gain insights ...

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