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  • Online Marketing News: Email Marketing CRO, Facebook Cripples Blockers & Twitter Video

    5 Email Campaign Ideas to Help Increase Conversion Rates [Infographic] HubSpot reports: "Why is email is the most powerful channel for lead nurturing? Because it's a one-on-one interaction, and it can be highly personalized based on where a lead is in the buyer's journey. In terms of engagement, research shows that lead nurturing emails beat out individual email blasts by far.

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  • Online Marketing News: Email Workflow, Google Cracks Down, Influencer Marketing Fails

    How to Optimize Your Email Production Workflow [Infographic] This infographic takes a look at the email marketing production processes of over 900 marketers to help isolate helpful tips and tools to help optimize email marketing workflows. Helpful hints include the optimum production cycle, tips for strategy and goal setting, content creation, design and development.

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  • Supply & Demand: Making the Case for Less Content #UFX2016

    The problem with most marketing teams isn’t a lack of ideas. It’s a lack of clarity and focus.” – Hana Abaza The meaning of the expression “less is more” is one that many content marketers are still struggling with. In an effort to capture the attention of busy and distracted consumers, they’re creating more content than ever. But more isn’t always better.

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  • [eBook] How to Build Your B2B Marketing Empire From the Ground Up

    Is your B2B marketing a skyscraper or a sandcastle? It’s fun to spend a day on the beach creating your dream house, only to have the tide wipe it out. But If you were planning on moving in with your spouse and kids...well, that would be a problem. It takes planning and strategy to build something that will stand the test of time.

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  • How B2B Marketers Can Rise Above Roadblocks with Influencer Marketing

    As the old joke goes, there are two seasons in my home state of Minnesota: Winter and Road Construction. Right now, we are smack in the middle of the latter. I’m a guy who doesn’t like pony-sized potholes on my streets. So I try to make peace with the endless lane changes, reroutes, and slow-downs.

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  • 6 B2B Brands Winning with User Generated Content on Instagram

    With more than 500 million monthly active users and a whopping 300 million daily active users, Instagram’s popularity and growth presents large and small brands with a huge opportunity to connect with a large, diverse audience. But while most B2C brands have found it relatively easy to build connections and followings on this visual social platform, B2B brands find it more cha ...

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  • 6 Tips for Increasing Facebook Organic Reach in an Age of Decline

    In late June, Facebook announced they would be changing the News Feed algorithm to favor content from users’ friends and families, triggering a collective sigh (and maybe some choice words) among publishers, brands and marketers who rely on Facebook to boost brand awareness and generate referral traffic to their website and blog content.

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  • 20 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools for Writing Better Blog Posts

    Fans of high culture rejoice. We have finally realized our potential as a species. We have reached the pinnacle of creative expression. That’s right. MacGyver is getting a reboot. For those of you born in the 90’s, MacGyver was a TV show starring Richard Dean Anderson and his amazing mullet: Image via Telestar Breathtaking, isn’t it? MacGyver was a secret agent who used t ...

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  • 10 Free On-Demand Webinars Every Marketer Should Check Out

    Everything in the digital marketing world seems to move at light speed. And like most things in life, just when you think you have it all figured out, everything changes. As a result, we marketers need to stay sharp, flexible and inspired. We need to make a concerted effort to stay on top of industry news and trends in order to grow our brands and keep pace with the competition.

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  • Uncovering The Problem with Personalization in B2B Marketing #UFX2016

    B2B marketers around the globe are all experiencing the same pain. That consistent pain is how to reach, engage, qualify and convert audiences into paying customers. We’ve all become acutely aware that more content isn’t always better. But now, we’re faced with an even harsher reality about B2B marketing which is that we somehow have to find a way to not only reach the right ...

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  • [eBook] Welcome to The 2016 Content Marketing Summer Games

    Every year, thousands of high school students head to the track, pool, or stadium dreaming of greatness. Hundreds make it to college-level competition. A handful become pros. But when all’s said and done, just one athlete takes the gold. Likewise, content marketing has become a highly competitive landscape.

    Ashley Zeckman/ TopRank®in Content- 20 readers -
  • 11 Common (and Avoidable!) Content Marketing Mistakes, As Explained by Memes

    Question: How do you get better at content marketing? Answer: You learn from your mistakes. Follow-up Question: What’s even better than learning from your mistakes? Answer: Learning from other people’s mistakes. If you’re looking for bad content marketing, it’s a buyer’s market. Every brand is a publishing company now. Some are doing amazing work. Most are…not so much.

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  • 10 Must-Read Content Marketing Interviews with Major Brands and Industry Experts

    Content Marketing continues to drive marketing strategy for many companies and yet most companies doen’t document that strategy and continue to be challenged in created a variety of compelling content on a consistent basis. Smart, creative and results-focused advice on content marketing that actually works is in high demand and I’m happy to say that over the past few years we ...

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  • The Content Marketing Kitchen: 4 Tips for Writing Delicious Copy

    What does the color blue taste like? How does boredom taste, or the mental image of a square? Pastry chef Taria Camerino could tell you. She has synesthesia, a kind of wire-crossing of sensory input, and her memory works almost entirely through flavor. She’s a pastry chef by trade, making delicacies with flavors based on her unusual gift.

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  • 5 Magical Tactics for Repurposing B2B Marketing Content

    Did you know, that on a daily basis, 16 to 20% of search queries on Google have never been seen before? With over 100 billion monthly queries, there are an incredible number of ways that people express their interests, wants and needs. At the same time, a study from CMI and MarketingProfs reports that 50% of marketers say producing content consistently is a top challenge.

    Lee Odden/ TopRank®in Social Content- 30 readers -
  • Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning sound like concepts from the future. In reality, it has been used by search engines for a decent amount of time now. Most people have probably heard of Google’s RankBrain by now, but if not, RankBrain is a machine learning artificial intelligence system.

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  • Content Marketing World Keynote Interview: Kathy Sterio, GE

    Content Marketing within large, complex organizations is not for the faint of heart. Many big companies are legacy brands with years of history behind marketing status quo. Today’s business environment calls for constant innovation and for marketers that can champion the necessary change, there can be significant impact. In that context, I introduce you to Kathy Sterio from General Electric.

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