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  • 4 Pieces of Sage Healthcare Marketing Advice from Healthcare Marketers

    Healthcare marketers are intensely aware of the changing industry landscape. From new regulations and technologies to the rise of consumerism, many find themselves retooling their strategies and looking for valuable advice along the way. On Wednesday, June 29, 2016 TopRank Marketing and Medicom Health Interactive are partnering for a free webinar to offer that advice and help ...

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  • Should You Consider a Digital Marketing Agency That Follows Agile Marketing Principles?

    A feature of mapping apps that I wish existed: agility. We’ve all been there. At the moment you mapped your route to your next destination, there was no traffic. As you’re cruising down the road you notice of trail of brake lights distantly in front of you. You pull up your map application only to find that your clear roadways have transformed into dots of red lines for the ...

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  • Is Pinterest Still Alive & How Are Brands Using It?

    Is Pinterest still alive? With the rise of Instagram, Snapchat, Blab, and other visual social media networks and apps this is a question many marketers and brands may be asking. The answer? Pinterest is most certainly alive. And, actually, it’s growing—even it’s not getting as much press as it was getting a couple years ago.

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  • Online Marketing News: Snapchat Unicorns, Periscope Moderation and Instagram Business

    How Snapchat Became a Social Media Unicorn (Infographics) Unfortunately, SocialTimes isn't referring to the mythical, fuzzy, four-legged cuddle stallions we've come to know and love. "In the tech world, unicorns are private startups that reach at least a $1 billion valuation. E-commerce has the most unicorns, with 25 percent of the total pool, while 18 percent are in internet s ...

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  • 20 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Busy Digital Marketers

    The interconnectivity of today’s world means that digital marketers are never “off the clock”. Just because it’s a Saturday at 5pm, that doesn’t mean that there may not be a fire that needs to be put out, or a post that needs to go live. Unfortunately, it’s not realistic for marketers to be constantly tied to their laptops and wifi (especially during the summer months).

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  • How to Turn Undervalued Content into Content Marketing Gold (The Trick is Repurposing)

    Have you ever lost hours watching Antiques Roadshow marathons? Or do you lead a substantially more exciting life than I do? I can’t help it; there’s something so compelling about finding treasures in your attic. That ashtray is really a Civil War-era candy dish! That punch bowl is really a 12th-Century chamber pot (we sincerely hope you washed it first)! Even though the most ...

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  • 12 Powerful Tips for Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat

    Brands are always looking for new and interesting ways to connect with their audience, build awareness and showcase what they have to offer. Over the past couple years, Twitter chats have emerged as a marketing tactic that allows brands to do just that and more. Twitter chats are public Twitter conversations that take place surrounding a specific hashtag at a predetermined date and time.

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  • Remarketing Best Practices from Elizabeth Marsten of CommerceHub

    Over the past few years, online remarketing has transitioned into a no brainer practice in digital advertising; and for good reason. Typically associated with lower cost-per-lead and higher return on ad spend, remarketing has caught the eye of businesses and agencies alike. At last week’s 2016 MNSearch Summit, Director of Paid Search at CommerceHub Elizabeth Marsten presented ...

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  • Search Marketing at its Finest: A Preview to #MNSummit 2016

    “There is no black magic to successfully attracting customers via the web.” – Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz For digital marketers, this quote rings all too true. For this reason, successful digital marketing requires constant self and team education and a willingness to experiment with groundbreaking tactics.

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  • 3 SEO-Changing RankBrain Tips Marketers Can’t Ignore

    The way that marketers think about, talk about and implement SEO is constantly evolving. Blackhat SEO tactics that once were incredibly successful, no longer garner the results that they once did. Both search engines and online audiences have become much more sophisticated, forcing marketers to ditch the slimy SEO tactics and focus instead on providing real value.

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  • 5 Dangerous Myths About Influencer Marketing – Busted!

    The popularity of influencer marketing has made the field ripe for opportunists to capitalize on self proclaimed expertise. As new trends emerge into mainstream marketing, advice and experts start popping up everywhere. Some of that advice is good, some is suspect and plenty is just pure mythology. Like a dragon – just as mythical but also potentially dangerous to your marketing.

    Lee Odden/ TopRank®in Social Paid Search- 42 readers -
  • Influencer Marketing Is (not) Dead: How to Breathe New Life into Your Program

    What’s a marketer to do? We heard that influencer marketing was the next big thing. We heard about companies getting amazing results with it. But it seems you can’t go anywhere online recently without seeing headlines like this: And this: Note the social shares on those two articles: 242,000 for the first one and nearly 50,000 for the second one.

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  • [eBook] Patient-First Marketing: Understanding the Anatomy of a Successful Strategy

    Every function of the human body is supported by essential organs like the heart, brain and lungs. Without these vital organs, one simply can’t survive. Similarly, there are key components that are the lifeblood of a successful healthcare marketing strategy in today’s digital world. Healthcare marketers are well aware of the major changes that the healthcare industry is experiencing.

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  • 7 Content Marketing Lessons Brands Can Learn from Journalists

    Before making my debut in the content marketing world, I was a journalist living out her days at coffee shops, city council meetings, ribbon cuttings and community gatherings. The daily grind was grueling at times, but it was also exciting. The prospect of breaking news always kept me on my toes and every day I worked to give my readers the latest and greatest news and information.

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  • SEO Cheat Sheet for Better Content Marketing

    It is our job as marketers to provide our customers with quality experiences. One way we can provide a quality experience is by implementing a customer focused content marketing program. Content marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, including blog posts, infographics, email, podcasts, and many other content types. Every online channel provides a unique way for us to reach our audience.

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  • 6 Things Brands & Publishers Need to Know About Native Advertising

    As brands look to create deeper connections with their audience and publishers search for new ways to generate revenue, native advertising as re-emerged as a tactic that both can take advantage of. For those who aren’t familiar, native advertising, also referred to as sponsored content or advertorials, has taken on many forms over the years—from advertorials in newspapers in ...

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  • [Free Webinar] Patient-First Marketing: 4 Steps for a More Effective Strategy

    The healthcare industry is changing and creating new requirements that leave many healthcare marketers searching for a viable solution. Changing reimbursement models and new policies, regulations, technologies are some of the most talked-about changes. But the rise of consumerism is one of the biggest drivers of change as consumers become increasingly empowered and interested ...

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  • 8 Smart Social Media Platform Marketers Creating Awesome Content

    There is an art to planning and executing on a successful social media marketing strategy. Social algorithms are constantly evolving, new networks popping up and users are adapting the way that they use social platforms. Keeping up with a steady and quality publishing schedule and engagement strategy for social media is no easy undertaking.

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