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  • SPI 113: An Interview with 10-Year-Old Entrepreneur, Enya Hixson

    This interview was one of my all-time favorites. Why? Because it was with a 10-year old entrepreneur named Enya Hixson! I recently met Enya’s parents, Mike and Natalie, at Social Media Marketing World and after chatting about kids (which parents tend to often do with each other), I learned all about the businesses Enya was involved in, and was super inspired! I knew that ...

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  • My November 2015 Monthly Income Report

    My first monthly income report from October 2008 totaled $7,906.55, which is a lot for the first month. What most people forget is that leading up to that month, I had put in a year and a half of hard work into my first online business ( before I ever tried to monetize it. That time was spent struggling through the technology, creating content, building c ...

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  • My December 2014 Monthly Income Report

    Why Is This Report So Short? When I first published my income report for December 2014, I combined it with the 2014 Annual Report. With my new website redesign, I need to separate the data from these posts. Again, for the full reflections on December, visit the full post here: the full post here: My 2014 Annual Income Report and Review: $946,256.23.

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  • My April 2015 Monthly Income Report

    This helps me understand how my businesses are progressing (and it’s not always in the positive direction), and it allows you to have an over-the-shoulder view of exactly what’s going on. It is my hopes that you’ll take not only inspiration from this report, but specific and actionable advice you can use to grow your own businesses too. Let’s not waste any more time.

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  • My October 2015 Monthly Income Report

    I create these reports to help me keep track of my progress, and also to show you what’s working and what’s not. I try a lot of new things and sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, there’s always a lesson involved which I share in these types of reports so that you can learn from both my wins and failures as you move forward with your online business, too.

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