• Announcing Our Executive Director

      I’m pleased to announce that after years of the organization being fueled by the volunteers on our working Board of Directors, the Performance Marketing Association has hired an Executive Director to oversee strategy and day-to-day operations. Before noting who we’ve been fortunate enough to hire, I’d like to thank the members of the Board of Directors from the last few year ...

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    • Meet the PMA at Affiliate Summit East

      We’re just days away from Affiliate Summit and your chance to meet up with PMA members at various events. Whether you are looking for industry information, networking, or organization updates, PMA members will be all over ASE16! Where can you find us? The PMA Networking Cocktail Party Get your tickets for the Networking Event to be held Saturday night from 6-7pm.

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    • I Am Performance Marketing: JEBCommerce’s Jamie Birch

      Jamie Birch is the founder and CEO of JEBCommerce, a full service, award-winning performance agency with over 75 years of collective experience managing affiliate programs. Jamie has accumulated decades of performance marketing knowledge in many relevant fields such as SEO, Email, Affiliate and Relationship Management.

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  • Save the Date: “I Am Performance Marketing Week”

    Get ready to help the PMA celebrate the first ever “I Am Performance Marketing” Week. To help highlight our ongoing campaign of performance marketing awareness, the Industry Advancement Council invites all members to participate the first week of May. What do you need to do? First, be on the lookout for more official information about how you can participate as we get ...

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  • FTC Alleges Both Merchant and Affiliate Liable for Affiliate Actions

    FTC Alleges Both Merchant and Affiliate Liable for Affiliate Actions by Tricia Meyer | Mar 9, 2017 | FTC | The FTC filed a complaint against a merchant (Credit Bureau Center), a network (Revable Network, LLC), and an affiliate marketer (Andrew Lloyd). The FTC alleged unfair or deceptive acts, negative opinion marketing, and violation of certain advertising disclosure regul ...

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  • FTC Compliance Update

    The Coupons and Deals Council recently tackled the issue of FTC Compliance and what we have learned since the original .Com Disclosures. The following includes updated sources and information geared toward the affiliate marketing industry. Why is Compliance Important? Compliance affects everyone in the affiliate marketing channel and protects both affiliates and merchants.

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  • Jamie Birch Joins PMA Board of Directors

    Follow I am happy to announce the newest member of our Board of Directors, Jamie Birch, Founder/CEO of JEBCommerce. Jamie in his own words from his BOD application: I’ve been in affiliate marketing since 1999 as an affiliate, an in-house manager and running an agency. I’ve also managed multi-channel digital marketing campaigns for large corporations.

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  • PMA Success at Affiliate Summit West

    Last week the PMA had a terrific showing at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. The conference afforded us an opportunity not only to meet with current members but also to recruit new members. Here were some of the highlights. Networking Cocktail Party 80 members met and mingled over brunch and cocktails to kick off the conference Sunday morning.

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  • What You Missed From the PMA in 2016

    Even if you read every newsletter and watch for our social media posts, you probably missed something the Performance Marketing Association did last year. Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of the most important things we accomplished in 2016. We kicked off the year by meeting members at Affiliate Summit West at our Meet Market Table and our CEO’s Cocktail Hour in January.

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  • Meet the PMA at Affiliate Summit West 2017

    Meet the PMA at Affiliate Summit West 2017 by Tricia Meyer | Jan 4, 2017 | Board of Directors, Industry News and Events, PMA Happenings | We’re just days away from Affiliate Summit and your chance to meet up with PMA members at various events. Whether you are looking for industry information, networking, or organization updates, PMA members will be all over ASW17! Where can ...

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  • PMA Members Speaking at Affiliate Summit West 2017

    The Performance Marketing Association is made up of a diverse group of professionals who are known throughout the industry. Because of that, I am not surprised to see over 30 PMA members speaking about a wide variety of topics at Affiliate Summit West 2017. To help promote their sessions and let others know how they can see them, I have put together the following list of mem ...

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  • No Regulation Without Representation

    As states continue to grapple with the issue of sales on out of state internet purchases, a few federal congress members have entered the conversation with their own versions of bills that include regulations on who can and can’t be taxed and what constitutes a connection (nexus) between a state and a business or individual.

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  • Taking Your Affiliate Program Global

    Expanding an affiliate program globally isn’t simply a matter of replicating existing practices in a new country. In fact, there are many cultural differences, nuances and regulations you may be unfamiliar with that need to be taken into account. To share best practices for expanding your affiliate program into the US and European markets, our Global Client Strategy Director ...

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  • 2017 PMA Board of Directors Nominations Open

    2017 PMA Board of Directors Nominations Open by Tricia Meyer | Oct 3, 2016 | Board of Directors | The Performance Marketing Association has officially opened up the self-nomination process for the 2017 Board of Directors. All Corporate, Retailer, and Industry Champion members in good standing are eligible to run.

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  • Affiliates Sued By Merchants for False Advertising

    Two cases were recently heard by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Both were filed by merchants against affiliates who promoted competing merchants. Both allege violations of New York state law as well as the federal Lanham Act. Although the fact patterns were very different, both cases signify that merchants may have a case against affil ...

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  • Affiliate Marketing Network Liable for Deceptive Advertising

    Last week the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld a lower court ruling against an affiliate network for deceptively promoting the LeanSpa weight-loss supplement (FTC v. LeadClick Media, LLC). PMA member Richard Newman first alerted our members to this case last May when the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut initially held the network liable ( ...

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  • Sponsor the PMA at Affiliate Summit West

    The Performance Marketing Association will once again be participating at Affiliate Summit both exhibiting and with a member meetup. Sponsorship opportunities are a great way for your company not only to support the PMA but also to reach a wider audience. We have two major sponsorship opportunities for Affiliate Summit West 2017 in Las Vegas: PMA Cocktail Brunch on Sunday, J ...

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  • New Resource: Finding Your Next Merchant

    New Resource: Finding Your Next Merchant by Tricia Meyer | Oct 26, 2016 | affiliate marketing, Blogging | As part of its continuing efforts to help affiliates become more successful in the industry, the PMA Publisher Recruitment Council has created a new infographic entitled, Finding Your Next Merchant. The guide follows the first resource in the series, Signing Up with An Affiliate Program.

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